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Hill-Mail 2-11-13

Feb 11, 2013|

Hill-Mail 2-11-13

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now each unit during -- talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians hill man. -- spirit that we get a word and did you think -- period I thought yeah. You're. On WAA. All right now it is time before the best -- well messages of the last few days here on the Hill Man Morning Show. Where do you think he had. And I -- at a bar that night in your accommodation. Award ceremony. Robert I don't know all. I -- I didn't -- you -- out here but I think. Well I'd like wow I can't. Let me out invited out on top Al LB was I was Dell recently as delta has muscular show where -- over Johnny's yeah I was I Johnny -- I don't think you know discount. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bring in tonight if he can't. -- -- -- 20 Arnold -- It is great he'll call me -- economically and I bet that you have nobody radio talk show what I have been so. I am confident -- our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- English. No no power problems though is able to launch from movies on demand that freer and -- hole and tires the -- They believe whenever I wanted -- violate my eyes. Diet multiple times of how many boxes that chicken biscuit you do that. Denied that I wish I mean but is there anything to do. When you're cooped up side. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Watched a movie that LP was in about the the life of Christmas Island and yet another movie for the -- and the mother. Is there some other goons. I think it's called last gladiator. -- as humans on dvd. I would think so that's on the main academic competitive for -- actually it was it was good this year was and it. Tony twist was that -- There the ambassador -- character NAFTA market Tony to a sense and I I never -- don't know what Detroit were sent -- Tokyo and I found Alpharma for parents to draw I don't carry out there it was a drop. Funny he throws bombs and Kosher despite the same as big rate from behind the directory of bonds they showed pro -- -- -- apparently that's it. They showed -- your body gentler toughest one that is Alan. Doesn't ever in the history of the game really is those people. Feel like hockey and make sure you check it out and 18 AM. Real albeit at great and it now there had not been there about it all yet. Greet and -- it up. Into message -- went for the Celtics and you know without products but what what did you call I call when I say everything in what are but it was my mind when everybody's everybody said the -- -- trade. -- trade Garnett trade appears to Celtic history run those aren't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- at least guys Courtney -- You know everybody stepped -- It's fast you going to. White guilt fits when -- KG is dropping the end bombs on the court. Right there as time that the African American that's a racial calculus it's okay if he does absolutely it's on. Sudden twenty. Ian. -- -- got one right Rick I'm -- order book -- -- -- created. In the. -- Scandal -- when it is in case you're just. Joining us the Pope has resigned. First time that has happened since 1415. I don't know if he does now -- if you resign do you get access to all your Pope vacation days -- I don't. Several. Probably paid they paid payouts. A lot of people believe that there's some kind of the scandal here this Pope says he says he's resigning just because he's -- Not a sound body mind to perform the necessary people duties if everybody's been pointing out that generally these guys the only thing that yeah. The only thing that and there the only way they -- is if they die what degree kind of like you the mayor of the city of Boston -- I mean the -- your bill. Billionaire. -- you know the valve poverty what. You know -- the battle -- just that's the richest in the world I mean the money stays as -- can do whatever he wants that money. That have let the -- LeMay. Wallpaper on an -- on in the you know he's got like puritanical. They call those little toes where you wash your hair care Ian Gold today in that means he's finished. As there is is there -- -- you know anything about that is that that is the Pope as a pro life product. But to get to be cycle like a super one -- Wal-Mart like is that -- -- -- event that he's gonna do it on the ground in like. Ives and -- has enough money as -- Pope to retire or not I've does it do yeah attorney saying now. Pope is a quarter Texas that the Pope -- it opens a quarter. -- -- -- So I ordered tactic he had and so I wrote that much clearer than -- normally would be. Every weekly. Question people asking -- out -- I mean case. And now. I mean a lot of people LP would be the exception but a lot of people believe that 24 hour driving ban was the right way to go I think there. They say the roads are clearer. Because of that decision that martial law type decision made by our governor. Clarify that because a lot people have mentioned that this morning wondering where the governor came up with the authority to impose. The 500 dollar fine or the year in prison and that actually stated in the Massachusetts civil defense acts such as that the governor. When imposing a state of emergency has the freedom to enact whatever regulation he wants and if that. Restriction is not already covered by an existing law on the books that's the penalty 500 bucks courier and -- So that's why it was so. That just -- -- writes that it wasn't something he just tripped up and said here's what we're gonna -- -- so anybody yet nobody out nice and there are some stories on -- of people who said that they were they were written a 500 dollar ticket I -- -- photo of this you know I don't know that they're gonna get the year in jail or not -- -- -- where if you don't -- our iron shots I think -- I mean I think our hopefully our jails are powerful of the people who have done worse things than drive during -- During an honest man not a lot of street and it went into an extended an individual record with -- I'm gonna -- But we don't drive and I want to orient you very impressed with the very impressed with the new beam. -- -- of that the governor had update from the -- -- Very very I don't know -- on and off that was like old fashioned thing here people were complaining here for what was going on those very nice. And only 1030. -- I was it'll a lot of -- and I had to get overlooked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know that this is even more I went by the supermarket yesterday to pick out one thing because -- -- -- delicious pot roast and it was like mayhem because nobody can see where to park and you -- idiots that are trying to walk into the parking lot on the for in phone in the middle of the -- like in the middle of the road out here. November around the corner any does it. Mom drama you can put so much. So much drama. Oh no candidate should probably now she's like -- my -- and -- wearing -- -- we know she's like that did the governor says don't drive in bank of -- How can I am so glad you made that decision saying army act I think it was the right I'm still kind of established shop parking lot there was only like fifty targets based 300 Telus -- and him. Those are just great. But I'm not at the -- the fun follow whatever they sent him the -- The those people got their gas on there's and I are likely to because it can take it that way at all anywhere right. And guys are actually on the if you want to -- all the gas stations on 126 between Framingham and all listener opened a special absorbent lock and ran out on the supermarket opened. Aren't into -- him. There are no wait I the end shoveled out her mother's driveway and -- the -- matchbox -- No way I. English -- -- it's much sexier give up for 27 inches of snow that that the that the. Are considering enough to get that many that says that's how much the DNA. IEM. -- trying to add about why can't look at you. And actually -- -- I have first Boston. I don't -- think that. 2.4 hours so outrageous but it's up pointed out grand roads there's a lot of stupid people out do about it now. Well the -- guy but there are roads that. That -- are not even touched right now. Now they're up by John I've actually had people come out we our army might -- go out there at neighborhood boredom. And that they said they're caught and as -- profits in the air caucus and aged daughter out and copy quote -- They don't have enough people. Not like apple I just ask why is it that -- that I see plows going down the road with a -- up. I don't get it you're if you're driving down a road one it is while the roundly Google play Charleston and you know there's not a road block out. How can you can't just over a -- like why would have to say why would be just experience has definitely should not yet know whether to understand. -- well -- and I don't -- it was like if if that if it Charles and if there's -- them implement Charleston here and apply right now driving by trials on managed to -- you wanna do -- drop let -- -- I feel like as a reason for that passenger that was wild child while. I'll be when they point when when -- -- so we pulled you over from the states and -- penalty guys that dropped below Johnny. And well Johnny I'm fantastic how are you. I'm doing -- while under and around Atlanta but I know that I didn't article and go to the supermarket to get food. Before the storm what I did I heard up under the pool started chemicals might ought child knowing that I think you're going to -- this weekend. It's my first world problem. And first world problem. Should you or aliens. -- protect the favorite. Go to quote what they only include provoke a goal every. Aden. And then my job for rock and roll radio station and I have to watch a Grammy side get I will play in this I caught the beginning of the grammys. And and as the Celtics games started to go to OT I flipped over there. I cut the Terry plains and great the cut the end of that game that -- the -- for a little while. Watch a little bit of the did ibizan cut birdie like almost decapitated in himself into the into the net there. Watched a good bit of that game and I was back. To the grammys in and time to see Katy Perry's press I mean look there's a wide variety of people who listen to this -- I'm I don't wanna Shockey but some people listen date to grammys for them. Is like this stately. -- and all you arm that was there like they were watching the grammys for three hours. To try to see at least one rock and roll performance which is like the way I mean. I like is there other hand -- that now I know there's like six I mean Mumford and sons black keys ice. Jack White. The rest of it is like all hip hop and Taylor Swift. Singing along with -- in the audience and not country. And hailstorm and Grammy -- yeah how are they not present. It -- is incredible -- boy does she still Linda Linda Ronstadt and 2000 she's amazing I can't believe -- get to perform. Com is it that I love you if you're listening what is it a little younger than me but I love was the thing quickly with that Carrie Underwood who had is this stuff all over her dress when she was performing yes. That was an odd. Prefer I like -- and it went in the -- beautiful but it was tenement strange performance hello Scott. Eric funnel cloud that was an account I would have learned from different on the you -- minions. And up without specific groups were supposed to well. But it's LS and Euro debt from the town there's profitable it yeah you know clear everything -- volatility Boston. That's obvious and in that he you know that there should be some -- flowers. Who go around and do some road plowing today hello Mike. Hey good morning everybody looks up. Let Eric but it made it through okay. It was a not about the state and the other date I agree with our it's our -- -- wanted in the coming. That store bought couldn't be in the last and the the last oh pat. It would -- -- some sore I remember what we pepper and it and it went away. All of something like not my idea. I mean look. The last Pope to resign it was 1415. So here knocking out like you know almost 600 years ago so there's obviously. Something weird that my. I think there may be some time. In now. You think about people who resigned. You know public office it's usually because of the scandal is not as their tool -- only to give up the power. They don't mean itself I think there may be something suspicious here. -- -- 29 PM. -- And that. Okay it got a point that only that we like to come up big land. And about twelve I have absolutely no way and what not a -- my -- I notice about that run. And comment on that I didn't look at that know what else had done it that way back out. Thank you people are public driveway. -- -- -- back home that would have a double and a -- about the book owning a you spoke. And a message so. I was about this over the weekend. The primary difference. Between this and the blizzard of 78 that this was it that that we are able to get through this so quickly. How is it technology. Did think get Abdallah a dramatic action if you know it's coming here aren't -- -- -- those people who are like stranded on 128 number note -- it's going on. And blizzard of 78 dated -- And have self on -- now of part of that radio won't work dated now about the weather channel and dated have apps that column mated these are isolated -- -- all the text them yes and dynamic but they is that doctors like nobody can tellem the blizzard was coming like. I think he does updates as you know things are progressing quickly because of blizzards it's not only exist that are -- and no storm was coming a week before was -- right they knew this they they they knew a storm was coming the night before it was coming up. And then you know new englanders are like Robin restaurant and there. On him because if you look at Boston yeah it was it was only three inches laughs when it comes to snow than the blazers seven yet. But that was point seven inches -- and a 24 this past weekend was it more yeah a lot of -- spoils that is the number 19 pound with the snow -- -- -- over thirty inches like thirty inches of snow out there and -- well. I yanked off oil wells and here is I shall follow jell. Aren't guys who -- I don't want to know. They just got the democratic being dormant inner city I'm born and you know I'm not -- out yes they police at all -- you are in a formal work. You're gonna love Billy shot or some elements no locker room put their card and bright and get up and I. Yet -- love to congress on the state I follow the state police on Twitter and you're pretty at Twitter account that it and they created a picture yesterday of the dudes car on the road. And it had literally. Like five feet of snow on the top of that they had -- -- so I think that -- to find -- the simply -- to rollovers -- northbound. On four minute five on -- now 95 to. What are you Malcolm all there I'm just I just want it at that -- just a -- where I am here now so let's play both planes closing level for refinement of the way. We set yup and that WA AF -- your hair with the -- And I thought he will be familiar queen earlier wade would be during dismount -- would you would probably. -- Matter of -- LB was in the WA AF traffic -- there and as we blew off. And it landed on the on the copter windshield -- -- if that sounds like a good movie -- right there to the plot for a movie. 47 -- Right Robert -- and -- not sure he's not -- -- -- Really well but we don't know all Wal-Mart are at it but I like -- wherever they are proud -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A bit of an -- -- It. Culture -- -- our -- -- not in a gorilla broke while. Already. Collaborated with the ball back to them and I quote I may well Iowa. Jim Murray Erdogan stormed into. Direct. -- message -- else is heard from Robert Kraft.