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Boston Police Superintendent-in-Chief Dan Linskey

Apr 23, 2013|

Boston Police Superintendent-in-Chief Dan Linskey comments on The Boston Marathon Attack and the capturing of suspect number two.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. Well I am really excited about our next guest we should say thank you fares to Boston Police Department superintendent. In chief dean and -- skis in the stimulus this morning thank you. And thank you your guy's dad embarrassment. You know take the -- affable Allman and woman Boston Police Department development woman the other agencies federal state local -- -- -- -- -- this past week with the incredible. The event that happened -- city you worthy. On incident commander for the marathon a week ago yesterday and and so if you could just take us a little bit through one how that. Kind of progressed what what what happened. As incident commander so we put up clean and place we had. And we had to do put -- troops in. We began to make sure we're done -- atrocities. And went to the finish line. And started with karaoke three to make sure we swept those areas and admirable woman -- -- is that they're explosive ordinance. Teams that -- checked racial -- no problems in the area and they were making their way as we go through this can I these conspiracy theorists on the web drive me nuts. I saw me ask you few questions that you -- -- I just wanna try to clear up all the stuff that floats around here and so. Com you had teams that word. I'm going around. You know bomb sniffing -- let whatever excellent okay to a throughout that -- finish line area exactly you know we've. Security area and then we have an area that's that's less secure because the businesses of the -- and public keeps coming going. Our teams are doing a sweep tonight and it my initial conversation was with a woman was upset because she was. Set up on ring road which is our emergency bail out of his problem on the race. We have interior setup that we can get emergency vehicles and ambulances fire trucks and get them out quickly. We have to keep that clear. Police often mistakenly told that you can set up with the cheers and cooler right up on the fence she command -- wanted to -- your son finish she set it up at 6:30 in the morning. Ayatollah she had to move for the safety emerged corpses taken. She wasn't happy with me -- it wasn't happy with the officer and we got to move down a little further from the finish line but he she wasn't happy and I try to explain that if there's an emergency ma'am we're gonna need this theory clear and kind of what telling. You know now in style -- rock and so I I watch that group with my EOD teams and we. Make sure the dogs are doing the job and we make sure that there's not a suspicious and it is the chance to shake my office Hansen thank them for coming on the job they do on the officers were down there. We had 800 offs as the -- -- America -- 800 officers deployed to the marathon and that's just Boston which is an object. And I walked out to Kim was wearing and you know. Like what I saw and what Becky and go back out to marathon -- -- bright and make sure we're doing well the air sealed the offs is out there. I want back when you auto once circle might begin to walk back into Campbell square. When I was -- come to the bridge when I heard don't want sergeants to. Can on the year and obviously he was in trouble and he was called persistence and missile -- traffic. You could understand exactly what happened but I knew. I know that this sergeant he's somebody's very cool under pressure he's one of about supervisors. Knew we had a problem. I just ran the any idea than what it was. These New Guinea -- need immediate down to -- to street to help -- -- and I I was gonna get there. I -- Kim was where that point arena at one point deputy superintendent superintendent Paul FitzGerald. They get some Intel with his boss -- two explosions that he'd gone off. I -- -- -- we commandeer his vehicle we drove down the wrong side of marathon -- we got the boils history. My supervisor Jane Q is it said he's making sure -- offices. One thing it wants to go help. But if you don't do you training and you pull those emergency vehicles and you jump a -- keys in your hand. And -- locking victims and you can't get those Eagles is running and you had gotten the year started telling people exactly what to do down there. Our -- ran over began triage and people. -- -- heroic life saving things. That that you know the photos that and the video that we've seen of of your guys. You know ripping those barriers down the you know the photo of that's on their cover of of Sports Illustrated of those three officers were -- guns out. I'm just you know demonstrate I think to all of us how brave the the entire Boston Police Department isn't there you know again. And I you know I feel -- need to say an all time they're going in there. Not knowing whether another bomb is gonna go off what who you know it won't do what do we terrorists are there legal like no idea going in their safe. -- late they knew that potentially you know the bomb was gonna go off cassettes so we train and we know with terrorists who won their targets is the first responders on so. As people going in there I put out on the radio. We probably a secondary devices need to be appropriately respond to the area. And that that this company like cops running in -- -- and we realized we gotta get these victims out. Infantry artist and then we can deal with bombs later on. So as so as the incident commander you're in charge of that whole thing. What's going through your mind as you start to think OK this is this could be -- a terrorist attack or this is a terrorist attack you know at what point do you make that decision and how do you as it was -- up to -- -- Greg -- opened that we had a transformer explosion and that will be tragic it would be tragic if we have the Los life and injuries that we had. If if a transformer exploded. But. I was afraid it was terrorists who attacked the city. And then what's next -- you know the pressure and I are thinking about what's the bigger picture in here and you focus in an instant. But are they trying to suck us in here and they gonna do something you know hospitals are they gonna do something Nathaniel hall or apology universities in danger right now. So we're thinking and we plan that we trained commissioners per ton a resource is not in urban she'll planning we've done these type of terrific event training. Not to think of what bigger picture shall we looking at. So we decided. We have to get the victims out with -- -- the area we have to get the rest of the people who sheltered in place in the restaurants away from the area. And and we can crunch and protect. Because as evidence -- we make it fingerprint that links some guy in Tajikistan this bomb wanna make sure that the -- the -- recovered in saved and we hold them accountable. Do you think that these two because when you talked about the the extensive. You know a bomb sniffing dogs that the -- that you were doing. You think these guys had studied previous marathon how do you think they were able to avoid that and and and that you know as as you guys. You know kind of do this investigation. Well it's it's a soft target if if you know. People around. One our society which I think we want which we value some -- we can't lock it down and now we're not gonna lock it down because of capacities. These two terrorists. You know will have to sit down and figure out if there's more we can do. And we obviously have to figure out how we do a better. But. We did it we did it a great job of of securing that scene in. And it was amazing. Amazing gave the instant. The instant impact of a police officers at that scene. And and and taking care people and you know we all watched it unfold with no I watch on all pulled one on TV. And now it's it's it's just toss. The obviously allotted and a lot of tales of of 91 responder heroism that day and I'm sure that's who you know you guys are trained for what you do and we. Appreciate your courage and what you guys do and it's amazing but I. Pretty pretty amazing that you know. Every day folks going in there and and now and I'm sure that impressed you guys do it it. It's phenomenal and save lives you'll -- medical team that was behind the tent that was the a ticket runners that had shin splints and in cramps they went into triage mode trauma Mon may get healthier. And people who know volunteer at the marathon columns I've run a Costco also a number of years we on the home on United States marine. When his son was killed and in the issues he -- deal with these are friend of mine and we icy mountain a vote. See Carlos getting there and save a life and truly that's quite. He survived his incident so that he can save their life right on had a purpose and the idea that. He was amazing. People who you know just need to take it help running across a running into harm's way with Nelson tourniquet and -- even just holding to Monty and what we were awaiting a commodity we ran out of we re not -- citizen. When my deputy superintendent coal mining study getting. Wagons as we know it's not the best but if we get a wagon and put couple medics in the wagon we get into the hospital get an -- urgent trauma care that they so barely needed. Well I can tell is very content comforting having. Been down there you know I'm a big pussy. So when I see all your officers you know right there on and on -- since street. Getting everybody out and then everybody streaming in that you know law enforcement -- kind streaming in getting everybody out safely I mean you guys did. Just an incredible job that day in and are. You know the whole did the whole city in the league you know whole country's gratitude. Those two guys on that we're talking -- is. Superintendent in chief Dan Lynn -- of the Boston Police Department -- Was the incident commander in charge on on Marathon Monday. And we're gonna talk in a moment about the fact that he was the incident commander in charge on Friday and end in Watertown. I I I do wanna of a few text questions here. 101 Texas thank you from district three so I that's a personal -- another text here says great job you're speech that you gave Saturday night to give a speech on Saturday night. Yes so they're saying great job on that. I know you wanted to mention. -- before we -- Watertown wanted to mention did the bravery of your officers and just it can command all of them for what they did it and on throughout this. The costs and just to -- fourteen -- the finish line what they did you know and I'm gonna miss people on my bike team was down there are a swat motorcycle team are you -- guys. On going unity and I every its roster was rocked for the other day and I -- -- want it thank -- which which you've done. And he's the chief got into an inning I was once -- a pianist and a police car. Into any appearance I kind of feel guilty that you did. He did because people need to -- out here to feel safe in you being on post being professional doing the job. Projecting on confidence and in the neighborhoods you made people feel safe you'll part of it we kids who know guard the crime scene. -- -- -- We have our our our custodians and our radio people who kept food water come into the troops is is these things were playing noting in batteries Sean Romanowski and communications -- When batteries and cellphone charges as is we're trying to. Make sure we can do what we need to do to get the mission accomplished on a huge amount of support and on this entire department stood up. Phenomenally as you guys so as you began to you know realize OK this is these are terrorist attacks. Did you and begin to. Obviously devise a way to. Trying to protect the rest of the city and and how do you guys even begin to think about that. So that you know we get the commissioner. Myself. Perch warts from the governor's office in the state police. And in the FBI. Got together we decided to go British we gonna go to these firehouse because they didn't trust the command posts you know they hit us here. One outputs of that the command post I think at the firehouse the firefighters who make it safe not gonna let people leave -- -- in their house. I'll listen to -- And similar rally at the hotel let's get -- went -- hotel peony. -- we got the we get the troops up to the hotel the Weston. And then all the federal resources the good news is the federal people we work with all the time -- faces in the room who know us and we know them. And they would see into the future and -- what do you need. On and we worked with the in all of our assets and in the the federal agencies and I'm gonna. Don't miss somebody and in just one -- the -- on there all the air. We yeah we just got to figure out what next what do we do so we got to maintain his crimes and we can start an investigation you know entity key was his detectives are reporting videotape. Off from the scene as a things playing out which kind of feel where a process that who's gonna look at it how -- we begin this investigation and then. How do we protect the city we made his decision commission looked means that the union -- We decided to call in all on duty Austin Boston Police officer who called -- on -- Local called university police -- don't know what we do we need -- -- and opposed to the or sell a good on -- -- -- And on the train stations and on the National Guard those kids commanding general for national document what you need they didn't have weapons. Those soldiers were not issued weapons because of our laws and a country that matter the most in a popular weapon a homeless children ready to when you beat him to stay classy Boston. So. As you know and and and when you guys are making these decisions here ID nine and again -- area of like what's going on in in the in the city and and and the fact that really essentially the city is. Under attack. You also have. The kind of -- wary. Trying to. Keep your officers as safe as you can or do you you know is that nine in your mind and that's that's you know after we get to citizens so that's that's. Foremost in my mind as they actually cops -- to make sure that they have that equipment and that's what they need to do the job safely. Now one of these things it's fooling around is I 'cause I want to clear up all these conspiracy nut jobs that on online. Did you guys end up where there any other devices because I keep -- there were no other devices Americans so when you win you know discussed some people sales there's -- on cable news footage of them -- -- did you end up detonating some packages we -- elected there -- a couple bags as they -- week we have a -- at a firehouse down that we were -- what was that for CP. Dog alerted on it. We disrupted that would award keen interest to make sure turns out not to be a device went out and taking chances at that time. So there were no other devices on the group. I'm superintendent in chief Dan -- our guest here -- thank him for coming for coming here this morning. I want to thank him for her for what he did as marathon incident commander and I wanna move in on two amazingly on Friday. The fact that you're after working all week you word the incident commander on Friday in Watertown and and I wanna -- If you could because people are dead you know and you know fascinated by what you guys did. I wanna go through how you guys came to find out about that and and value it came to be incident commander there and and how you went -- studio. It's just -- cleared up you know the commissioner colonel almost a state police Rick Lori from the FBI they were charging the instant they were done anything commanders I was tactical top commander for -- day. So we get some investigations that we're going on we its resources and around the area and we have the president come. On the city that day we got to make sure he was secured safe get him out on safely on a city of Boston. And we were doing. Investigations in the background trying to run down leads. So after a stunning new day 4 in the morning and now winding down it was but asleep about a half -- so. When I got a phone call saying that the ninety police -- have been murdered. And I realized that this might have gone operational. And that he's connected. Get up and went to now you thought about that right away you served OK in the -- the right away this is this is this is connected to serve yeah. I went to mass general hospital I met with the the chief of MIT the -- to make sure that are critical to stress team was the -- what in his offices. As the Stanley and a the playoffs acumen to -- room. The -- we have security and hospital in case that you know they wanted us to go to a hospital and they target the hospital wants -- was resource is that they are. And then I heard the radio transmissions -- my house has had interviewed. And found and wanna come across the victim and getting you to view of what the suspects it's a tomb after the carjacked a vehicle. And I realize that point. We were -- problem. I was. Heading towards that location of the chase. And on my way over to Watertown. I'm not begin to call my boss and not tell the commission that we had some some problems and we thought it was them. And then I heard the gunshots fired and now the gun battle going on and -- to screen for systems wanna. Now the big guy that they elect goes again that they carjacked is it did is -- true that they let him go because he was an American -- that that they don't they don't call the speculation on my part that someone might have that I don't I don't have at this time you comment okay. But they did let him go he was able to tell you and I don't know whether they let him go away -- gate of an opportunity to get out of there when they are not looking okay amateur so then this the all hell breaks loose and news you know did did the gun the gun battles gone there's a gun battle and done there offs for your persistence. I showed up -- -- I think it's mount Auburn street had done Dexter and we had maybe thirty -- -- on one side Tony thirty offices and outside. And we don't know where we are. I'm not one time I don't know if street Watertown we're here to help her and I don't know where the offices down -- -- an ounce down. One of my ounces on the radio scream for an ambulance -- Johnson who's a record that. I can tell but his voice we have problem. I'm looking around at the it was kind of frozen they had said that. That's targets -- behind this building that was down on -- Dexter street right off of mount on -- and then at some Bosnia exploded ordnance there. That was troop there and -- and I looked at him and I said. -- with -- donors to Dexter street in -- where away he said I don't know we both looked up over our shoulder that was the streets on Dexter street. And now I'm -- that we've done. He's right don't you guys -- in -- to OpenId we just we just ran down with the officers on and the troops troops came in in and done. We want to upon going down there and finally -- into getting handled it to him but appoint one in my offices was some. With the suspect and I was concerned that he might have. Devices on him. Had the suspect been run over at that point -- it was after he had already okay. And they were trying to apprehend him they were trying to cut him essentially he is an optical officers -- were there during their during that gunfight in the I don't know okay. I don't know I -- they were there were lots of officers are there was there was lots of shots fired -- is to connect over 200 rounds fired me yet I can tell you that did. When I got there after the endless pull one out. For -- via the FiOS -- I saw one of my co -- and he had the suspect. And I was afraid this guy had an the vice is on him that they could cause harm and that we work and permanent and instilling hatred and -- so I went over and help remove his clothing on to make sure you know devices on. They Pakistan Montgomery an ambulance and we realize that there were ladies. Still unexploded in the area there in the area like in their vehicle or in the. Now on the ground I'm on ground around when he off and they had been throwing knows -- the officers. And in these guys I don't use their names -- -- dead terrorist number one then and now almost that there is number -- The they did the first guy dead terrorist number one got out of the vehicle and came at that Watertown cop and that that's how that. Shoot out began is that correct it believe that's what happened you -- okay. And and so. They started shooting and we in and an obviously had a an awful lot of firepower because they were able to continue to do that. Yeah well and I don't know exactly what they had weapons you know but they did have they have those somewhere around. And they had done. Explosives and you know turn -- that they're -- explosives. You've got -- number Voss is responding when rounds of fire explosives going off it was when he shot the suspect sometimes -- confusing as to whose fiery -- That definitely happened that day. Mommy just clear up another one of these conspiracy things who is naked guy have a guy who -- and -- take that that that's a gentleman who so. Let me just put in perspective for you on my -- against an ambulance for the -- guy -- even though. He did debt. Those families. When I'm gonna think to a level. And they yeah they actually send and trying to treatment. Because that's what Americans yeah and we had to get out there we unite these we -- it really clear the area. We started up we were looking for the second suspect he was in a black vehicle that fled the scene as -- went up to Nicholas street. That's were that's without incident happened where. It was a gentleman. At some point. So -- identified him as potentially suspect in -- two. Unfortunately they were so many officers who were. Responding. In different radio communication channels that does they had essentially surround the car. And from the window pesticide but the back -- -- window of the driver's side. And they were focused on the -- When I get there you know myself and there was another police supervisor that we realize. We have a problem -- crossfire here it's north of its number two we are corporate not corporate. So. Wanna make sure we can get anyone else hurt. In this process so I stepped out. And it started tell the troops to back off. And bring it back if behind cover bring it down and we -- -- the other example -- our vehicle and those bullets are whizzing by is that it is just what is no shots fired OK you know it's it's it's kind of just a tense stand -- My fear is that if if you know he moved -- one off a shot. In other options would have a spontaneous reaction and in you wind up. You know everybody -- a problem anyway right yeah so we brought people back. And I try to tell often with handguns to put the law already identified four officers with rifles and had them. I'm taking aim at the suspect in the car with the information I had was being uncooperative -- yeah I'm. We did tactical. Felony stop for him. He get out of the car from me he can back this on my voice. I -- -- -- -- short because we're afraid of potential explosive devices. I didn't see anything the 360 was concerning to me but somebody yelled out he's got something in his -- it's -- his pants though. Could take a chance that we had don't think -- down. Haven't won back somebody said he's -- company underwear is it's not in the underwear that is something that is never -- that's that ever. And done unfortunately you know. We gotta have that gentleman take his take is under way down now until we can ensure there was nothing that you were at the office he brought him back he was he handcuffed. Somebody city's number two it was a supervisor and I -- sarge. ID him in an idea and and Canadian car this can be somebody completely separate. They did -- he realized he was a gentleman and a similar looking vehicle and driven into the area he lived in the area but certainly oncology. But I hope he understands and now at some point talked to him but. And -- Dielman apology because everybody understands exactly what I'm. We -- speaking where is superintendent in chief the Boston Police Department in Lynn ski. We're talking more onto deems the commander -- incident commander for the marathon on Monday then he curious Friday in Watertown in the middle in this. A lot of people wanna know how did. Almost dead terrorist number two and up giving away because people think here's this firefight. And you know he drives over his brother he's in the vehicle. Our our police officers following him how does -- end -- and then at some when he gets on what does that happen. Well you know this mass confusion so people are out of their cars rated sometimes you have so much resource is that with the air -- we had the -- with the stood up with a pretty high security posture. Lot of resources came in debts couldn't that with. Done on Wilson street saying to officers are reminding him not to block the street would help this one time it because. Summit cars couldn't go chase them because we're cars blocking the man and now has deployed in fort. So he had enough time to to get away. I think the off his first term was to -- apply for state to to the officer who was wounded -- and we began methodical search. The area not -- Davis got with. Rick -- for the -- -- fully from the FBI. Colonel Alvin and the chief Watertown animated termination and 120 much you know they they they figured out. We've got enough resources he couldn't of gotten far. Why don't we get a perimeter around the Syria and we'll just searched methodically on it in slow it down. And it slow it down and use our resources wisely so the commissioner in India colonel in chief one account. And let's let's get a permanent -- let's set up at the arsenal more. And essentially you know we at the mall. They said gaining. You know this what we want you to do you do it. And I great partners from almost agencies. ATF sack for -- New York he was with me Sheila -- Steve. Steve from a Secret Service he's especially on the security was the general for national guards there. -- -- -- -- the national -- kid and the general comes up and -- we need to take -- -- Nice looking my soldiers unarmed when we promote -- cops but those biscuits National Guard. There are going out when they have weapons and. Whether they had weapons they're out there in that I'm just yet -- believable on and did the how does he so he's roaming around to wiretap and the guys are trying to find him I think some people wonder they say how does he get in that boat. It when that and when that whole area is searched and is not found I mean was he missed the way it was the the I don't know whether he was missed. I don't know whether he unmoved when he was in in an area and it was able to speak and the other area. But I do notice he's caught up on you and I was unable to move on much for the memory was a -- a dog in the air right from the beginning. Not in kept his head down on all day yeah but. By doing it he wasn't able to get anywhere else. You you finally went home because you were 48 hours on and watched the what happened on TV and you were telling me that you called. Because you as you watch in ninety the FD been up for forty hours straight. EU started to be concerned that that would that there was a set up as your officers were going in there and that that that he had -- the -- to explode or is that accurate. You know that's one of the things I was concerned with that I had an Oklahoma commissions to -- you know you you need to need to step down. We -- To be ready for tomorrow on a producer you're right absolutely. We asked about that. No he's right up there in his right and I went home and installer watch on TV win a substandard Evans from -- BFS. Who was there with our swat team -- watching it -- they they work from dawn to -- they just -- -- can work in -- water food then it can work all day. And as such when that report content. They. They were able to be right there and they with a first -- is on -- -- Billy Evans. O'Connor and -- volume -- they brought in the resources in Billie was was on the scene -- -- I call -- Bobby murder as. On Boston's finest this year he had if you watch that show. So it that you were worried that hey there's there's some going on here maybe maybe they're being lured in and they're gonna and again and getting blown up maybe. You are very concerned but I knew Billy had a well -- and an inability. -- it was the only debt did a great job. I ate my boy give oil fell asleep. 44 ended when I woke up before the morning asking what would happen. I'm but what happened was that on a charity work with with finesse of Tenet Evans HOT from the FBI. On the got a two point he was gonna come out. And HIT said OK now we want to make you rest. Of that it Evans volume Martier offices in their routes have been shot and wounded in this. And he said once more watching just the console and they went in -- and nausea. How the able to. It did indeed did what first of all the I don't. And don't have information on exactly Osi played out and I don't know what they found in the vote -- it would be okay if it is shut you know. And another way that it would nobody that we we don't care -- I thought I'd rather he says he's able to talk yeah it and tell us exactly. Who helped them we train them yeah if there's anyone who supported them yeah and done that he young spends a long. Time and a place it's not so nice couple further questions for you before you -- -- I really appreciate you giving us your time here this morning. I'm gonna have Danielle or or I'll do it maybe give you a hug on behalf of an epithet in the city before you go there but down. You know he'd talk about does the Boston please I know commissioner Evans said they're trying to yesterday said they're they're trying to find out if indeed anybody else was involved -- -- the police department think they were -- that there were others involved than. What do what is it possible for these two. Kids it is -- to do this -- without any help. So we'll work with a federal partners right now to determine the extent of anyone who might have been involved in this and no one. We're we're in place now we're comfortable right now -- first throughout the public. But if there was somebody who's in Tajikistan. That trained -- how to do this we want. And done Rick Lori from the FBI. His partners with all the federal agencies billion has this changed as how -- been a police officer for. -- 27 years has -- changed the way you look at doing your job it changed the way you consider that you know that this. Ours are sitting absolutely this was this was my route that was my plan. Those -- my -- those were citizens. I take my -- marathon past seven years that -- at that finished on a marathon in my wife. She's not the it is either the national winners he status Biggio who's on and for the kids in Pharmacia which he stays it's vehemently kids. And for some reason this year she -- scheduled to work. And I just said you know on a leaving the home and I don't know why that happened and it's changed the city. I think change society deposit away. I think you see. On the good of America and the good of the country coming out coming to get a standing up on people might have forgotten what did it to New York in 2001. We will not forget. April 15. And we need your Prius in your thoughts -- both for the victims of the bombing in the Boston Police Department and a lot of police officers who are full shrapnel. It's not shrapnel that he can pull out with a surgeon. I'm but in the hearts of those police officers in -- souls on May need some help and we're working hard that's on a mission to make sure that we're helping a police office is getting healthy. As if the not helping. In this impacts their relationship with only impacts the health -- bad decisions based on our that they saw the name one. When a couple of -- what else and so but what what else can we do well what else what what else can what can we do for the Boston please I think. Which you have been doing your your your your banking offices in your well wishes and remember when you sitting on a jury. And as a jump ball between Boston Police and the suspect. It like guys that jump ball they work amazingly -- those ladies on the plaza with the mental block at least I'm working is an -- and they do great things. Every day they run -- danger every day. Jewish played -- national stage but this is what the men woman's apartment to every day. Well I really appreciate you coming in and and and sharing their stories hearing hear your stories and I think that. You know. Most everybody is very much impressed with the with the work that was done nearby as you said. Every single law enforcement group involved here I I wanted to ask you real quick you know some have started some started to say that. Their homes should not have been invaded in Watertown and Friday. I know that these guys take special care to. That's it but but you're in -- in any unique circumstance that -- is one that little comment from that it is formulas I kind of feel about that. So you know we had the situation presents itself and we were afraid that this individual is going to belong with citizens. We have an obligation protect them. Commissioner FBI most of special agent charged the kernel as they please the governor and the mayor they made the right decision. We protected people. And we can. -- -- You guys aren't into any interest didn't instituting martial law that's not totally different -- to correct -- and utterly yeah under oath well. Listen great job now are our best everybody in and thank you so much thank you thank you and thank all your guys and women. That moment on Sports Illustrated on the cover very lovely in the Indian what her name is but that tanker especially if you didn't cheated interruption or -- -- -- go and almost we we really thank you very much and thank you for being here this morning chief. Thank you OK -- that is chief superintendent in chief Dan -- Boston Police Department will be right back.