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Opinions Under The Influence: Michelle and Becca

Feb 11, 2013|

Opinions Under The Influence: Michelle and Becca

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule -- WA AF dot com. And now I've learned in my life than alcohol is a drug. Hi this season got us -- it's a -- the opinions under the influence. Many days. Quick note in about 25 minutes we're gonna play your hill mail messages it is 726 right now so -- one now on any topic the grammys. The the driving to and from Friday. The Daisuke Matsuzaka experiment over after a 150 million dollars and socks on any dead Celtics winning. Triple overtime Paul Pierce is that huge shot. To keep that though he alive whatever whatever you want -- hormonal method John. We won right now 617779. 54636177795463. And we will play your hormonal messages. Coming up at 750 so. Just about 23 minutes from now 61777954. 63. Up -- this morning during opinions under the influence. Sweet Michelle first and is that three segments and we went out what it was say like a blizzard party line animal here -- this -- is absolutely smashing you you have to pay attention and -- -- -- I asked -- was was -- blizzard party and went to my bachelor's party unions would be healthy yesterday. He noticed that. Most of the desert we find out what what she what precautions he took -- prepped for the blizzard okay well it's meaner than. Imus I'm from -- I hear exam and I'd -- about us and yet. This program and what have you done to prepare for the blizzard. And a lot of -- -- and -- President they've already like bringing an so it and how drunk would you -- your. Four and it's an -- -- and that -- -- mean being in Paris and mainland south city that's. You learn. Am and are you -- very sexually active person when drinking MS access -- and thinking I'm not thinking the tanks during knapsack. Oh yeah you. I sexually active you know when he can't get. And then -- actually pension. Right about the governor's switch anything he's under the -- she threw at randomly out there it's sort. Of prisoners in Britain myself Sasha. -- And is very sessions. Alone especially active parent had to look at. Celebrating again and again in our UA very sexually active person when drinking. MS access convincingly in my -- not think of it turns into drinking knapsack. Well yeah. -- -- -- Tigers -- tag along -- you. What's what's next there when information about behind the what you asked her about -- yes outcome of this some. Letters that were just revealed in the news -- guy and he might possibly be gay okay here and the newly revealed them letters between Gandhi in a bodybuilder friend. Has fueled speculation -- Gandhi was gates. It like everybody out as well as the only honestly it didn't Indian name -- it's -- is now where Utley and then honestly then ever -- this this. That so he's probably and seasoning I mean I am saying he's probably anchor. Her. Candidate and as things -- from there is -- I -- is day. -- -- Honestly honestly. Think on these and -- on insane and always selling these movies and home. You get this. Yeah. And then let the house. -- bush keeps telling us this girl. It ran outlined you know I don't -- -- know what we're watching out -- realized oh okay where it's a disease as you have a attitude it's not. Nice regarding those -- that. Haven't got a little bit albeit huge cash -- blogger -- says she's a four on a scale of one theory. He adds. Was it that wants to know if it was that tiny Indian body builder. That that -- Argument writing letters that. But -- the this State Department revealed that John Kerry will begin tweeting from the department's office soon. IRA can -- -- how to get it and it is always like -- is that I know he lives I don't. Don't give I. John Kerry and you it's pregnant on carry and it I asked. Spying. Other politics. Just I'm -- -- Your job. Not me. Winners don't. -- it's not think I just do shot. Lake and I didn't -- just. An even -- he's just not currently it is not and it. Yeah and it is nothing and means it's what the people -- -- -- -- -- as the opening and then into anything about this new idea. Who was the first secretary of state. Where Nazis in the end. -- -- -- How big east lake -- and we haven't I'm. Actually it. Oh my god what. The candidate reactor that would happen there that don't join in because well we're everywhere they always have -- you know Republicans basically there's bars and in his all the three Decker. And apartment building -- someone let me go let me -- can't read it again. I can only. Listen you know her parents -- -- out -- -- got all nervous and I -- paying him. With Andrea. Sounds like she's -- -- says that she maybe. That might be the type of person gets a little angry when they drink scholarships defense that had been on my. All right does that in honor and it's good hearted. Pretty interesting -- back I baca baca I caught her out Saturday night Saturday night -- what section -- the financial district in the financial does it and packed up and we just get some information -- what she was doing on the storm before she had to go as -- -- -- -- -- And back live in the north and the islands -- remain Casey were you doing out tonight king. -- and the and getting really -- It's an eating -- you and. Pulling that -- -- ointment is that I got to keep talking and. How is this blizzard experience been for you ever look at me in like or murmur and -- -- years old. And I was like five feet just now I don't think -- those experiences. As enormous. Experience and here is how you be keeping warm in this storm I don't know I started a lot of cookie if he didn't. I just I district ought to be and how wasted would you say -- And that I meant it. Did she hit -- I am I am definitely it's. Like compare notes ever outs and I am published and what types of alcohol have you been drinking -- -- And a lot. I've loved them and I don't intend to have a lot it's ingrained into the. Any advice for people who are stuck in the snow eat pizza more. And shot player car out with a pizza box -- Believe it -- and known as -- that insulation because my remain and I don't know and shot. And we similar. -- that was the least and that's that's my only -- -- -- that he can -- everything from -- the. -- today. I can't tell these days economic text there says you definitely were holding some of these women captive it's like at the end. What's the one in the background the fat jealous friendly text that would like amounts cannot -- -- don't -- and it's just. It's that we like I said this weekend a girl legitimately said to me I'm not during an interview if you were picking gonna take me down valiantly to kind of creepy with the below -- that's probably -- that's Providence but I think it's -- the missing parts -- -- -- -- -- program. -- Accurate and there have been hammered at the back and who is the majors now a kid -- for issues in the financial district of shelves there. I announced LT died opinions under the influence here on the Hill Man Morning Show.