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Opinions Under The Influence: Jessica 3-4-13

Mar 4, 2013|

Opinions Under The Influence: Jessica 3-4-13

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. And now I've learned in my life than alcohol is a drug -- Hi this season got us -- it's -- -- the opinions under the influence. Many days. You met the circumstances. In which you met. Days opinions under the influence evict them. I was invited -- -- pie again Friday last for and it just passed for a beer pong tournament this is -- your when you're going to US lol I'm out here the vice president of alumni association. As -- fund raiser for voice OK so I am I went over there Friday as soon as I walked in the door. Come at this was walking down the -- with an almost empty bottle. Of line. And she was absolutely. Smashed. So this protester was perfect her name is. Jessica. And right here she tells us a little bit about now we use the oldest person the frat party on Friday and others I think appointing Anna yes again but yet the vice president are hanging on yes I was the oldest person in the -- -- -- what's her -- Jessica Jessica but let's listen. Well -- Put my name is Jessica. I don't as an engineer wants it to think here's the mad and I have gotten it. The end of the act. I don't think happy -- tries to -- -- -- today it was. Have a bad day there at that and that is yell from me -- -- like that where you during. The drinking more wine we -- Bronx eBay eBay. NC. It's. You do drugs and it. Yup live -- fact I do drink and usable -- there's still lead in the apple probably more again. They paid you spent a picnic. They're like. -- now weighing in me. It's slow free trip. Every guy is Aaron. It's just so easy active right -- and and and -- It's he it's his Jeffrey -- executed -- wanted to kind of pick my wedges well I wouldn't. I think the big. Why is -- plummeted. -- That's -- she's -- -- -- misty was not wearing am aware as the Bronx the baby thing I had no idea if anybody knows how to. I don't -- -- Google search and it will be up and I am you know at the -- somebody knows I I had no clue -- -- as you just. That drinking a wine guys aren't empty bowl wanted to -- you read in it that you may -- -- our special place proxy. Says it's mean sounds like she was -- -- -- -- election I think she was talking to. Her most special places and -- and that's -- the underwear part came up and I think maybe I'd -- is her name. Jessica. Without her underwear on up there. The U -- lol. Fraternity. Did rocky debris -- lot -- -- Etsy. You give drugs. Rivera. Christmas Hitler's. Nice area. -- -- is -- number thirty theory. And that she thinks she took six years of math and school. Yes freshening middle schools well maintenance and there are maybe maybe maybe -- high school was six years -- possibly knows. That's like she's a -- human. Doctor says that it's the line -- the Bronx is -- whiners really. And it's you know maybe maybe she -- the wine bottle and on -- all right what else that you talk to her apparent here we talk about alligators being -- -- percent -- it is that the wilderness back last week that alligators are they spend their whole lives are being aroused they are -- 100% of the scientists have determined that alligators spend 100% of their lives. -- -- 100% arousal how would they use them -- I'm in the Boehner of late but -- -- not can't. Alligator agent need to fall in love before they meet with other alligator friends yeah. So I don't cat didn't deviate the and I thought tortoise is doing it and I. And he and. Mean that -- is doing so I can see it being with an eight. I have video my computer at the toward doing it and a -- of how -- deal. The girl tortoise you are running away -- the -- -- taking it to -- whereas in an. And nobody. Liked watching. Animals should not -- PPP. -- and even I don't. Instructs. Any -- TJP because I didn't dvd and spend it. In the eighth. Chip the sexy voice. And this is even I don't. -- -- -- The hazard. To your screen and at the frat party Friday night made by the must -- there. Summer's attacks the insane that there is a Bronx the line but it Daniels too -- and brand itself. That's gotta be some nickname that he has. There -- eager -- there -- -- -- people like I like the parts he gave me here you -- ask Boehner and our customs which. Reason women are getting fatter is because they don't to enough housework. Now I do house they're all the time the reason I'm getting batteries because they get really high in Islamic Donald. I don't eat burger is I eat meat nugget -- -- -- ignite it. -- well -- client makes me and let me. -- Well on Wednesdays we'd drink. Like -- -- we see you Wednesday. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've taken good tonight you now know. And I now aren't you look at what popping it appeared -- and the I think -- good tonight he now. He dignity of -- before answering the -- guy and Green Zone and when you're intoxicated via the of those. Him. Lapses or -- hit the ball team. It edited it and I. They now. She drank one she smoked weed and drink drink wine roommates are slightly into -- -- say Basra. -- -- I think I'm good tonight he now. -- -- -- And there's -- unions under the influence. Monday at 72 line -- we hear from the overseers yes varying opinions under the influence -- -- Ninth Ward.