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Bill Belichick Press Conference: Aaron Hernandez

Jun 19, 2013|

Bill Belichick Press Conference: Aaron Hernandez

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. So we're about to go live to Gillette Stadium for a Bill Belichick press conference and to think. I sent to one of our reporters down there this morning to cover this. The reporter the only reporter we had available was the spaz humored delivery system reporter so he is covering this press conference we have Tommy's -- When the press conference starts would you and -- is getting. He's coming up for the Michael. Of course a lot of interest today in. Aaron Hernandez New England Patriots tight and who was interviewed by police yesterday in. At his North Attleboro home. With regard to a body game of the body of a Boston man that was found in an industrial park about a mile from the home Aaron Hernandez. There is a rental car that the police believe may be associated with this murder what they're calling homicide. That car apparently guide to. New England Patriots tight and Aaron Hernandez though bill -- attack. About two as we OK here it comes to the microphone let's let's go let's go to this press conference live here at W. It was a scenario could wind preparations here in Houston next a little over 48 hours so -- really get get totally focused coach Anthony pars all -- WA AF news. You know honest it was them that conference cousins -- what are your thoughts on Aaron Hernandez's involvement in the possible homicides result as little as well you reach out to Ray Lewis for advice and I think we do -- solutions in the best interest -- -- what about OJ Simpson Tony Snow here will Tim Tebow hold a candlelight vigil for the victim. And attends a town of player of the Smart -- -- something. -- -- has Vince Wilfork prepare to any special comfort food to help Aaron Hernandez cope with this issue to the doctor said come on Tucker yeah. -- A lot of people down there -- I mean Agassi due to a possible murder case of classic bill gave no answers brought in and out -- So it at its -- The good stuff I mean that's human deliveries is the reporter at the end of the good stuff there.