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Hill-Mail 8-12-13

Aug 12, 2013|

Hill-Mail 8-12-13

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. Now each year return to talks. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents pill may help. Yeah yeah yeah -- didn't elbow or why he brought that yeah. -- and I -- the thought it was a rat. On WAA. Still no verdict. The jurors and the Whitey Bulger try to be figured out that I know that light meal and they never killed a bunch of people hope. Wasn't a nice guy and they'll be able to free them up and -- Ellis brought you today by Brennan smoke shop they are giving you. Smoking hot girls so just go to WA AF dot com back slash smoke show. For this week's Brennan's smoke show of the week. Spreading smoke shop the very best tobacco at the very best prices in Massachusetts you must be eighteen years. Of age or older. -- -- 16 AM. Her new community. And -- well out here you know. The boat it's. And at oak. And a blue -- It. Those -- reference to the viking funerals that we are talking about on Friday. -- and 12 AM. -- gonna get this straight great -- way. -- -- -- -- Helping killing not work and that could get away it got to be careful it could be that important to about it -- -- Now I have a lot as well I think -- and I and I really nobody about a mile actually went down that you know. Thanks for sixteen -- Big and able. The -- -- on my computer what appeared. -- accord light truck over the Snake River canyon or maybe you'd be abducted in -- -- balloon would be he's -- -- big guy. And Robby can evil. Got a DMZ is just fantastic. Do drug you don't Wear helmets. I -- motorcycle tonight to -- A liar and an alcohol problem. -- -- cowboy. Cowboy got more questions. Anymore questions like whiskey is number one commercial format and bring you that I. Many more questions. And grabbed me and. -- 812209. PM. Hey you guys see big IP program that they've beaten -- that blimp and again helped that they look forward to game. He won't solve all of their -- -- And yeah no I'm not -- Among. Can't wait for it to happen now what what what did you do demo when she gets could be 500. Pound. Yeah act I think my projects in the hospital and then. Now we could play by play. I don't have that baby elicits weekdays 630 evacuated ten big. Pop England -- At least. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe Italy today I think tough Yemen and you know -- you know what I ST I disagree with the the dogs in Mattingly I mean now for -- -- -- turned around they've been a high esteem and based police didn't do we ship them all there to hold its economy but we basically game room and you -- portraits. At least you send -- that that rookie outfielder for them he's insane then this guy to guide Daniel and imagine when like three more years ago and not. Stinks he he -- old and oh yeah. We won't sidewalk outside the show yet so it's a work around that I am not. And -- national coming more days I'd love to be in the jury room well. What are the -- -- Maybe sort of got to be like this -- -- Every hole and I am -- are things great hole are these people didn't like where did they come from right here in the common right there I. I -- may. If they're late you know like gays it's like a cartoon weather like sweating bullets the whole family's been threatened or whatever I guess they understand that gives -- -- -- in the garage. Four days he can't figure out that he's guilty of me got guys up they're talking about how they believe he was strangled and women Garang. And those guys -- -- plea deal that the people. Think they -- it hasn't it sure about the Bulger didn't get a -- then what. What about like Kevin -- -- he called them and said like you know the eagle has landed or whatever why did you put up and -- the -- down in the car I mean the way. -- -- Does not want to I don't like amendment there was the other guys the other Whitey Bulger. I'm in it's unbelievable I think they can you think today that might be the big camera that the I mean. They're being thorough that's what yeah yeah yeah yeah there's I mean there's 8000 counts is there one that he is guilty I am and I don't whether it be one. 44 AM. -- -- On Friday I was able to witness while passing through the neighborhood of one -- yeah. It will be giving young married him a look at duke is somewhat. Dismal future. I would hit. So wild child shotguns. -- the end on what he threw to backtrack it actually. -- trying to put an oversized pickup beneath driveway and cabinet get a call I'm doing it all the -- child that shotgun wondering what -- -- on. What is less well yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like -- Yeah kind of Sanford and I'm but it it was. Over here and -- snazzy and son you guys go out and collect junk. I think by the way because I think that's bad parenting and I don't take my -- around the truck used in the finally it was in the front -- -- -- -- I don't run annual -- -- -- -- -- I'm not a cruise around woven into their product companies spend billions does it you don't think the guy we'll have that name. Parziale inside and that's -- good and then all ties in so many parziale snap in the Santiago span and you. Visit Texas says when Danielle gets knocked up he'll be bigger than Kardashian and Jessica Simpson come. I. I'm not that I -- endorsements. Hanging on the we know it watches every night in -- should be -- when you hear bottling untouchable on nine needed -- -- hang on -- on -- and eggs. When you look at the politics. -- icon up. It's happening. -- my them. Think it can truly forehand. -- and how would I. It doesn't support the idea that they didn't knock the secret here but you know what can you crappy eight. This message of those are people who chose this week -- vacation on the vineyard it. Hello how the guy like took the election year vacation not fooling no no vacation in the -- election because he's a regular habitat -- now it's sad -- it eventually -- -- a couple weeks in a mansion on the vineyards on the we're gonna style we are back. Children -- 0:1 AM. What are your. Independent and I am I if she amounts terrorists mouse terrorist causes the -- a bit of. Hello Brian. Good morning with a giant. They Gregory reported that he energies are. Driven her -- -- a mile and a half dollars showcase cinemas as we get -- despicable me two. So the mob that was interviewed it'll yet -- Well look. The kids mobile plus. The energy czar. Why does this state need an energy czar but I don't -- -- -- -- -- but it is it's so funny we don't we were all over her. But it you know me I this this is I it's in its sleeve that this the biggest. Tried on the American. Public ever. And it's Al Gore's it's Cecilia. -- now and I know is that he you know he started the web but what do we need an energy czar for our ridiculous -- We -- we never -- in America recycles more than anyone on the whole planet. Would we do we recycle lot on this show the. Many many many years back. Horrible and I don't think -- -- PM. You can't get down that road. In -- We're going to be playing I mean I'm not that -- management yeah. It's easy I -- -- up to us yeah bought a couple yeah yeah we've been doing it I mean the action on those kids are very particular on the block her. That's why it was enough for not -- was about a half or get away from -- Baghdad elaborated I guess there's talent to get his -- -- Mallet loaded they had no idea mallet body was back in -- hot -- with -- How one management -- shot and that exists the my the media happy probably right -- view I -- yeah what Julius moment -- gonna -- came indicate it was as you're gonna -- your rival for K Lisa love. Ryan -- Do you guys talk about it during the game like the heat shield -- -- -- winner out of this uncle like the it is uncomfortable at an economy like as I mentioned I mean -- guy in ourselves so did you or did you not discount. And I pulled up is it -- about it is yeah. If I really have to you have to bring this up every time you say is it big here is it's -- well what isn't a that's how. 709. AM. In help that lady a little creativity gotta hurt and it went from boot side. Have a little couple cut output we get to -- are on the word broken down like figure out around. -- my god the woman in Florida Florida and I like the rest of -- she's panhandling for new boobs I'd send money economists I've tweeted a picture of her earlier. So she might wanna go for the official -- destruction snacks and I think it's time in the those -- -- -- call that a lot of disparities. But he could see her on Twitter what else though some good side -- -- You know that Joanna -- yes EMI housewives of Miami -- she went topless swimming with her new husband. Over the weekend and so I tweeted that two sides you can see that on Twitter follow me -- -- Greg Hill WAA after is my Campbell. Friday 4:18. PM. No host Oprah Winfrey accused the store employee of racism earlier this week. After the woman cute picture or handbag insinuating that twenty might not be able to afford it in relay the story Hill Man Morning Show produce currency -- it wouldn't help the well quite an upscale Italian restaurant -- official on the menu that surprised yell what are the only when the waiter can get that he might like to try the local people he won't believe what the -- there's so glowing hot dog. And that message. And yeah oak groves said she went into by a personally said you can't afford it. 0% and especially in Switzerland. It was. I mean that. We should put that person on the -- -- -- doesn't know who openness and apparently. I am getting me. This message comes amidst this don't you that would -- what they don't have TV he's still would like that was a joke about the being behind it I don't currently have never been out of -- we're -- -- Don't you are right there were generally good joke cast is their elected and is there something then I don't know about where the Swiss are way behind the times now I'm sorry I'm -- -- is not so much. You realize that these Swiss in the Switzerland is one of the richest. Countries in on the town known as -- -- -- I mean I. Until like three years ago where you -- millionaire millionaire in America. There had Swiss. Bank accounts is where the bankers -- through the and every movie they got money in the Swiss bank account -- -- was born here. Hello hello -- is like twice or hey what's up ten. A junior at certain spot that he would sit next -- is bigger. Audience or and external Garth is what big daddy. Good -- I bought. I'm now. 628. And -- Can do what you gonna do you country and they all stand -- but -- -- -- didn't have to okay. Yeah -- think I'm okay. Well you know our contract. Could hit the Iron Man --