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Co-Ed Cage Match from Today's Hill-Man Morning Show

Feb 12, 2013|

Co-Ed Cage Match from Today's Hill-Man Morning Show

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. And now talking to a man and it -- -- and that. This Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians out of panic -- him go ahead cage match with. I'm not big on yeah. Right now six point 79311. Area right now it's -- finally got to be careful. -- call this number 6179311. And -- If you would like to play -- it cage match we have two girls from MIT. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology through interviewers yesterday. He met the and he met Christina winner today ends up -- -- pair of delegates to go see Bon Jovi excellent stadium on July 20 tickets go on sale Friday at 10 AM. Through Ticketmaster at 3-D first -- as you said he is the one who eventually get so angry that she apparently -- well let's meet the personal. My name is easy I go to MIT am -- senior and -- electronic electrical engineering and computer science. It wasn't scary you know that MIP throws the best returning parties but if you're out of this eight publishing everything -- school. On -- some what types of. Might he smarts have you years. To better enhance the party experience. Not. Race I've deftly tucked my Ol and cooking contractions. That. I'm pretty sure there are some people on MAT who have done in the way beyond anything anyone else. At a state school could imagine where waste smarter than a lot of state schools in the country awkward situation. That you've been -- while drinking. My pressure -- -- able asking me or just told me that he could lose an average and eat eat bass playing on earth. You still. -- and I am -- a very long committed relationship and I am very happy that my reference. -- to ask her questions that's just gonna say she cooked some math I yeah I think. And I hold OK but the same thing that's -- for vandalizing. And this is Christina. And of course turning amends and in Manhattan and down Christina also goes to MIT. I am Christine not MIT and I'm sitting balloting and what is your college experience and Mike well on out I'm timeline we've been exploring Boston -- and as far as then go to places it's MIT get a bad rap for not being a party school. Definitely people think rob married and have no social skills but I think my friends and me are trying to defied an everyday and I think where it. We're so -- normal in terms of the socialite and we have one experience. To get rid of the bad stereotype of not being a party school. Marathon Monday. We have a ton of parties and I think most people are intoxicated to comment on Monday. And we have a blast and we have no school on Tuesdays at MIT hang -- -- -- -- way to do it. By the way spasms that completely creeping out AM friend of ours last night at the end Greg -- foundation then that's it because he was propositioning her her daughter. To go to last a majority party at. You know. I've Al doctor feel good doctor feel good guys lovely life in you're all daughters and I tracked. Yeah and I was as -- she's in a sorority wanted to go to a party and don't feel good wife was like yeah I have a -- I got it -- each match. I mean what issue would not economically I just wanna go to one of the sorority parties -- that she's like you're 34 year old man. But look I mean nobody my -- isn't all that David. David how are you know. So I'm gonna -- David where -- rob. Do you think wins today doctors aren't Christina. But the Cristina does so at today's co -- cage match questions according to a new survey 8% of women say they plan to give a man watt. This Valentine's Day. The special they. -- We know that's a guy is why they're not really fires people talk with people they can fake if you're a nice dinner I think we know they -- -- -- the night. And what are you expecting on Valentine's Day. I'm expecting do you got to do in the V maybe dinner and then and then there is that before and. -- -- The answer -- flowers not what you Saturday and today I and a new study found if your party uses a new move during sex your first instinct is -- it. Well did you find. Killing my problem magazines and I'm sleeping on her. Would you think the person was cheating if they brought out a new move. Cheating like SX expertise. On they can find anything I haven't carried them. A six expertise this. There's gonna get my graduate. Standards editor human rabbit -- -- -- do not close again about the expertise yet here's the word. Well excitement to the mix things up as the cancer. According to the urban dictionary. The word Molly refers to -- My -- Ecstasy that night that prison. And. What types recreational drugs do MIT students use I Ellis he was invented at MIT -- -- Republican and that. I'm personally in the beer myself but I -- British MIT students get creative. Since you're an MIT student and you're able to make your own alcohol and you come up with your own fusion. I -- -- in an up front -- -- is on 12% alcohol by volume beard it was very impressive and is sure. That's over there racer and so I'm and the answer is indeed that's the season if you basically got one. With the Adidas. According to a new survey by Glamour Magazine 42% of men say they've had sex. On their one I believe the majority of men in this world has not -- -- -- -- -- -- 42% things like that statistic what. Types of things at MIT have you may be had relations on -- -- Question about it I would say that the worst thing I've ever seen -- -- view -- themselves on is a -- in the classroom it's added and. Like -- She's actually a little bit -- Now well on Iran the answer is once it's not their wedding -- 42% of men of that tax on their maverick a little explanation ID. Believe she thought that I was asking my real question -- would really. If by some miracle. A man took home the hottest woman in the world. His number one fear would be wise. He would not compatible with that woman and -- democratic progressive as -- by not being compatible what do you mean. Being personality compatible because I think there's a lot more physical compatibility. Do you think demand would be skewed maybe he is set unit. -- -- -- Hampshire man would be very scared about that all the time because you could be as attracted to the person you're next to you but still not be auctioning. Do students at MIT Guillermo looks or is it all about intelligence it's about. Intelligence is that -- actor. The opening is that things that -- confused him with a -- about it but it can't aspire number one number one fear. 56% of men believe their sexual potential dispelled that idea why. I'd thought of bear if I feel like the men. Like too much on their physical. Assets about it in their own intelligence and personality compatible. Speaking of size what kind of underwear you wearing. -- And -- the end now. Otherwise we'll end of the auto and steel door policy the answer is right there but but nice drive.