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Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins

Feb 21, 2013|

Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins very Thursday at 8:15 on The Hill-Man Morning Show

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Are all Shawn Thornton and Thursday's with the authority and we head to sunny. Beautiful Florida. Forty what's the temperature this morning any idea yet. Did you just woke up. What. Would you guys -- yesterday did you run into any Florida now like the rest of us people down its. Accept and now we practice we got. Actually what the bitter bitter old buddy you. Oh you went to dinner would you. Com how is youth. Yeah it was a little bit but it -- little bit recent football. Bill of oh. Now that you've got the baseball -- I mean you know something like that. I'm Posey sweating profusely there was an air conditioning in the place but it is critical it. Have you identified patient zero over there when it comes to the -- the. Well I don't know where it started to kind of weird all -- guys birds that's different venues -- export so. I don't know what we've been able to pick up one place. And now. Do you get paranoid like when you know people show up -- work around here and there coughing Oliver. Other people people start to freak out where you where you light on those guys this dale layer. Our -- certain. People. Nice here -- -- like Padilla. The VA the bird flu mask yes and I exactly this -- -- Rubber -- surgical -- but and those guys Albion and doing okay. Yet on -- -- winter but it's pretty quickly do business in practice so the credit ago. All right well. Is certainly opportunity here for you guys to. Not necessarily. Not that you're struggling about a quarter of the season is over and LB lights when people say if the playoffs support today so I'm gonna say if the playoffs were today guys will be the fifth seed in the east. He had a rough road trip now that was. Little bit of problem. These same games last year in opportunity for you guys to to do well down there. Yeah it's that a little bit of arms -- addressed to provoke gators which I suspect there. On that topic father George bubble with too much respect it's equation because -- -- The way you say you guys flew all not to the great you have been in Florida it's easier I -- a bunch of guys. Did some charity stuff. Yet that we. Came down yesterday afternoon I just have morning via eligible for a couple days and could affect you committed to the road trip against the Breeders' -- greater. They engaged day of big a -- I obviously -- job by you guys retired top half of the -- -- -- by Newtown Connecticut. That's. That's pretty big of those guys -- order. It doesn't so much to -- you get the our schedule they -- Every month and it was -- it was an operator guys separate out but there's -- -- want to go all the little courtroom Monday are played but. There's a good -- -- another you know but while it. It's awesome LB LB about impacted. Have a little flashback to the penalty shot moment -- there and. But. Also as we -- an opportunity. After I watched it once. I've seen it Italy Italy it. Thought -- -- Probably is it'll move relatively. As the idea that Lindy -- conspired. I don't care as ambassador aside Billy. Electrodes and -- history were -- -- Montreal. Under Sergio such as well are moderately well. And with how to beat shelf area. What's the issue there you don't. So a lot yeah yeah but it does look. Lot of it is all it is equating it to each other. The first orders -- -- is better than what you're battle. -- -- Are you I know it's. You know since the since the you're 710 days off there ice time has been a little bit reduced three URU. Is that is that tough created to it to deal with. No. With a winning football really about it but the last couple games and up get around the minute which is. I'm kind of used to further stated my legs going waters down the series of five about delighted woke up you gotta pay apple. It says America. LB can you comment on my. -- what that your -- go to sleep and -- hop on the -- you feel you're paying a I know exactly what that feels like. There are less fortunate there again if you're like yeah. But I thought it over the last couple games. Well hopefully continue to play well -- you know -- it more. I -- that that as a casual observer not an expert. Do you think Tom when you when you're watching you think coach got to put. Screeching and Sagan together more often. Oh. And all our very best. -- reported -- pretty good chemistry itself I like that under these there corporate dollars -- -- I was in middle age and it is -- to his body. The Bergeron and it all of C east and -- Cover up for the world that -- -- to -- it's both but do it apparently so epic bigger let is that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- I did did a bit authority gotta agree that's probably what are your biggest assets. That -- your team has is that pretty much anybody on any line can play with -- each other. If somebody goes down or something gets -- Stockton and no one really loses step. Well we've been perfect game but that was so unfortunately it. The guys step up the unbelievable job I developed here is outfitted bought that you -- do what you look at the. But as you -- put together like -- -- quick memo on it send and I. Well both agreed that or -- highly real -- what it's a long. -- -- -- -- Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins I guess from Florida and authorities on every Thursday at this time so disguise so he is still a day like today. You're you're up now that thank you -- enough to do show little breakfast in the primary guys go down and have a team mail this morning and then out to the pool -- -- like what went out. But it's not exactly a little while we have unity breakfast every candidate. That -- -- -- they eat. Read the paper talks global head -- to break ground on optical but he -- -- all of a public appearance since it respect it -- Everybody has their grandparents' store when you're playing in Florida is that everybody yeah sure. That we. That would have to this you don't have roommate this year. Brought out so years actually Hubble. But it's that are he'd be like everybody. Outside of actual contracts and programs but they they get a billion. But don't you guys -- group there and another -- See if -- artists say again say again I would I'd buy my own -- I'm really forget this I'm not permanently in the coming give the games changed them back in the daily as -- money. You know after the enough to blast and it was -- ten minutes in the lobby. Not over and over booster joint a couple of cocktails a couple of Steelers head out for dinner desolate movie and I started eleventh the gains on diet. I I also can't regret that that -- like it'd be like can't remember a lot battle literature with those troops. Now saying they -- they didn't get off the ball go there are these hazards guys are responsible and honest and yes that's the games better and I think that's what I would watch me in a video it looks like -- to membership. It's the does that -- -- now speaking of ducky how does. How does somebody like that take a look a little bit of a limited ice time like you know Sunday night third period. -- at him for a little bit. Yes. We. Some a little bit it's a bit less -- maybe he's -- what's the. He's forget about I think he's if he's going to get rewarded the federal courts are pretty -- about -- guys don't they get -- or that they're. Blog or the situation that would call for a certain you know it is a spot in the belt for a little bit. And it certainly should be appeared there not doing your job on one by the popular the other side the I was didn't pick but approach but. Jack with when you get your work and offering a structured kids that ten teams within six points of first place in the east so people rolling media. Yeah it will. And is feel for release gas on the plane ride home it's medically the right thing to do we learn that this morning. Yeah I knew -- that information is dangerous to hold it in our plan and Elena. Gotta let him do these guys play anybody card players against Iranian put any pitcher on the planner poker room wants. They play Russian art I don't Arctic but that the purpose -- that was the first couple went. Sort of like. Because he is so that you -- which you let. There's an individual is different thing is just another varies the pensioners and church Markel yeah. Markel and -- nobody please Nazi that's what floor don't hit -- I. As an -- has focused on one thing as a himself. All right Melissa -- Mike thanks for cause and have fun down there in Florida and we'll talk the yen actually.