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Jim Cook - Sam Adams

Apr 18, 2013|

Jim Cook - Sam Adams

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. I want to say hello to Jim cook. Who of course is the I would do Jim what your title king of Sam Adams what do they what is the official what's the official title over there. Actually embedded -- -- graded brewer not break. And drinker don't get about drinker gym designated drinker. -- -- how how you've been pressed them on nice to speak the it's been a little while. Well I have been great we're gonna make that a lot of beer and -- davis'. It's. Opportunity to get together with you wouldn't and -- and bad is it. At a time when you're just doing amazing things I wanted to. Call and I wanted to thank you for her it just jumping into action with the regular foundation and just tell you that. We made -- we've been sponsor at the Boston Marathon very proud. To be involved with. Never more than this year and and we make it's special beer. Or do we just so long. Marathon route called 26 point two Peru and I was calling to tell you that we're gonna take all the profits from that -- this year as well as all of the source center. That there are nations that are -- here Boston and relevancy your foundation -- I think it's just great that you -- and actions so quickly. Well I've first off thank you -- and the it's I really. First of all you guys do. A lot more charity there's probably than people know about it and whenever there's an event you guys are willing to get involved and Sony product and -- people who and work but this is a what who if this is a really incredible gesture and and I. I certainly appreciated and I know that your fellow Bostonians do I think I remember you telling the story of one a year very first to Sam Adams accounts when you're carrying your beer around in the in the suitcase being. Being right there on -- -- street is that was that where your first to countless -- your secondary. And even more than that. Patriots day was kind of the official. Introduction of Sam Adams. Gosh twenty years ago remember. Making deliveries. Out of my station wagon that day and try to find ways unity get through America Online driving way around it was. It was just such. Exciting day and deeper I think we'll. All of Boston but firm as Sam Adams in particular. In the patriots day. Was the beginning of the revolution and when the British were trying to go after Lexington Concord and find Samad and so. This is a very very meaningful. Date for us and it's it's just great to see people like queue polling. The city together and and making some good. Come out of all of this it's very characteristic of Boston to just you know make good come out of this terrible thing. Well I wanna. I do want because when I when I heard from from my you guys. This will be a significant donation I don't know if you want estimate what that I was I was told the estimate I don't know if you wanna do that you wanna call us back but it's going to be a. The varies the head somewhere -- -- it'll depend on our total sales but my guess is it's thirty to 50000 dollars Lexus. Which is fantastic I'm going to put it to good use and -- about us -- on and on charitable -- I want -- going you know the in my chili -- which I happen to me come out on yesterday I used I -- -- four bottles of us Sam blogger really all right you're great yeah yeah yeah. And it by the way there's no chili products in that it's just the fourth it's just the box. The match and nothing else John you know me I mean these is a legends. I thought it was a great chip and some obvious -- hey. Listen. This means a lot Kim and I a you know your great Bostonians and you've done that so much for the community a I thank you very much and you know -- money's going to. Go right out to do people who need it's -- thank thank you from the bottom of our. And thank you for giving us an opportunity to do this it's a great thing you do -- All right Jim thank you and it's great that come into more often so freed merely RA. -- -- outrage -- -- or -- -- Tim Cook thank you very very much god bless.