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Hill-Mail 2-13-13

Feb 13, 2013|

Hill-Mail 2-13-13

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now each -- you to -- talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents deal made out. -- deployment details what -- would -- -- this morning yes but what does copies please don't look. More. -- -- -- On WAA. Every day we asked for your input. And you get the opportunity to express your opinion get something off your chest. Attempt to provide a chuckle for your fellow commuters and apparently is a huge cluster of traffic things. PS. If you are wondering why the traffic doesn't look too bad eastbound on the pike outsider window it's because everybody's basically stopped at Newton corner big accident in Newton corner the left lane is blocked with a disabled vehicle and traffic is -- through media. England that's. -- night. -- -- -- My -- -- old issue. Of guys in the patriots don't forget it's Wednesday so title fight Mike Hsu and I will share our vast musical knowledge with -- -- In clues that are designed to help you determine what title of this on. We -- hoping you'll guest during title fight that happens at 935. Everyday so Mike Hsu and guy. Title fight coming up. At 8:35. This morning now the best mail messages of the last 24 hours. Links to any and all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- pitched -- OJ Simpson is not being in prison we learned this morning is daddy Jews. And he enjoy -- frequent massages. Yes in itself from the other male prisoners. He has according to if you believe The National Enquirer now there right with a lot of -- and you know are they have they've been right there right with John Edwards third they're right with a lot stuff. They say that OJ has gone yet. Now it is not. Without having time -- and Ireland now and throw bricks he's got himself up. He got himself in great shape at the and it the president network -- and left lifting all the time. Walking around shortly -- Look at my -- and OJ Simpson the Jews. Now known as the daddy Jews. To sound and what's worse that that aid to people talking about a baby noises during sex yes the baby talk where it died about and the term daddy. It she freaks a lot of people. Doesn't 23 he had the right report to the contrary to prop up the mountain will not be coming out of retirement to play for the Boston public. And now. -- -- and report and the Pope about how. For like a few weeks he's been building like this Pope retirement home and nunnery. And nobody out in the Vatican like day they were doing like massive construction on this place and like there's just like a field. Nuns who lived there and the dude is going to be moving in with a bunch of nuns as his retirement home -- Is -- us. Six. Suspicions about if you sell it for eighty years. And then all of a sudden you movie you retire and you move in with a bunch of knives on you know casting a wide. I'm guessing like sects app for -- idea what -- -- -- -- Crazy I mean what a great job where you can say you know what. See that nunnery over there I want that -- knocked down and I want gilded. Wallpaper and a and a gold today added immediately because amateur and that in in my retirement on the on the ex bull -- interviewed the guy can do whatever he wants. Thinks he won Indiana. Hello why I'm. Independent you know. Not -- -- And pretty -- and -- Always thought they get one that to a trip from our local court bat he just. -- -- -- or ya what why we go visit dusting at -- about it management of one to two inches as the hours of government of them that our about it. Think 20 morning -- him. Meanwhile separate and there are you Arab. Went -- You don't acute or think they'll be governor. -- -- -- Act that. It's on the views Obama. -- this is W the W -- one west Perot last than WK FW. -- Ulan Brockton -- and -- a reminder all Valentine's Day tomorrow all day. Or giving you your chance to win a personal songwriting session with a print from shine down. -- so he can copyright a lot of side he thinks about those romantic yesterday when he showed up dressed as a stupid cupid -- of girlfriends work this is romantic. On men and maybe you're in trouble we can't be vetoed -- don't do the right gift Sharon used this song that you -- it would Brent will get out of trouble though. Probably a lot to think is the way all day tomorrow for -- down Three Days Grace and POD. February 20 at the -- -- senator. Listen for code words all day tomorrow text in and you could win. Grand prize winner will go backstage and two little meet and greets on writing session which is pretty cool. So what's the deal would be keeps the guys threatening to get night. He is this is all in the wake of Patrick Kat Carney black keys drummer came -- wasn't at the grammys because Bieber has money in the grammys are for people Maria musicians and I -- it looks like it tough -- while I. Hi if you're last year. I -- -- -- -- -- they get bring them bring the pain -- -- I'm not announce a myopic thought out so much Patrick was the guy that last year and Rolling Stone called out nickel back and was like is the reason why the world is the way it is because people think nickel -- the best in the world -- To judge Justin Bieber and then beaver treated the black keys charmer should be slapped her around how hot. So of course all the little Justin Bieber follower crazy pants people went -- on Patrick -- And he fired back on Twitter. Any road school when you get cornered outside your hotel by a guy the -- asking a dumb question and they put it on TV and and then when Justin said he wanted to slap -- or -- Specter replied and said I need to be bare butts banked. I Twitter today has turned into a virtual players accessory. -- -- What so Miami press well you who would win and that by yea -- right it's like analogous slap fight happened right here to share. And Bieber is pretty ripped them and look at his recent photos are up and personal offline and -- actress Laura made her -- when you don't have mound and as a vicious ads at them from dudes and vicious. You're -- Think he stole all -- -- the. Cheering the rural. Older -- Sweet talk a -- Odd seeing. Only a. Airlines. My plan inning karaoke. I'm Italian -- Jimmy Rooney and I am on the baseball -- that be my during the summer the sweet Caroline. Fredricka that's -- that would do. Akron 0:8 AM. Top 100 AME. Let it get shot there are a bit Hillary -- -- bit part. I got I don't really eat it in their city via automatic we have an -- And if it. And market. Well let's let's lock screen hi IA guys like we can't get to right now because we were playing in the mail messages becoming open 835 -- don't skimming karaoke. IICAIC. In new endorsement deal in your future -- -- a a man who had a long time endorsement that opportunity has passed away. He died of access gradient instead excess cheese and -- human senses blood and this is the three -- opportunity for use though. We'll get to that coming up local -- Our enemy got about a movie bad press about stats say twelve girl played by -- -- Ethiopian direct. Eight mundane and great movie -- gladiator but not Rhode Island. We talked about the they will be does a great job and that's the ball like I don't -- I wish showed LB beat the crap out of -- -- -- -- -- that -- -- -- ever seen that movie LB does a great job with some pretty interesting movie. And I'm glad I'm glad for -- does that an amazing journeys journeys it's been a tough tough -- -- for the and the big Fella yeah. And I he's he's landed -- -- he's doing great -- -- -- -- her fight when he was -- the Iranians he did I thought when I was eighteen years -- -- -- -- I think it was maybe maybe the last year while on -- -- benefit -- -- it was when they still play an exhibition games in the garden. Oh really now because for a lot of years that never happened who won that one kid. -- -- -- I did. These seniors are you surprised. I didn't -- Monday. I surprise and a strap on the against the glass behind the net was given how strongly writes yep. Reminds me of that I would never compare my fighting career with -- -- in my view that -- show Blue States. When they needed to be balanced pull off a double zero come off the ballot and it. The loser in my area was collateral -- and goes under the -- the first the first legit tough guided in an angle -- and -- Nazis 120 well I'm multiple years. At the -- that wants to confirm that's fastest called the Yankees the black keys drummer and Bieber bitches. I guess that's what they are that's a debate you can book your ticket. I got deeper and -- -- to whom both -- and you'll you'll you'll see be bitching -- -- the doctors are not allowed to talk. I don't know like from a -- anything -- -- -- drummer the lead singer is the only person that really that's everybody knows that that that is your lead singer and a B and you're the only you can say something -- somber drama that I can think of that ever became famous after being raised sorrow. Well Dave growth he only got an eye popping. What about in the dark socks aren't you haven't -- of that -- onto his smashing Barbara Bach. But what the LA area is still create another -- on. That once under the Americans like a ten year old -- six the accuracy only unit of and -- nine and that. Guy let's. Yeah you're born -- a millionaire billionaire you don't need to have a hit like that yeah you just you're just doing what you do because on Wednesday as -- -- Like the First -- decline in Massachusetts. I mean who would is say is. She was gonna running errands and bring up rush which -- but who would you say is the highest profile drummer of all time and ours it's got to be Dave -- I capacity. You guys got to be the most successful drummer. And terms of marijuana and then one year you have like three songs from three if it begins a narrow emerald one and number one and then a food fight period -- I would not take brought up there but hey what Jon -- -- on -- on I mean that's a desire of our needs to eat some incredible drum solo it's great but you know his potential -- you know and didn't. Early while it costs but that's 340. Just like you know there is -- -- yes Augusta region they jumped on is our involvement with it yes my finger movements investment talent and yeah -- -- relative. Hello Kevin. They're a great once obscure reference go to that became famous. We'll call you. Let me take -- the -- and analysts cited no drop I don't know our justice BV I thought he was -- I don't even remembers Phil Collins vehement German average and is -- it was -- -- in the -- night that was plain and a drum machines. The owner of the Texas as you are the you are the drummer of the home and more concerned that's. Thanks to assess. And I'd -- -- that you can't fire department and elements around don't forget the one armed guy. The hop that Def Leppard. Pretty pretty famous you know doesn't mean he's the one -- people forget that one I -- -- drama like the bachelor and don't forget the one object came in our what's her name definitely -- Def -- relevant now. Tommy -- Democrats army and it really has not really had any success out of Motley -- -- a few songs one -- two and have a Tommy -- greatest greatest drum -- ever when he while was -- exterior where the drugs that comes out over the ground zero what's interesting is right now that's been around 360 sickness -- he thinks being having a -- big junkie and being tomorrow. -- for themselves -- exhibition and that -- polite guy shot. LP at that. Actually want to -- It went and I thought all the crap -- the number 68. -- -- -- But the wind and no one red negro woman. There is being used LB. Things that are now in LB and the -- It is and it isn't me and you're gonna be -- sign my name a hundred times in that thing in the -- -- fire as LIN DO and yeah. Program to pay the money list and -- to address the past and an army -- and there could lose the sure I'm sure. That Murtha wake -- and now it's not the the hotel. That isn't -- those weren't -- Is there a picture of it and now and it the little box in the bottom regular and -- -- Britney records -- there it's it's it's you can't. -- Schmidt and and the rest of the crowd outline over one over the Charles River motels and -- get over their arena eroding and -- in this community. Little old. The -- -- -- I want to go they'll understand what great you know. Believe in the third period of weeks ago. And maximizing exciting end of that game so exciting that the Jack was that jumping up and down and slapping you around you and they did it purely accidental child. What little overreaction there he's jumping on Wednesday of the little one on -- on the feminine on the OJ side. On the girlish side. Better -- Jack or Michael people on planes it. -- -- Yeah and can we -- and most puzzling that though like to know jumping up and I'm like -- -- -- -- to match him and he he knows erroneously -- he loves hockey you know. And of record about you watch it it appears like he just got a text that he at Bieber -- -- For governor Jack Edwards. They've evaded the -- post game thing nannies you know over -- -- to get over it's. -- and thirteen -- And karaoke -- quote a laser culprit here. I don't. It was it was it today at home it was was great and the minute the got a bonus segment coming up in 25 -- that's eight and right now. Coming up an 835 another bonus session came in karaoke. And 11 PM. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And is big pill every -- to stamping his -- for the rest of his life realm I think we'll tell you. Essensa five year guy who's in and -- you -- at least two thirds Vienna pretty I mean what are you supposed to do right to sit back like. What else -- -- -- -- -- and Adam and I worked out and then hang out with the that's your world now now with the guys and well now and everybody likes Americans incentive while still fairly how they like -- -- He's very popular race in terms and out. Is sentenced to nine years and 08 -- nine years and away yeah so that was an idea that sent you I guess he's out now action. Is zealous. Has Seles when OJ Seles rock and don't come I don't come -- immigrant. 720. Final. -- Relationship advice from eight perpetually single catalytic. Would create a better true it is a police. I caddie actually and so barred them there. And the pinch hit single like like -- that are only there. Since. Those figures like we have to prove it but it's not about who I'm not single -- you know what do you. -- yeses than those who don't do those two kids teach this. Hello David. -- -- -- -- Karaoke. It can't get it up -- lately show and I and I delicate -- at 830. -- -- correct itself and it can learn important thing entry sterilize any -- -- -- you move. Okay -- you. And by the way it's sweet Caroline in -- get it yeah he's the -- that's sweet hug him. I. Seeing news. We. And I forgot I think one has a good -- on the WA AF Kyra motor group text line is which is 9717 dominantly. He isn't yet -- semi -- Macau hotel California video the guy I was the boss summer that he was the singer and you know I wouldn't hospitals say the Bronx is also a breaking -- yeah. Some people's will do everything noticed parents now. But it delicate prince went the principle -- please every instrument and unfortunately unfortunately so hard on immunize these McCain's -- I happen. He's always watching their kids and that didn't jumpsuit with the war picture that is well I don't want to ask it this is like collegiate team yen and the grammys him and I have an idea d'antoni pulled hammy or something that Iran and Egypt -- the shop owner clay the first at bat -- he's got a bad -- Below -- make sure. We'll get more. -- I want everybody to lay up but did you know about the -- dredged up but I think it I would doubt that it did you know actually get that you eat a layup. Yes. A lot of listeners think that it's the the interplay between being Allen's status has gotten. More revealing in that the something's going on and that nobody knows about. Made the ballots I mean people texted yesterday about a week -- recently actually that email for guys that might work. For and work is network has been my lifelong dream to succeed Daniels boyfriend wearing -- It happened the other. 7:20. AM. Yet we didn't buy into an maybe a RO WOR wait why I have you know move. All moral. Independent and am currently being. In the evening although they Christen. Chris then what what can I do for you. If that game to try again one more time. Yeah doing out there and mr. Keep them absolutely. Music city for older. Okay -- -- a big part of our economy doing dwindling. And coming Republican Parker can not gonna block that shot hit the open and -- --