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Hill-Mail 3-26-13

Mar 26, 2013|

Hill-Mail 3-26-13

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. Now each you to and to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- -- But it transgender mark bought currently -- are -- convention on Friday. -- -- -- You know what I'm not that weird. On WK okay. Or the best they'll mail messages. The past when 24 hours vs Brian -- -- an obscure reference yes Brian. More than everybody -- Obama. And it's here instead on the current state -- -- patient advocate aren't they the cops in the same event at Oak Park and it on the spot yet John -- occasional mosque and intellectual. Com. Actor. On the text line Dexter says the old one looks like the emperor from a Star Wars. -- couldn't. Yeah put a hood over her. Here's a -- and -- it in the Connecticut text my answer would be. Not really my objective here. When -- -- taking a look at the prostitutes that are on the FaceBook page when an individual weighed in and said I'll take the physical talent state. It's not really my objective here now -- not but it definitely my objective here a low wage jobs. They eat eat yet he made and then but there's absolutely no difference from -- sports fan in America -- at least I'll sit and I want. What cannot and scream and TV over and over again thinking because no players or the coaches -- they're in the long run to -- it just stupid of them are. Greg coaches get a direct line to Belichick. You've got me -- different than that and -- seventh on the show your body east. -- -- don't nerd don't know Ernie Allen and don't don't don't -- nerd rage that's -- to put the controller down upon by. Don't worry about it don't freak out. Think 41 and Indiana. Greg he is there really and yet they did it come we can't you know go out you don't come by and pick I had a look -- -- I call me who put you get the point. Where cases that's and to area of Jesus god love them. He really did SF may threaten you did and. He really did -- to any big plans -- there. I think growing in my house should make it'll roasts pork tenderloin really young -- split so that turns him -- and don't know him. We have time and it may make a little handwritten like six barrel -- is is not anonymous seller of the small smaller family with liquid handlers -- with -- that. Probably Houston and you know my feeling -- really do Mac and -- monopoly make a little broccoli rob the ladies and roasted carrots and potatoes now. -- -- And I'll -- and -- we don't make a little paper this is him. And now I'm the -- has set up an Easter egg hunt for young -- com do you well he -- and I tell her why Israel and I have turned out be dumping the can off and then I'll be going to the two kiwis. In -- house well where I can suck but because there loaded no -- try to work my way into the family and a -- -- I don't like -- -- right meaningless thing I got my good friend confident man named by the uncle Hawkins Alec cannot expect. But Texas as nerds are so cute when they're angry right hit this fire that was all worked up. -- so different I'm surprised the -- he obviously doesn't have a time management issue of he's able to promote the tester will be able worker call him. Often people don't even. I get -- a hoot about California always. And then back guy walking around -- it outlawed that security and go to the Bruins. I would not be -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- people honk if you put. It wouldn't -- that it -- And the message and the different stoppage shut taggants -- for dropping him in the mailbox. Be you know it may be. Or make a call their C we could track him down. I happen in dollars thing to -- are muzzle. Him -- They we get jacket that I had its standard assumed name I couldn't use -- the path that the that the reference on the what arguments in the broccoli the broccoli rob the office apparently it is and here. -- sent but it kind of sick in the the -- -- -- -- -- Washington for a little while but he has an exit. I thought it was -- it is California caged in the season accounts or occasions and so is I've mentioned a million times. House allies isn't really really really have to watch almost -- to go to -- -- coming up to the you watch and I minutes I would watch it Don Cheadle is great group. I don't practice and the girl who's on who talked about on the show before the blind yeah. She is. Absolutely beautiful. Speaking on the hill on and house allies the officer must suggest ever -- -- -- -- really let's -- Steve -- was off and it's and British I mean very funny and Olivia are I well it's just funny it's just a funny movie history and I thought it was fantastic I wanna see it like it was Sammy is just. Is amazing it really he's really what people say it's -- Jim -- was great -- might he wanted to -- Jim Carrey's best. Me. It was period really really liked it appears checking out. We need 38 PM. Alltel and different genes that are real important trade. -- Yeah Iowa -- SEC eight -- Is. Then brew client. And wouldn't that there are probably -- asked. The minute they -- and sixty. Pat Guerrero yesterday's. Subject of opinions under the influence that whole thing is a podcast and WA AF dot com and I had people tweeting last night that they could -- listening -- OC if you miss. Opinions under the influence than it is a podcast at WA AF dot com and yes yes game of drones begins again and yes. It's not be more excited and getting a million text messages about game two rounds but it is. It really is. I don't show it is is out -- it might be arriving favorite bits on route period. They -- -- and number one -- -- now. I -- -- -- to come on -- lobbed at the end notes and tasks I can't put it above homeland -- borderline camp high -- that Walking Dead what what woody don't go payment problems walking -- -- -- -- I absolutely love sparked it and now I'm the vikings and then I mean bottles just a mini series but I really love that you're -- look like the half -- guys have. That's like years that I find it very -- retailers and I find it compelling inspired this. We have a do you have the scenes were the guys have compelling content and make an out it's just period -- a little bomb attacks there's always leave I always sleep shameless out -- I want -- the very perceive him but I don't -- I love it in the same way that I that I love the other should open up and it's it's. The -- At a location of that is it tough to watch these shows through your neighbor's window because you don't have. If you don't can't afford cable. I -- roommates APA reports that this is the cable and accounts for offense and. Monday between 47 PM. Like LB got back California. 200 pound credit for the -- looking good -- -- -- went into. It can't stop it may be -- -- kind of plastic surgery procedure I don't know man he comes back bundled up like a money them and. Seven. 0:3. PM. Good morning yeah I may have to pay. I know you love can't do look so you dressing up there I think he's good and interfere. If so I want you to pop on over there might play. Into clip from me I'm not -- battle get. And night and I don't see it. You can't just let it I think you might. Not may get out. I might you might end up out of the basement something in Gary's play severe than it ever match up and the instability justice on the low aide David. Great given standard -- a lot of really shows you that you play a good one just don't really. Don't check out. It's a great -- it it's probably the best TV. On nine. There's a show on fox that I sigh -- -- tweeting about those last night. I think it's the one with Kevin Bacon serial killer the following I don't want to -- people started tweet about it now a lawyer for yes. Now can't do it in it sounds like it's a lot to launch the minute terrible nightmares and -- -- beat people in and it's really really good he can be could show. Hello my. -- -- You know what I'm never gonna. Enron like I was wrong on Walking Dead can never watch the Walking Dead the breeze like finally -- the -- and I am obsessed. But. I'm breaking out a nebulous and Dexter I never I never expected there and people said Dexter. It's great ratio and never into it. Fine you can follow any of them. The -- can track the current well. Well in -- it's our our. Our. Our cardinal picked up. And just let it think it's not like they're doing a medical study on around me knowing somehow some testing on don't know anti steadiness I don't think he's being. It's not like they're gonna determine that he is the missing anchor if anyone's doing studies on him it's going to be aliens. Yes though for -- us. And 21 all. That important moment when you realize that he made more property -- -- the pulpit or break. And then let it out -- -- -- dude you know -- was in here last hour Christopher Knight. Palace basically what they made was 500 bucks an episode and that's it -- a little bit rerun money or some -- -- that's really. Can't I did not think that's indication of the huge dollars that he made and our money in more money in life in and business. In the IT industry -- he made. On the Brady Bunch and -- an -- action now don't forget off but those guys did books and tell all books and what is legit. Like obsessed I think basically what news analyst. Greg Brady. Is like. Milking the -- -- bodies in everything he can't -- senators of the memories. You're right yeah -- -- stinks and poor old. I get that straight Saturday at great on the go -- -- -- to get married again. But three months ago your -- -- -- -- -- carpet in the lap that court for the bank not blue didn't.