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Hill-Mail 4-29-13

Apr 29, 2013|

Hill-Mail 4-29-13

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. Now each year return to talks. As the Hill Man Morning Show resilience -- made out. It now. Oh. Yeah out this morning show and think how can car. On WAA. Half. -- communal music talent. And the -- yeah do you. You. Maybe have a back up for the harder I thought our guys really wanted to wants to get to mr. Morse as as it were just as I did have a backup for the -- for whatever reason a few months back. I decided that I was gonna back up everything on this lovely computer over here. Which we have a box for which is another audio system and I only made it know the way what I need a little space and I said. You know what I probably think I'm probably not gonna need this right now until I deleted it for the space now. And what I always -- -- in the -- my other MLB when you want to delete something I don't know don't believe that would do we have because I'm gonna need it. And what happens you -- you know nice job on the back up. I guess I guess by the very word that's called back -- response to keep it as a yes nine. Well there was less likely to take care. Go out today has brought to you. Hey the five people at west -- Mitsubishi you know you want -- get the new 2013. Outlander sport for only 149. A month. At west -- Mitsubishi. Home of the done. Deal and here are the best -- -- messages of the previous. 48 or so hours. 27 he had. Good but they're. -- and ordered into -- pitched well with. George. Our earnings and I Tammy mainly because I authority I -- with burning in the minority battle with authority yes I battled and I know something there is is that -- and and -- face authority in mementos good. When they got left that -- than it was today. -- he thinks he can. Go out while net. -- -- Ruin your help in Cuba park and then I would let. You know what you mean I won't go out there -- We help our apartment they. Went into impeached. And. During that. That batting just us backing up backing up or attack backing up. They are and what Julia do you -- figuring driving test program in -- Steinbrenner and let's do this -- -- little. What happened and I -- Mind blue and in the massive breaks come on the program. Am I who apply them out and were -- retraining order restart your breakneck speed though her mind related. Side. Send me 1:26. PM great. He's got that kind of basketball. That reminiscing about that they don't overload couldn't wait till about the -- and the message. It. -- eight collection 57 AM. Help me and I you do don't call out in -- got -- and they do it could go out of that element until you. Might even go. And ordering and you know on a nightly let out there are and why are you Doug all I'm. I I didn't. -- Eight and -- All of -- And teach. Somebody's texting thing that the the parallel parking backing up reference was the Bruins backing India play a -- There are over LB says that may LB may have said that earlier that he did. He did I guess that the Brandon -- back into the guy yeah it's a case of the guys here but outlined by that what you're a little bit -- -- -- -- -- -- -- they're -- -- very uniter and are they play the where your employer to -- Forster. -- It's weird -- like. Not to call one particular person out but. I I Lucci is still up and down like he had that huge game last week and then I didn't think last night was that he was the same -- that he was last. My my issue is again there the other playing. The player wants to whether it's -- -- I don't shut the senators here last night you know they just can't they they can't finish and you know again you can make all the excuses you want. Yeah you consider playing great they can't finish them while they're not getting the job darkness that's going -- -- in I mean period you know playing offense -- is amiss as well five times. Is to go let your sauce is the good enough started to take him to the Stanley Cup yes he is yes -- -- this seems enough to -- he's not gonna want tired like in the low last Stanley Cup run Annan in lower. -- and listen he's played 35 games are guys as consistent -- so arena and Bobrovsky. They've played like 43 games -- and -- -- course of the Rangers were 43 of the 48 games now so -- you know since automobile and tired would you know. 612 and even. Out. I. Pitched. -- -- -- Paltrow was on the Ellen show on Friday. He's the most beautiful woman in the world allegedly and she also has session wanted to tell Allen a seven these survive that. That's what she called in his seventies vibe when it comes to -- Chirac says -- Just appears you don't see anything in the area where you CM -- -- that's right yeah. I kind of had a disaster error I I I -- I was doing it show and I might change there. And I went and I couldn't Wear underwear I don't think I can tell -- story in Saudi told. Let's stick to let's just say everyone went scrambling for our rays are. Yeah so I went from being. At a concert he humiliated. Today. You certainly don't take care of yourself. It was just the sight of your -- Is going. The seventies vibe you know. And a few you know in these. You know it's -- I mean link below link from seeing -- She probably couldn't where's the lingerie for men. -- that -- now when the covering every bit of an afternoon. -- -- And -- Is there saying there is. Of those -- scams and analysts in -- pulled this before about her grooming knowledge country and it's all out. Between them. -- -- With maybe doing -- Inkster. And by Justin mix and a bird yeah. How you put them landing lights in the -- and -- illegal it's for Ireland in. The solar powered. He's did you counsel -- -- images in Canada. And is that a -- to get. Rhinestones glued on it does it get friction revved up and eat at Bain and foolish and used to do it. Weeks forty weeks and -- -- on. -- -- hope they haven't been done. -- Think a life. Paid cash for way. Mansion in Rhode Island she pays seventeen point five million dollars. Cash at one payment on and it just paid cash -- -- I got here. When -- go to the we -- to the limo quick and at seventeen point five million cash in the one. India a bag of -- and begin to bring the cat as Shelby would say hello Justin. Greg good morning what's happening -- -- I would do it and now trying to figure out how commercial kind of view of the case got a -- local -- to break up. There are reports of solar flares today and I wanted to let you know that. Probably the color it's the -- players. -- players image Bagram. The -- texas' do you wanna do hill mail do you -- okay nobody does know just to -- the mall. I wouldn't have. -- -- -- in look -- the voice announcement that an air of the mall he's apparently the can understand and wanna. -- food and creamy and Warren. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And what how is that can help -- that was the thing -- Cameron Diaz. Brendan -- with Paltrow says that when she gets in the tub it's like -- That's a visual this well -- -- -- right there and -- on cheap yeah. Camera do you guys so -- thank you -- and -- as an area whatever it -- and did the thought of her. Doctor bond game when notre. Forcibly headlinenews. -- -- Dan. With interest rates so low money Gucci that like 2% -- OK okay. In -- -- what anybody it's time for our mortgage and the closing. Seventeen point five million displaced must -- and believe it's gorgeous it was listed for twenty million it's right on the water pretty -- where that left Italy Rhode Island -- windows facing the ocean it's. It's these execs southeast exposure so very sunny beautiful beautiful. I mean some acreage probably have probably as a sex dungeon most of those players and I. -- it didn't it does now probably has a sex than can. She is there somebody near there that you stocking like they're -- After the Kennedy kid the answer that yeah out of it like. I -- your guys' shoes of inclusion for the Kennedy chance right. Fairly quiet the rest of the summer couple months -- -- like the old days I was in new warriors go amounted to zero molesting objectionable to compare billion mile an -- cards for their credit. -- -- 707. AM. I -- articulate culprit is not appealing candidate do you know how you'll get it looks. 800 -- On the outlook. And. Dan Winslow. Was just -- called a show earlier he's running for the senate which was on the foot of the gang in this studio don't forget you have a vote while others that prime primaries next getaway from -- went. What do you think your special oh yeah are you brought that tequila over LA. It. He's fine for the -- that you know after one of five shots and then I'm you know -- it's going newseum just leave. Different different direction and it's just project or you don't know me you know if you know you know -- our current he says -- hello bill. Good morning everyone -- benevolent. I think content can now not only based on the fact -- at this point but I read -- to expedite situation to be getting a second act well. -- -- On its -- infringe on here yet the longer you are you sir -- -- Jack cameramen it's deep down it became you eyelash -- to a here's something and then expected to stay on Burlington. He or won't he hand. -- why are more at. -- In the massive black he's -- Lackey pretty. Pretty yeah yeah on -- and it's no problem. Americans are doubting -- informed me that he's good depth on the -- it's hurting and Dan -- in the first place -- cigarettes -- they'll be best record in major. Race. And Manuel. But -- ownership that -- and it stopped me. Know. It slayer can you believe it. GO when he was doing the pronunciation earlier this morning. Like the Spanish if someone died on that name was intentional was it -- the way. The joke now on it's just you know as little -- -- -- there is it's certainly respectful. Fernando Martinez to -- my pitch that night and I bet he got up top. O'Brien in recent. Monetary and yet Fernando Martinez at the -- Fernando -- Venus. Fernando Martinez took the -- You know it probably. Happened on the my -- island Fernando Martinez stepped up quite a marked team that's. -- -- Somebody's gonna want -- to the outlets -- neck. You know you know -- great -- -- -- now has a great time what does that -- dominant. And then. Yeah you know I was I got athleticism breakfast -- -- yeah. Ever ABB. BBA him. All -- In Orlando went through grooming and it. -- -- -- It and let. I. Don't think when it's. People like her I know why I. Pretentious if she's pretentious and she's you know she she she tries to put forth this. And you know you should live well and take care of yourself but you know she trains with Tracy Anderson at the cost of eighty -- Jillian dollars a year. For her little nobody training services that she's doing now. I'll feed your family fresh food I just for the farmers market name in east -- sure in England ain't nobody got hurry them and now like the rest of us Stewart you were work. -- area that we do we usually it would not able to run off and get organic. You know now angels out on the plate for an hour ago -- you know get every bit like I bet that's what it is now. Like yeah she has seen like on her website she's like oh my life my -- friend insert in the most initiative and we -- know that they came time we're gonna make some delicious gluten free don't -- -- and a. There is no call an upset positive and we. -- Has -- is hot -- she's got this time it worked out good. Eat good cops the a song is Fernando. For an open yes that's right and I mean I'm track and. Creighton -- -- -- seven and nineteen older. No doubt be broke away and you hear that and why they wait wait wait to play the last three weeks. --