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Hill-Mail 2-14-13

Feb 14, 2013|

Hill-Mail 2-14-13

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now each you to do talk. There -- the Hill Man Morning Show -- -- hit him. Older kids -- -- big 12100. I can't believe the wind didn't and I'm a Republican Party that didn't want to get blocked his shot hit pretty wide open. On WAA. Today in your hill mail messages are brought to you by an MTW. Community credit union. This is me -- -- -- changes financial home team so score all your financial goals. With -- an assist from an MTW community credit union and Lou each visit and MTW dot org for more information. Spaz -- your Twitter creeping on as a plumber. Really I need some. Plumbing -- to a man and materials Teresa Palmer does that I must -- wanna originally to remain firm and times as you unbelievable all right let's get to him. And they can code 9 PM. I -- the CEO Woburn police. Are working alt opt physical work extra all the time I'm -- Saturday to the sport. Yeah Obama have a built -- hired mania at best western. And the message. So. I hit a cute old -- My recruiter Lori quote get a simple but yeah. Alive. LB's life very romantic this morning wrote a little hard to -- On his out in his vehicle that said -- favorite movie quote from Braveheart. You bet all Firestone has always have -- right always wearing a great season -- that is that is father and brother's funeral and Mary walked over as a young four -- five year old girl gave much this'll. Yeah here I kept that -- for analysis 1617. Years team. Pure romance and then I came back here back to his hometown hunter's creek is whose uncle Argyle. And the amount to the mainland until each of the ways of the world then -- came back -- parents. Still have this same. By half eaten cheeseburgers yeah junior high school girlfriend -- after school I flatly I relaxed demeanor encyclopedias you know of any similar asking -- this -- yeah. She is why you might junior high favorite let's try to return the but you know we're sharing similar ask era missing can't she I think she's a teacher back in Nevada let's Ruddy color option -- is not only general girlfriend I don't -- the -- -- the I was just got a little bit because I grew up there with. At Notre Dame in high school are broken during downturns that -- -- a little bit I know she heard found in normal time multi multimillion wanna get on the phone in candidates 35. A shelter outside -- FaceBook jostle ought to -- Amazon by Charlotte missed. She could she could have this and write in candidate Hillary has gone either way. Meet your son. I. Now -- basically puts us and no I didn't sleep for very -- -- All right so -- -- a -- just real quick there's another burger that that the you know miners can complain about there's a place that has this new triple triple triple thing it's 5100 calories at nine net. Beef caddies out with cheese. Ninety exit she what's the name of the place called. They stayed at DC and which weighs in at less than 2000 calories but. Not so much another 5100 if you do the calculation yeah. But here's some reaction from local folks we're short what the local people in the area where are angry about it okay. It was a way to -- -- 5000 bags because it's yeah. As I really think you pretty obvious I think get back up. Advertisement that that people. Cholesterol city. Cholesterol yeah. Please people it's a joke -- you know lose had a sense of humor would you nine -- he's. Even get that thing in your mouth we don't need to appease the EU is it's time here with the kind of with a fork in the yeah. Later at a time spread Eagleburger. What I believe Eagleburger might have a nine patty burger poses a downtown Cleveland square as that is at the area eagle eagle on these are historically the money is just yet Eagleburger yet. -- -- it can break the -- like you go down there and you can actually buy it it's it's number. Man vs food lost the one down by a you know season. Down there and -- we've observed. All right is actually to be honest I -- is you know speeds certain you know as a as a burger. I realize that is complete. We did too bad at heart attack grill gathered -- yesterday couldn't get one of those before you hit the bus stop and it narrative. -- and he thinks all. Little bit and let the right day in the hour -- a -- what. -- You get it right manufactured. Holiday yeah nothing like it's what a lot of people call. There is a Jake's in Salem New Hampshire yeah. And there's one that just opens -- Read a road trip road trip little video road trip a road trip and and -- money triple triple triple it's called. The minutes that trip the the fourth triple as the bypassed the you have them afterwards hello Dan. You they you know thinks it. Or you're not not good. I no 1 AM. I think equal that's bad look at all the talk -- -- -- out ordered by Tony Montana. Say hello to my Marion Barry is Barry memory is buried married let's go back. This -- -- The it's in the monocle on. 28 AM. It out it won't -- -- How would you feel if not rule and step dad bought him from 50. Lehman neglected to report -- the biological father O line. So -- message as. Well. I appreciate the money saving. I don't know everybody thinks that there's something going on between that guy in this that. Maybe it's. But she's eighteen. Automated air. Stepped on but he's a step -- like that we are I don't think even worse -- How much she is we can we get a pitcher I don't think there -- a lot of and -- commodities -- -- Albert Atlantis which it does appear to have done in underway between -- -- -- is the it's that poor fellow is -- towards you for the rest of his life of him get -- work today. -- their joy -- -- Hill Man Morning Show went nine. Somebody is not just. That's that Berger -- I think somebody just treated me thank you to. Scott -- in just over Aziz I'll be imposed on the evil again. Yeah I think I think it gets a little bit of the attention and others hurt you look at the current violence that headphones yeah. Among I don't know that admits that when he move to go look in the back. Hi I'm glad I just we conduct themselves follow me on Twitter Greg Gilbert going a little -- O'Brien. Bacon wanted to. A road trip -- answered everybody gets the triple triple triple Parker inevitable -- local kid really -- and get a shot well that they -- and it needs to bet he did in the roles of. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's a lot of people mentioned a lot of these dates places so I'm scared and they must be -- -- and there that's good news. Twenty -- and I'm and are great guys -- current trial that we can donate your extra -- Under that at. It it's ideal person suggested list of people if you wanna get close at find out where celebrities like shot to donate their clothes that you can tie his use -- he probably paid 500 bucks that jacket. When he donates I'm gonna pick up at ten bucks. -- wrong. Sean or animal join us in ten minutes it's Thursday's with Doherty. And he wore a jacket to the to our annual rate -- foundation and the united dispenses -- gorgeous national believe in jail. For maybe some maybe it's pretty not particularly one in the on jacket that he likes -- I don't. I don't know nagging integrated into you maybe generally pretty awesome -- and currently -- and I guess I did I say you like he was leaving as I was getting and I like shining a monument on the scotus. On some of those we're better personally and -- or tacit after the lower and I walked in and I was like these me is that. It was awesome -- yes it was odd. And inevitably does it sound really gay union and a -- an -- that. I would have focused on -- and -- Korean you know but that's just -- -- they may have reddish I was telling it up yourself I'm on market. Stinks and he -- all them. Greg Orton or you don't actually get on the head she loved being commandos on the. There. -- -- -- When she appeared in sixteen cities. -- the -- screeners haven't disgusted. Maybe -- maybe -- -- and I don't -- you know seventy and certainly it's fantastic your daughter's going to be -- democratic nominee and about five months. -- -- -- The driver and we -- -- department now and then analgesics and happy dealers -- we think it beamer eighties and so did you say. Chipping in Israel are desperately to -- them get a read all of them. Maker. Work to earn the money but got a very high yeah. Which makes the ice cream would you spend 813 -- -- you keep that a good idea for the countless you know units under -- -- this summer school money and permanent resident now. And then next year you'll feel the buyers of a four wheel driver of my time off FaceBook a maker scoop ice cream of the idea ocean park come on you you don't do. The ice cream shop -- view that -- Now now now. They're just running your face -- -- I figure they'll just get a job get a real job there and teachers that makers some good you know. And shall enjoy working Paula Donny and exit. What's up dining out. Bet you can't -- authorities -- it is it -- stroke and let the pats ex girlfriend your. Wedding -- -- aren't. It's tree again and you have no problem so -- and 0:9. PM. -- -- against you know I have I can only work at 12 o'clock today that while often well the boat and my god I have bad to. Anderson hit it and let them chick. Thousand customers. The 717. ASEAN. The political left -- It didn't agree yeah. Not listen I understand not a stretch the little line. I know what's as the the bullets. That's how comfortable with -- reach accord and enhance. Curtis Strange thing about it could be one of those things that was there was no ill intent on the dance party does manage it -- me yet and I am today and made a mistake you know I didn't know that that would be inappropriate Giffords stepped trying to be nice when -- -- on the rumor much. 7:22. AM. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let it actually a little bit. I am from Canada. I you -- I mean you wanna be terrified today take a look at the -- video. Captured in Siberia is on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks. FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks to see any eleven year old kids -- out in the woods cut the thing and it's totally -- terrifying. And scary yes. Yeah. That's about it. Here's just -- over it and say chant USA USA USA. 7:23. AM. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some high school students in California suspended. -- chanting USA USA USA and wearing. Patriotic clothing and -- high school basketball game. That's suspension has been rescinded. India -- however. The principal felt that it was non diversity type thing in a group as they are playing largely Hispanic teen creative -- -- then. May have been racially charged or something active and in he can't fight recent history -- and its school blame in mountain. They should probably could do like the UN -- like -- and I admit -- single if you like you should. -- would be okay United Nations. Boom. -- -- -- -- -- All them. Everybody and -- the mark. Almighty out there would be inappropriate from it but I might start edit them by myself and actually want. Yeah. -- -- -- -- --