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Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins: Stanley Cup Final

Jun 20, 2013|

Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins: Stanley Cup Final

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. So important is -- Barack you know by the city of Boston credit union city of lasting credit union John importance only choice for banking needs also brought to you by -- store. And it's nice of him to get up after a late night last night another overtime game Doherty is this guy. Are these overtime games starting to starting to party guys out a little bit. Not our topic -- what. Terrible sleep for what it's all pretty excited for law agency and everything in the post. Yeah well I exciting for everybody to watch for again authority yeah I mean got a man that's not the game you wanna play with. There's the Chicago black artsy guys of the big bad Bruins you you you plan heavy game of physics -- the game. And and maybe you don't wanna get an issue with these guys. I'll talk. Are so blessed. That we should all. For whatever reason. I think it's in America where where typical there was certain it did in spurts were really. Pocket not. Seems you all quiet there I was there I was I know you oh I'm not asking you to bash the brunch crowd but it. There anyway it was kind of a weird atmosphere to start that game. And probably. They're all over its first five or six minutes till totally about power and doubles -- well that -- What. You've got to give them credit they dated or they can vote play. And they. You know placed third in the middle of the play we didn't do it could not altered Parker put pressure. Globally that we ought to result our debt. Because I'm out here you have to start it. That's -- seemed like. Seem like they did a really good job. Clogging up the neutral zone I don't want aroused and -- but I think. I seem to have trouble with entry -- a bit more so whenever would you agree on that. Daddy. Their backs are. Back. Really at -- like. You know here we got a great way to there are -- 400 kilometers per child I don't think it's you. Not sure where to. Did -- do. May clean passes and make those plays -- there. I think as the game probably start to settle down a little bit in. Russert needed a job on the pocket and waited for an upgrade you know the music -- Jason and awareness sensing forcing an indelible that particular aspect of it in the he past. Maybe maybe Monday night you could drive over and and Johnson -- -- the ride the bike he seemed like maybe use a little tired to do. -- -- -- -- I think capital. Are well. I don't -- vaccinated for 697. Dexter text it wants to make sure you had a reflective asked to Wear last night when he rode his bike now. Yeah. It was my content that's awesome. Wherever you know it's funny Gary how things change seriously and would never let any of us and we knew I was -- I was -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not yet on the verbs that we will let you know be Denver's Wakefield one party yes I loved him -- always dreamed of -- at that high -- notes he lived afterward. That -- At mass channel with homeowners'. -- walked to the garden. I don't think we're up one guy in the suburbs and ordered out awful that their. Has brought in Winchester. -- -- -- -- -- That's awesome -- listen I just a quick comment on. Marsh accusing show the of the eye gouging the other night. Is that ever acceptable the the idea much as as a tough guys that are acceptable. I know but. I would I think line -- -- to try to Tucker. It. Official at the idea -- -- based. When you hold on -- ever -- -- on the red zone once he's in the two -- two guys every ball. Do you have you referred to him on ice as as kitty -- No spartiate I mean. I take it all. It. -- reasonable but don't let -- here and partners. -- you on the lake makes him an open. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Marcia -- well what he says but like is more about body of the week people optical. A couple. Bichette hit that at this. Tom you know LB said it earlier he said it a lot today actually that he didn't think you guys are physical enough to -- did you feel like that that you missed out on -- -- I thought I mean boy check out great hit on -- -- But day -- -- utility guys -- physical enough for these guys. It's not passes -- in his Renault. Again we're trying to get -- there has to be physical they're the reply and lastly used. Is definitely -- they're gone the other way itself off. We want to cash -- checks but would. It traveler caught up. And angels on certain. You talked to get -- in and end up moving over approximately parties and get your head salt -- have to remedies first letter. Will always squads message after the NB dizzy even. Chat with the guys after diseases and he said before sometimes UH what is necessary kfar Ozzie coming dissent. Credit he didn't -- college. I think where were brought it today we get -- and changing it again so. I'm sure we'll take a look at a lot of stuff. So pretty Jerry he's keep in the is he trying to keep the streak of that too many men on the ice penalties alive with a -- Hello I work but it the that the presidential but as our the -- 05 years -- I think. I don't calories or that'll let. That never falls on the -- because that's that's a that's a head coach yelling at the assistant coach teacher at the other end. -- -- you would go to your phone now. I -- -- our mission -- where the what the job in the game for thirty some odd years continued exactly the backed off so. The place not appropriate -- -- it is sort of as a as well. It should get the players and the other and the -- rhetoric out -- it should. Some fans you know something as this morning texting and saying you know okay. High scoring game. -- -- didn't have one of his best games I want to get your perspective on that because I thought I mean he made an unbelievable so I think it was -- -- also had a breakaway and an unbelievable save what. And I thought maybe he couldn't do anything better than they played last night that. I'll. Do it also you. But -- these it was typical. At dusk or yes. They score a goal there is we've got to try it. A lot of those situations well. It's our. The step by. -- and I was just hearsay before -- Not for nothing no for you and all the guys pretty pretty exciting to think that diets -- best of three for Stanley Cup championship yet you know again. No matter what last night you could take control but still it is it's an exciting time here forever. Yeah we had to -- what are analysts. Will focus on -- an excellent. They go from there it's really -- and this is sort of a a close series an unbelievable series two pretty good teams talk. Lots the weather in the suburbs. All right I get nervous when we like doing these interviews and my head away and wanna throw any damaging cells like so nervous I'm nervous I guess -- the -- I just I guess. I think it's -- I think I think stands accused him think that anything we say lord do you what do ya know like I said authority breakaway. -- and giving up he's up on. That. You've been playing incredible fourth line I've been playing currently ought to be -- replies he's he's got that line that line. He's been -- news ratings last excuse or requires that your. He's not talking. Battle -- putting it -- -- -- apple itself out. It seems very focused and motivated and I like uprising ought to hear about it. About that there was more. Well they let that he is -- -- -- aerial art. Go to Chicago Rick Nixon mask or text that want to comment on the conversation. With the school. Three. -- Another -- that was my that was surprising. He's smiling always -- I can the guy. And he broke ground Seabrook receiver called Downey any proffered. And they were they were talking to each other while literally am faced affairs. Well I don't know if it happened -- -- as I touched me from practice after tonight the -- Which. I think it's. That while. You know maybe the brother in -- Well listen. Good luck out there were we're now we're being India -- and persecuted everybody's auction married at the Stanley Cup championship -- to. There's right now a lot. -- Three time winner and your -- or anything like LeBron James the authority. It was not an unbelievable level. Plus they wind the thing about that. And table what he did he basically single handily beat the spurs in the fourth quarter and overtime but I car I pulled down a triple double and when it mattered. Yeah I did it get yes. Just as motivation on the other side would be my beard just. I cannot fire that quadruple. Or do you view it was crazy it was a crazy scenario -- do you know your -- -- that you -- watching. This so so you're all of this so there's ten seconds left in the game very. And an -- -- they they crew the MBA crew they they bring out the NBA championship trophy. And and that lacquered with the spurs' championship banner and an all out all the heat -- there's ten seconds to go in the game or does this spurs up by five and then. And they bring all this ought to -- these guys are -- -- and he -- and then he come back and win. Call me crazy. Everybody always calls and and and Paxton and thinks the here. Is said to these nights the line can you reassure everybody that that there or maybe is now that. -- -- Vote as schools or -- but. I assume it is like in political initiative should should act. Watch I'll brush off -- He's got up late oddly also a -- ball well well it public split up or end it all walks. -- -- -- so thick but Europe Europe. Listen don't sell yourself short you -- playing that for a time last night and you I was excited about that. Oh yeah it rests -- Now -- your Internet I was like yeah. Yes it is never presses could either be for LB in the -- that haven't we guys loosen up the skating well probably not complaining about these on this and a time to choose. I mean that was what you'd go to Salt Lake there and get out there. There's an -- of these. Thirty years it was deal of this as mine mine mine is my rookie year. We here in Minnesota means of course I was sitting in the end of the bench it's a middle of the third period we have not seen the ice. And courts and in this case and and and and -- -- Amy he hawked on the ice the puck into it fell on. It the pocket and make it back on the bench it was -- -- it was insanely funny. -- -- real quick because there's. Very lovely channel seven reporter to here to interview LB NLV mentioned that you. You guys that trained ranger well well. We we will look at -- brought back the Rangers -- -- with all the Bruins aren't tags are tabs -- so that's you know you're you know the the player of the game. Rangers jacket that you guys -- -- channel seven. Channel 7 NEWS story two. You know Wentworth then neither featuring it tonight. -- -- god spoke spirit. Bill on Saturday it developed and what we -- we'll we'll look back Jeff I want. I but it didn't -- on man.