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Nelly Carreno From NECN

Feb 8, 2013|

Nelly Carreno From NECN

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Text reports that at. My girlfriend -- coming you know cheated on me another -- I mean that's -- I have -- is why did you use different move I can't believe that you had to -- I can believe that you would do that. -- You didn't did you in my not satisfying you did you not did you go on another is that not satisfying enough being on this radio station. I. Yeah it was pretty shortly. And use the phone coming out excuse me and it. What are your team Mac and -- and I. -- ladies and equipment -- I'm gonna forget it. As long as you remember -- that that I was your first. I don't remember. I. -- around. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Being I'm in the -- from now until all are ones that get look at it and it and need to often not be reporting live. To leading into the night. And I -- and I got to give you credit guys when we had you on a normal Wednesday. I think you're on this already and it like yours. Do you is I think LB was saying -- now you guys are being overly dramatic and you're a 100% right this baby is it's legit threat you it's blizzards -- you don't know right now. -- at bad that I get a huge and out of a bottle are agreeing. You can see our faces and they'll and there are weather center out you run for the all men here look at each other like ol' belly you know it's that. And if they want. Yeah now from what about. Do you think we'll get will be worse than the blizzard of 78 I think that's -- everybody's asking. I don't think I now have a good living at 78 where it was like the fact and or Eric they get no talks. Inbox and we got 27 it -- I believe that air. I think we're gonna get -- -- twenty to about 23 back at that point that it doesn't carry you know you've got blanket. On the -- so I that year. You know on the -- got stranded on like 28 because it would like. Act and the -- is there an elf fell -- So hopefully get on because you know the governor and the mayor and everybody else told everybody. They operatic hopefully they'll correct and it so we will have a situation where people are stranded overnight -- their car which is you know the dangers we. Now I heard a thing last night about this don't arm that in in an area like west of 128 like when you know in the Weston. Framingham. Natick whatever area that this storm could as it's coming up it's forming with -- another storm and it could just kind of stop and then kind of turn that like there is is is that accurate. Well it -- edit and that is what happened -- on coming and from an on. It started dropping on the -- and then -- one coming up from the out equipment from the -- -- -- all of that might share. So they're in America and why does the cold -- is gonna all of the line with the moisture and then -- cold -- in. And it's an older couple area into large storm economy is the only. The problem here is that right on our box and and top along without. Oh. It can probably play a little bit of trying. Wait through rain and a lot that want on get cold -- -- what it further -- -- picture like that it can be a local. That's why air they'll likely get higher now which like -- that is why don't matter if you're getting twenty or twenty you know. And what Clinton when it does stay there and and spin as he says it is there's a weather term for that is that correct. We -- didn't end and we can't block. This is not really going to be a lot you cannot leave on Saturday afternoon. So it could like it could just basically likes it it's been there. Not really -- -- nothing blocking it right now they can't gonna be here or twenty per -- and head out. Well I'm now Eagles that would supplies and everything in the weather and you in. -- Don and -- not act like it. -- -- -- listen we will be watching ally in that great job on the early colonists for me on. Now what do you think of the name mean now. Mighty -- and I and I'm not you know he didn't you know it is that pregnant. -- -- about the weather channel feel like I did -- I thought it with a straight face in -- you know coming -- the against the war. Now when when a guy like Jim can Tor is in town has he ever call and -- -- the phone or anything when. Maybe other -- -- on that but I'm not -- us -- on the property. From an. -- yes. Right you know you had your young packet it is I would not use them but app but I knew that that you're happy birthday. And I would just about this happy birthday to I don't pay -- says I believe you behind me. Now listen happy birthday today -- for the are you happy about the fact we have the cover this big blizzard monitor you upset I know ruin your plans to go to New York. Well I love it I I I -- don't get to go to New York as a the only other thing our party. Now see the ago. Well listen I will. I if you know as I said you when it comes when this whole thing is over. When we have survived the doom in the devastation. Will I will do something nice for your birthday we'll wolf it was a nice thing. -- you ever say it. And -- don't -- tell my parents on Monday night and I plan -- what you do diets usually it's actually an expert in it to duplicate charity. How did you Guam on the money mine he is elected channels and other girl on the certificate and it's not -- it's amnesty. All right Nellie was a great job will be watching you guys are guys -- -- thank you so much there's the lovely -- cranial.