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Hill-Mail 8-5-13

Aug 5, 2013|

Hill-Mail 8-5-13

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. Now each -- returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- may not. I bet I'll be there. Our Internet Aaron Hernandez -- -- -- can you remember eight my old content base and we a couple of aren't old. On WAA. And Hernandez spent another another ten dollars towards a woman prosecutor's. So in other letters been released by TMC I don't know that you think there's still painted when he ran the Leno or do you think that number went down once -- the first significant I guess I wanna see this front now this one is the woman this one is sent to the woman who started one of the we love Aaron Hernandez faced FaceBook pages yeah we support. End of the double murder -- alleged double murder very kids can't check out your FaceBook site. There's no Internet in jail well how else would he wrote to her in and he wrote LOL poor guys get nothing to do their imprisonment write letters to fans of the strength. And these women. Or try please don't even get me stacked like twenty minutes of the game -- so many friends that are at that like whether it's Twitter FaceBook like. This is so disappointing about Hernandez he's so hot I'm like how people. I shot into gambling but I'll freely and these people this woman wrote him a letter in prison. Our FaceBook are now everybody interacts. He's an idea -- -- -- Easter. Well that's why you think -- you think that this is the mentality is that you know what common reach out to Aaron Hernandez and he's unit and then now that they communication channels and open to. I would I supported him when he was and he's gonna remember that when you get them out -- -- -- -- -- gonna get when he gets out of jail on the patriots. With these people think it. Well it's just. And by the way. He he -- You through that line out again about how this is a test that god it's getting him aren't. I don't think god would do I mean it. Bristol got the patriots fan and I -- -- through and -- he's he forgives everything that I do is ask them. You know that -- confession well. Today's -- mail messages are brought to you by -- smoke shop they are giving new smoking. Pot girls just go to WA AF dot com. Back slash smoke show for this week's smoke show Brennan's smoke show of the week. Brennan's smoke shop the very best tobacco at the very best prices in Massachusetts. You must be eighteen years of age or older. Here are. The very best hill mail messages of the past couple of days. Friday 9:25. AM. Intel has the ball. -- or what. It is that -- Our reality putted -- but -- to pick up on the -- Interconnected and -- actually oh hole. Food and the -- that they thought that there didn't didn't move -- move. Thanks there he truly warm. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wake up but the moral of the career started becoming aware that fire cart. Up and -- -- a book about all of America. Hole if you could have I don't know if you could land Oprah all my guys that you're dream lies you've -- -- wife number four overly bad. -- -- -- how big -- is valid because she well you -- -- -- my I had executed a culture of other guys that are -- -- and kept man bowl line what did you know that she -- and heavy dinner you know you just cook for her or anything of that advantage in any regime arming. -- -- I made us a nice veal parmesan while you're gone after the national movement. Likely -- -- us tornado Brooke Anderson last smells incredible. It says. -- -- -- You have this huge John Henry had just brought the -- and I thought -- be a good guy and I might develop them to get yelled at a drive a truck or -- and he knows he won't. -- -- Yes. But the green hit a temporary thing yeah I mean honestly that you -- it does it really meant to see him at the point that the so is -- odd couple bidders who are crying foul on the globe process because they offered more. And the New York Times took John Henry's there's seventy million -- Now they believe that there is something rotten something stinks in Denmark something afoul there's something wrong and as great businessmen met with some room they wanna sell opinion I think it's -- can deal with that influence. Stinks to me -- -- -- not like -- country can do that you. Ask what you do that girl -- Of -- Is I mean this is awful that's an -- about -- the man the president sexually. Because he's not you know he's not alive and then new book. Apparently claims that JFK arrived early to the party consistently when it came to. Well premature ejaculation issue than he had in. Houston is not interested in pleasing Jacqui -- -- she was not that you're not getting me getting the as though she was -- and no negro. Also Marilyn Monroe called the White House got through to Jackie Onassis I told her everything I love this and. Atlanta -- out put you. Yeah maybe I am married and -- in. Jack's here out is. A classy. And that she's she's so high that while he had -- -- passed Vernon and what gently Gucci is. 6:43. AM. Couldn't tell European. And I don't want a little bit more open. And he additional one million -- recording this but could put a okay. And. So you know -- he you learning -- He only eat it. Wow that is I mean -- only Arizona Cardinals cheerleader. Who was arrested for beating -- that -- she was given to her new boyfriend Lotta breast and the audiotape. Has surfaced he was recording the whole entire thing in which she. Was little line over text messages that now will she be suspended by the Arizona Cardinals suspended probably are pretty good I don't do nothing jobs stimulate activity broccoli what do you mean -- nothing jobs debate where it's not like she's kept in touch I'd like to see you to -- cheer leading candidate NFL franchise and you know nice video I -- I -- a cheerleading -- when I was in high school I get a -- -- -- of -- one of rallies. I dressed up as a cheerleader came out did achieve with bogeys so even as a high schooler costumes equals funny thing is that -- is that we're all started its exact yes I'm five boys and we're constantly right out of the -- nine million. Send me score 21 PM. I was -- -- -- today and you know there's the -- -- he had written to the Boston didn't. Cupcake -- -- -- -- outbreak now I understand it was a victory that made the cut K12 but that is. The problem as a discontinue it that the intent and the order of family -- walk out on without pain. And the advantage. Of the hour. Our new light on cubs gave a bakery I don't -- and it's bound to get to -- parziale and -- them -- at -- in the north and on the citizenry then. Excellent. 44. Old. But the dude -- -- globe helped him. Yeah yeah OK I'll look -- -- like a roller -- truck. And that message. Same guy out and just his dad Ron and in just as bad. And I I don't know who's worse is -- that guy or is it special K special K in this instance I hate to say it but putting all meld together breaks my heart and doesn't know the name -- it breaks your heart -- I had like just very glad I announced I know I love the happy belated birthday and the guy. Jim Murray is the bad driver. Tim -- was the treasurer have a little problem but I believe it was. Was not found guilty -- exonerated exonerated him during that trial some. -- police won't lose it corroborate it with -- -- of putrid performance enhancing drugs you'll be ordered we've banned from. Eight -- call what football. Softball game but you could still play in the -- week. And now. Remember he needs are so much why they arrive yet because he's these charities. Here married here is the -- he's in there again do show as alive as though man I think pretty much as a stripper. John -- -- a month now with that and I make it for me it's the money to diet your contracts for over 200 million dollars well as a complete star man I hate him. In its legacy. I mean any any any in the reason that he might get the lifetime ban is because he interfered with the investigation -- -- -- -- that sort of was he was trying to. Try to stop them from figure and everything Judy just owned up to you won't have to it may move right I -- -- area now Mark McGwire and now he's coaching -- -- -- -- it and they real about it. 703. AM. And then left hook up she is so yeah I real I think a lot -- -- can be is actually harassment and. -- The one army met later. I was alarming this morning 704. AM. About the temple on course that's not servers -- edited by the IRA from Iraq. And that now. Now happening in -- Jon Lester alana -- guy he's Barack. He's been confined there's no no magic I mean. It look into why believe it Jon Lester was planning tumble run during the game now what are now the -- but I -- -- -- But if realizes that a big -- enough popular. This game is is -- a game that's out winded down. Yeah I mean I guess these posters yeah. You know with both be ten minutes then listen these games getting going like 1415 innings against these guys hit sit there were waiting with bated breath that the -- outlook -- -- -- and wherever they are like hanging out looking around like it's addictive you know. -- but I believe the three year old kid explanation because who can't get a million and me get a million points on time around after you play like five Brett. And his and it's not that aren't. -- -- -- -- There must commend you on a nice job of getting all entry -- hand -- that -- opinion under the influence people where to go. Court struck generate trying to think now. Not very sexy ways. Things for you and the neighbors. Title 902. AM. C'mon -- apologize to my and I don't c'mon you know out sensitive they. Oh -- -- commitment. I'll always there haven't been in the day. Remember how they jumped out -- -- -- when your birthday when the clown make up in the little party had their mind yet English coach that note. Other may collapse by imitating -- crude and it's impossible and dangled from the feeling normal I'm sorry and I'm Ali now -- so hard. I'm now into. --