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Can-Man Karaoke: Mike "The Can-Man" sings the hits Part Two

Feb 13, 2013|

Can-Man Karaoke: Mike "The Can-Man" sings the hits Part Two

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. The Hill Man Morning Show -- dad's -- all. Dog whom. Okay. Okay yeah. All. Can manned karaoke guy. Hi you ask for it he got -- bonus can man karaoke sessions later because some of -- Can't drag yourself up with 7 AM to hear it so shot a good morning. I think you -- on her -- and great sound bubble in line he added I relish -- I don't know what a bad idea are you work. Now I got laid off but seek out your day what what what what what you're doing. I was working at an insurance company did you be close male friend -- should. Not -- but I you have close -- this -- boyfriend and I have a husband does he Cairns. Really honestly it's not real and that's -- yes now. And do you buy Intel these things that the guy you might be just friends of them but the guys probably wants to do something do we want more from you. No no but I won't say that my husband and I had an incident erupted early not close to the -- -- -- -- it gets freaked me out though. -- I am guilty little higher -- -- fat -- so. And that's. Right now. Yeah yeah honestly Manny says that you would get some of the order magnolia. The again that's. China the only super hide themselves women here -- -- was Johnny you know Michael in the haunting and I. Your -- out are you ready for years on selection. I'm ready and take a business. And then huddle on the West Virginia. The new lives -- and yet and I live. I views known as older. And it. She. Is. Young lives and who bounces. Flowing like give me. And milk -- -- Oh my god I usually know every part I she wanted to pattern now right yeah that is my karaoke. Is she on you don't know how far. The Shan and -- and Nolan on a river you never heard of the sham and that sentiment right there on the banks of the Shannon that. RO. -- John elicited this you know it is heads. Even. You have. You -- plan. Zogby. We. We reviewed yeah. -- mom. Do you road. Very very and I can. John hang on -- somebody's texting in from an insurance company like union job. My hands probably guys at the view group. Viewers in Newark has been great -- and is there any better -- missing when your. Over serve -- that country roads. You know I don't find myself to him now or are really really not a mystery and a good idea I do enjoy the agenda. Hello girl. I oh fantastic Dario great great great where where you from Karl. Brent premium audio what do you do I. Thought you know -- that you were brought at least kitchen or what's up 66 -- where it was straight. It. Are you ready for for your game in karaoke selections morning. Okay here. When -- definitely caught up like death like you do lots of Jamaica when he would not immediately. Mechanical. Don't want you all he can't -- that because it was a it was good if you moved that he -- -- make -- intense -- -- he can talk. Calculator you got me in the face he's -- goes they caught up North Carolina this week with a little thing I ever think -- -- thank you give us into -- Ha well. -- anybody that didn't want to. There. And you know it's. But there are lot. Eminem. And it's a great. Audiences. And say hey buck it up. I'll keep it booted because -- way to teases me is little that they haven't seen an avid game developers if you that it won't be. Bob good. Now you know. -- -- -- a program. I. Think it's honest and now. So we want to know how it works that -- has allowed to have as many guy friends as she wants but her husband has one friend and she calls of liar so I. I don't know I still double standard a little bit. I had a good. -- Derek. I don't know what's going not much land where you're from there are -- night what would you do. Actually work in the field. In the banking industry. -- are you close to any of your female coworkers. Yeah. Of course not. And I here's the final selections morning this is the one that. Our director of audio services on this program my -- forties it to meet this morning is on that. And I think I agree with themselves pleased Eric listened carefully third and final bonus election this morning -- -- karaoke. Melo did you show me you would now and then commitment and I wouldn't have well and and my -- yeah. Senior days. -- -- I ran and ran on down you know when I know who'll lie again. Well I work. And I snow like huge deal Edmonton is. I saw where my own zoo. No you can't live Bob you're glad you mean I know where you end of admits. See inaudible did the pac ten. -- Do it. Gets passionate. Human making the -- All. Have great yeah yeah. In his and it. What's that term musician -- or is that only a woman and I think that's just put -- it. All right Derek what's the answer and that. And I can feel at all that they had to. In the yeah. By the aforementioned Phil Collins absolutely way to go yet a prized tree -- I can see you next time -- again do you ten. Eight. The goal. Well -- been -- this fall Mandell -- by live. -- full moon. I can. We lived in the head and died. Old lord of the man vulnerable. Ben knew all of this moment and ballroom on my. Him bullying long. I think the -- there and that he had intended. None at all wrong. I don't know. I've been playing ball is low available along my Lai yeah. The united. All through all this. It's. The love. Then they made -- ball. Oh beautiful well I think it is I and I feel I can literally feel his chest off a -- It's. -- -- -- -- Obama. I mean unbelievable. Today. -- through instant classics gangsters paradise. Banks is fair game -- there and just. On instant classics I. Thank you thank you hit into the -- thank you very much jamming karaoke happens on Wednesdays on the shelf. The his protectors as I could listen after hours and now. I now I can I think naked through. I've unbelievable. Right now I'm 6179311. Area there's a number to call you wanna be on this morning 6179311223. Or. UK and text does that W pyro motor group to -- 971 says it. I guess those all be -- -- podcasts including -- does. Paradise from the from early here this morning. Which was I think several people one though was it was -- I don't -- -- -- -- and its catalog -- but I took all my life I realize this -- left. God I think the blast that allowed so long and even my -- That a body is gone but -- got a plus in my mind data -- at the end and actually I got pot and you go into it and it. You've got to watch how -- talk that way well I -- talked -- I'd do a lot the hallways and my dad -- and I really hate it yet but I got a little bit odd seeing guys. Thanks delve into this -- smoke thing. Home Ali's position you know recently pared -- Thing.