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Are You Smarter Than a Day Shifter: Candice

Feb 14, 2013|

Are You Smarter Than a Day Shifter: Candice

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. I've misrepresented dragons. Hill Man Morning Show resilience. It's your daughters to us it's true. He's Monday's in his day -- again it's only good for the bond scheme. All right 6179311. Area as the number to call if you would like to play are you smarter than today's. Dave -- there fewer to pick cabaret her name is Candice is that correct that is correct time non Candace is your name if you win today. Than you gave yourself biggest go to the Bruins game coming up on February 28. Tickets by the way are still available. If you go to Boston Bruins dot com that is Boston Bruins stock -- -- Candace. Sure and can this and -- cabaret and dad means to -- about I'd almost sixty what are you dancing for. I'm originally and wanted to make a little extra money while I was in college but now with the money is just -- -- -- wanna get a real job what is Europe go to move on the stage well the crowd pleaser is probably the one way climb all the way at the top and island missile to put my legs -- my head. Also it's the ground but it's easily and -- -- that I get up because. Abrams is one of my campaign -- careful don't lose a -- we learn about -- today. They can look hello Jim. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah happy happy -- tied the agent where you from. Shoes Berry as they stand there all right they study has found that high heels are sexier. Because of the way they make a woman what -- Rick but there are auto did you do like. We thought our bottom up make their butt but your -- yet. There except that way it makes us look okay let's see if you're smarter than today's -- -- there the study found that high heels are sexier because of the way they make -- woman. What. Probably leave the way they make the walk when your. Ten feet tall and you have you know. An Amazon look to you know guys gonna mess with a girl -- shields and I mean about a month on the stage and I accidentally -- one of the guys with a stripper heels they're gone the most awkward situation you've ever been NN. At a club on timing -- a lap dance and it's pretty normal for guys to get excited but this guy did and it was. Less than impressive but you could still to. I Jose I just got a text from anywhere from the woman who texted -- 6 this morning. The her husband just presented high heels to the -- And then there's not that. I don't know that it is inappropriate things well Carlsberg as I hear on the heels of underwear me think. It allowed the -- -- the answer is the way they -- it that makes a woman blocks axial -- -- And Jim political. Analysts believe that Chris Christie may be too fat to be elected president. Who is Chris Christie. I'm the governor of New York. Thank you gentlemen let me take -- All. -- train enough and nice let's see if you're smarter than today's patient there. Candace who works at the cabaret. -- sunny outside who is Chris Christie. Chris Christie is have Christie is is a chain a stores allocate. Probably a bit too big because. Eating too many of those Krispy -- that they sent there her experience with evening -- you have demon getting -- that I have here -- a little bit difficult sometimes I feel like we should charge them double for the miles we put on it but not really sure where their -- starts and ends. And Chris Christie's the governor of New Jersey the she's referring to it's interesting that she knows -- -- -- them Christine my house person -- for governor had a slight issue and I think using the the prostitute yeah. Allegedly -- Levitt and I don't know him given that she ever did like a mobile Latvians thing is that now okay. That's. Seen instances that it has closed yet this is -- You want to -- people will sleep in a separate rule. If their partner does why. If he does what -- -- I. But Steve you're smarter than today's stationed there one in five people will sleep in a separate room if their partner does what it fired on my. I mean the noise is annoying but nothing -- and getting about seven. When -- when your boyfriend is what you get all snuggled under the covers and your boyfriend's obviously a little too comfortable under the covers. Too -- that smell what you. What is your experience with him and releasing gassed while dancing it's only happened one time and I think the lap dancing in my -- un Islamic a little bit too much split. He was a bigger guy like what we're talking about before I think he tipped me so well because he felt bad. Earned every bit of that ten boxes and there whenever -- -- and never have been Fed Chairman ya know last night. The materials AV star in Pittsburgh nine famous for the -- -- -- used to give it -- -- all the time when they married. Well there's no offense they have Dutch government -- as far as I was concerned -- will be. Ride of fairness that gas hello Tim. Yeah -- timidity survey men admit they have some concern over the size or shape. Of their jobs the number one concern and have about their job is what. It's it's -- meaning to meaning it's too small yeah that's it you're smarter than Candace the number one concern men have a. All of their junk is one. Probably that it's too small I mean sometimes you do encounter that sort of is it in situations. But he -- be encouraging otherwise the problems just gonna get worse what is your experience been with men. And small penises. Is the one guy for awhile who I am really have a link the problem Padilla with the problem. And you know knew -- little insecure about a DH I do encourage the best thing I did heed to this day will I I know it's not as satisfying you know the guys are vague and and. And honey its need you. Feels -- and. In just for the record to my -- I'm sure you know who you are you're listening to this I did get. -- -- the hero -- hero. The answer is that it -- that it's moments that number one. Spot here's a here's a text their on Valentine's Day who says I will marry this trip I guess they really. Really like Candice. Sexy -- yeah okay with a stripper job when you First Act and a follow my heart. What's up Mike. Or mark newly revealed letters between guy and mean and a body building brand. Are fueling speculation that guy and he was -- -- was gone and he. -- -- -- -- -- It is yet I wouldn't I don't know what -- -- -- it. -- was from India he is from India on. I think that what not DC was peace is at left. I think if you're smarter than today's patients there who was Gandhi. That's a tiny only -- that. Did he come out with a one though is some now it just somebody then I use. If you can have relations with one world leader and probably President Obama I mean considering all the other world leaders out there and being black at all he's probably pretty well and a bit Obama probably has the biggest penis out of all the leaders. The best. That he's aging. President and who was -- and that's a tiny only Diallo that. Did he come out with a one -- -- some. Now it's somebody that he often yeah. -- -- -- -- He wrote that he's just -- -- -- -- in these -- outside the answer questions about the guy gave -- dollar and that is are you. Go. -- I mean that's are used by today's issue of it.