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Actor Ethan Hawke

Jun 5, 2013|

Actor Ethan Hawke: "The Purge"

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. Big big big man. Our next guest actor Ethan -- joining us here on the Hill Man Morning Show -- Hello there thank you have and you show. -- or glad -- having gone there and your I got a training day is a one -- we were we were just talking about the most confusing movie of all time. Of which training day is not to. But one of my favorite films do you but what would you like to guess what the most -- confusing film -- Imus. The most confusing film vault on -- hit me what is it. It was 2000 -- A space Odyssey and. That that movie is ahead scratch or per share I mean I but they re release that at some point remember I went to see it on the big screen and it's kind of awe inspiring but I really the question anybody's actually tell me what it's about. You're director now -- same like this it you know Stanley kubrick's. Played like the same thing with the eyes wide shot like what what like what is going on in that film other than Michael -- all over the place. Well there's something going on in the sub conscious of that -- to mine decades. They would you watch -- shining or are full metal jacket carrying this this is it guarantees deeply disturbs me who. I mean I can I can't they would. A member Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman is being very weird and -- sound and I don't I can't even really remember what happened and I -- Well who like to remember they were -- than six. And then. That's optimists club and got in sex if it like for rent. And the -- part was that music is really awesome that was Nicole Kidman. Yes I know something -- -- Beckett I've ever a lot of kids. And Christmas lights -- basically yeah. Yeah these announcements. Speaking of that may I just want -- loss -- -- -- I mean now I understand -- -- and -- didn't view and Angelina Jolie have a sexy you know one point. Well listen and he did it. We're now talking about American woman and child in like 97 young people aren't. The mother of the media -- it was just it was just work it was just -- Well you know I at this -- that was -- -- do analysts seem that there was so pleased. Watching the crew. It is always like cool guys do and colliding in tough guys and trucks and out how would you like me and do your job for day. -- but the mean that the people I think we think that must be an unbelievable experience for a guy but actors always now it's really am comfortable there. Television crew is alive today I -- but there's got to be a little I mean you're -- -- -- -- I -- it has got to be like a little -- of the excitement candidates right. You know -- -- the keep talking to -- he. You guys don't really realize you may have forgotten that. I have been nominated for best -- by MTV movie Lawrence. It's not once but twice and and and Angelina didn't even make that cut and we're talking about -- are you talking doing heavyweights. Make out king. That's OK I take this step -- here recently and you're kind of treating it like some kind of sophomoric fair. Enough not enough. I'm not gonna walked on the path to view. Which -- -- he Ethan -- is our guess -- -- short with a Q what was the -- -- you are nominated for and I wanna talk about the -- but what -- nominated for. Eat like this -- talking it -- -- as it did okay. Winona Ryder Julie LP you know. You know I'm not certain that but even my best treated my best screen kisses Gwyneth Paltrow. Dreams and expectation yes -- But you know. I actually always easy -- is cool it's really fun. President I'm so disappointed how do you not mention your wife or your new movie the person she's on game throw -- The office. Well we don't we don't get them make out in this movie were like under heavy siege there's no. You know it's it's it's not that kind of. Nice you know I got to see last night it's a fantastic movie and it's a pretty good idea that would be interesting to do. In society now where you have twelve hours to do whatever you want because you can't get arrested you can kill you want you could steal what you want get revenge on anybody you want. Great movie yeah that the trailers gravely. I'm. Inside the trailer -- like the recent C how to train over and it's it's a pretty freaky film. Is ending its it's kind of fascinating concept. So what would you do if he could do anything for twelve hours. So my ex wife and -- -- Yeah. Yeah here yeah let -- show me when I was it and that's now that you know. It could help it sure you were brought the delta counter attack might feel like you tried -- the movie and. On the house technology operating there -- it's a concept it's basically like crime is down and die because they've created this one night where everybody goes and commit their crimes and then -- Could see -- it's also social agenda at work in the movie it's pretty quoted of course crime is down to all the unemployed people kill each other you know and all that. You know -- it's that it's part of the conundrum of the film is that my son is against the purged because he thinks it's ethically wrong because what happens is. You know affluent people. Get special privileges. Like security systems and living gated community and poor people end up again I was going to play you know and so. Like what I love about the movie is like any -- side by also brings up some -- I think teams. That you can -- on you know. I mean I would definitely detailed in my -- the first person I'd probably do you you go to your ex wife and she's human rights let's hear it. Stereo. And opens on Friday correct Ethan. That's right this credit possibly -- and the energy did you acted as largest active. Hot dog is unjust in that the guy he directed it is the -- brilliant guy. Who -- we did a movie called assault on precinct thirteen together and this is the follow up to it. In other film. A good film but a weird film is it's snow falling on cedars. It is strange film. It's an incredibly beautiful film but it is a little bit bored. You can say it and a muscular problems -- that I have and have you watched game of fronts since -- coast now with a clean. I have if they have. And I think she's -- it to be honest if you you know her name -- Lena -- to sectors are talking about and I think. It's more of my favorite things about the purge when I first read the script but everything was okay this this ideas are. And it's really -- script. But now that the movie's done she's put everything about the movie I think she's just such a great -- this woman. The purge opens up on Friday in and it's been a pleasure having you on. Best kisser ever in Hollywood eastern time. Well I like being referred you to -- -- if I wish you wish you -- you -- woman and I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- It yet to come December auto big make out session Mike -- and -- help. The you. Actually get Letterman.