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May 6, 2013|

Actress Famke Janssen: "Hemlock Grove"

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. I'll tell you somebody who who doesn't need to worry about that be lovely LLV's costar from monument have. Lovely and I want -- Eldorado are you gonna get her I wanna make sure I'm saying her name right when I say that we -- on the show actually. I think guy right after money yes we Enron but -- -- -- -- -- You don't pop -- aplomb he. On the cut song. Mom is now do you remember LB are not. Alone yeah I remember -- quarter membership in Miami avenue -- hoping you guys would bring it up. But but Montgomerie will help you remember it I. Remember this guy on the right over here amendment is that you -- in the movie the big one hockey player with a blond mullet. How can one forget. Yeah. And then how can one forget what you tell me one thing about him. What kind of where that could. I hit the OK let's get out and the failure in every entity and that means happy we did we did that arm burning cigarette -- in the barn and in and mauled and yeah. That's of course and you and I shared a laugh after the scene at Oklahoma street. I share -- -- after it received about that doesn't make it but I think. You probably saw him at Kraft services that it has most of -- time that trailer Tom at a high gluten and say well. Very quiet and everything else I was stranded announcement there you know one of these you know one of these actresses is on the gluten free thing. Now alone. Every week there's new ones everybody. The full protein diet you know. Peter asserted -- Heart diseases from men -- I don't know I don't know in new trend I think some of my own thing. Now here I don't think you're also not one of these beautiful women who says I can eat whatever I want and tortures the rest of us are you I mean you can delete anything you water yet to watch a little bit. Well let's start with -- -- -- I've eleven and a half from almost sixty. This is long there's a lot of places this food can go to that that. But and I really I don't eat I don't like Jerry don't -- me so there's just a lot of things that normally. Would make people gamely but I do when they're not part of my guys. Euphoria and certainly it's working fabulously by the -- the -- that you are just incredibly view and -- -- -- but you know the so listen I when I mentioned you were coming on IE I got a lot of text messages about hemlock -- Yeah we're doing really well it's very exciting -- I am the new show on of Netflix. Yeah and this is I -- taste and it's really -- a sound like old curmudgeon here but that's OK I was called that earlier. I really I I think it's awesome. That Netflix is creating their own content and I I really enjoyed the Kevin Spacey series and and I'm gonna go ahead and start watching this. In -- it. Yeah and I haven't you're really behind it happened. Now now now tell me you're kind of a treacherous. Like Dmitry matriarch kind of characterized sensors could be a little bit -- watch. Yes side of them matriarch of all the family that town. At it's the little twin peaks -- -- -- set in the small town as a murder that takes place. And there is a strange set of characters. And many different people could really be behind this but one of the main suspect becomes this -- he can do that and talent so. It's got a little bit of everything like you know class issues between the really rich Stanley and the matriarch of -- of very mysterious background myself -- not. Born into that town. And you know you know from the beginning there's that she's she's keeping a lot of secrets and one never knows what what they are exactly she's got two kids once they are built our card and as -- it's just stayed there really sort of intriguing. Mystery murder mystery kind of ego. That's -- sounds it's on the cost them. Yes very fun and any any any nude scenes by the -- American -- Permanently have -- necessarily you know I don't Wear them. -- errors I mean yeah I mean not that I I do I'm I'm tuning in just for you anyway well I mean as the coast I would assume that maybe you've got a chance to see her which who's dressing in something on the staff at monument. Right. Right now back or do you aside and I was I was chiding bike racks that are apparently. I have to ask you about Lehman needs and because we're fascinated by him on the -- does he get out of character are what he's doing it taken movie like taken -- when -- -- -- he does he come out of character does he stay in the in the alien needs him to kind of characters that'll filming. None though he's not the fact kind of guy who can really normal his kind ignite it. Fantastic and it's one of the greatest man might hurt yeah I just wonder. Oh yeah you. I thought it was good I like that was automatic and plot line enemy and we have been because of -- and that was pretty good. It doesn't take a pretty I don't know I don't take into -- yeah I think very easy easy EE I -- I would never. -- pitcher -- that these crazy guys have a hard time might you know with Harrison Ford you know deserve a little older. And you put him in that you put him in the back you know -- where they're kicking everybody's passing average gets unbelievable for me but but but he was nasty. -- -- -- They have a great -- -- -- -- Bob Wallace has our report out of darkness is a guy that's confident during CNN's guy because they're aware of what's next in store for gene grange will Libyan that we would which mean another movie -- -- We have was she ever own movie. Let my area I don't know I mean that I've heard that if you watched the trailer for the wolverines might he couldn't have heard so. Yeah. Well -- and let it -- giving in great guys and come back us now. On the main street check out deadlock could well. Netflix original. Series and it has been I've been very nice to have you on the show I'm glad we were able to create this reunion. We view in -- and in Myers if you could only be all right thank you could come. -- so my great response as. Yeah sounded very Comcast and I don't care how big BCS or wherever she wasn't -- it's like Andrea thank. And now him it and I think she I -- -- and I think you can units that we haven't seen the show. What -- because they -- I don't question was going to be Augustine Esiason issues like Diana. That's the president's got a huge penis. -- you like being in concrete. You and asked him on the -- and -- he had taken his shoes yeah you know you can vote in bigger role in the life. When I understand it and the accident -- know so that it wasn't alive then refused. Announces he's going we know she's not a the but there's foam popped. -- -- and welcome.