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Can-Man Karaoke: Mike "The Can-Man" sings the hits Part One

Feb 13, 2013|

Can-Man Karaoke: Mike "The Can-Man" sings the hits Part One

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now get. The Hill Man Morning Show -- stands you know dog whom. Okay. Okay. Now. -- Can manned karaoke. Well if you're ever lucky enough to be driving to the metro west area -- Framingham. Maybe even as far notice. Cut Concord -- you'll you'll see this man Michael team on the can man on his bicycle collecting cans he's the most prolific in collector. And -- history of the United States at least of the commonwealth and it's time for -- and karaoke business Tony who's up for us this morning. Any more and I don't I'm great how Oreo. Pretty -- they can't commit a quick comment about PSI -- yes yes. There -- one -- that the Pat Brown is a woman and probably get jealous woman. A I mean he even went when I looked at pictures you know I I give it quick glance but what a woman that sort of -- church. She watch you know we concentrate sweep that this week embarrass me a lot. Like I said earlier I didn't I didn't even notice the Chinese guy in the back. -- who cares. Why I'm here is -- -- karaoke selection number 1 this morning Tony. Please listen carefully. Look at them -- -- And it don't singing solo home relief. We need is good we have only. And and and -- -- runs up my shown to. I'll like get -- Good went boom he's. I. -- When you're mount and -- you fifth Ali it's a very easy. Mind divide that kick in oh yeah yeah -- -- That adds I mentioned it -- you can hear that my favorite films beautiful girls -- Natalie Portman and so yes I'd hang time. And congratulations. To me. Small. Loan. Let's see me. Law. We re seeing it. Moved. But should we. I'm being. Odd seeing. We. Lou. Good. Have a receives no. Blue. -- me but it's a few. -- -- Bad move. Oh yeah. Own moon. Was. Other ultimately -- that I don't know about apparently sweet Caroline I've never to have dinner at the sweet Caroline. And her. I've never line of news today via oh yeah. I asked how are Leo. -- -- That question. If your boyfriend showed up cupid guys Jim and and delay a delivered to. Not only his is his it is expertise in costumes -- a gift for Valentine's Day would you be embarrassed or would you be. Feel very romantic. Honestly I would do it at -- public fall over laughing at all. Bottlenecks I thought it was romantic the -- yesterday showed up to visit his girlfriend. Just that stupid cupid and -- you can check out on our FaceBook page we haven't -- -- -- -- -- costs contest going on can't docket. Caption contest on her FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks a police participate in math and here is your. -- man karaoke selection this morning Leah. Only you have me sample here does go when you are I want to look like you me. When you instead maybe not at the U. That do you worked at the we believe. It but you've he's -- way. Hey. Valued. One of them wasn't. -- the hit it's still much to me good quality my coffee clothes in my colleague and and a. My wow not I always have trouble naive to -- yeah contacts Sarah Palin I understand as that's a tough where. Lay out any any guess on that. I am. I act on it but I know. I that official title in Italy Austria I refuse I think commerce and that if you wanna and I get right to -- reveal here in the coolers. -- moos those. You'd bother you being this. Hume yes drove me. A hot bed I think it started so. Do -- don't do so. The action. Like that you know it he's like he's so that it needed. That's what I love about the guy and I doubt that I love about this statement. This is either the most popular most that -- segment on the should -- A leader of jamming karaoke polo pony. -- -- -- -- -- Tony did you have both those right. Okay I well here comes I think you really like this. Third selection this particular -- and karaoke session we have one more session a bonus session. Scheduled at 835 -- make sure -- listening when he -- this morning at 835 but here is the third and final selection right now. I don't -- -- -- -- and its catalog data that I took all my life I realize this about being left. God I think the blocks that -- so long and even my bottom ain't that a -- is gone but -- double a plus in my mind data -- that. At the end I'd trade I got pot and you go into an immigrant you've got to watch out and talk away what do you talk and a -- -- hallways and my you get shocked. But I really hate to tip when I got a little bit odd seeing guys thanks delve into this or smoke. Didn't want to. Thing. -- Mostly being -- Tony. But he but he put it says Perez yeah -- -- that's excellent worked on the the prize for you boom boom. What I've spent at a Muslim allies I mean I adapt. And I. But I it's gonna go thrill I'd live to Baghdad. And I. Deepest batting both -- our lives and exact job I I. People just -- them both -- -- exact depth to our that I. Yeah I. An awesome. -- home if you want laid back until more verses from the Rondo not I want our little political candidate for thirty that's just the fantastic ties to vote.