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Hill-Mail 2-8-13

Feb 8, 2013|

Hill-Mail 2-8-13

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAA asp dot com. Now beach you returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- man. Well I can see it now. Dark quiet -- been a double B and a weekend basketball. Star flag because our -- alcoholic loser bracket would bet my. On the UK EAM. Not flattered canceled a hair procedure. 'cause of -- -- he lines employees to be that in the possible thanks guys out and Al became writing via getting him come on now I was impressed years ago that would be a complete blow up front would remember that right now. You're not now the -- got my -- well I want out trying to tell you I was and how you yesterday I got -- call -- last Wednesday. Can I start my snow party -- at 6 AM -- of course the snow after Rita and I you know I have a -- going to be dismantled by -- -- noon and I'm Danny -- -- -- -- play a game -- -- where either you or the listener drinks on Friday it's like at 9 o'clock I'm not gonna get an athlete. It. Play it. I speaking of games. Coming up at 835. Are you smarter than two days blizzard proper. I'm older woman who was at the to move was you know I was addicted to move was in -- and it -- now she was loaded. Loaded up with supplies -- ready for the big storms often sucked ending on at a grocery -- and so -- player are you smarter. Then a blizzard preparers for you at 835 today's mail messages. At the height of of the terror of the storm brought tobacco store looking to reduce IT costs become more efficient and keep your data protected in available call echo -- today at 5085441313. Or. Visit them online at echo stored dot com that's EC HO OS TOR. Dot com. 727. He had. -- -- think it -- an old quote total regular electric in the world it -- -- could have been a hero. And his. I mean the mayans did and then I don't know what it is yesterday afternoon was a nightmare yeah well my -- Dan -- everywhere first -- -- Once I went to get gas. And some of the places like -- and there's 87 people trying to get gasoline out as if that is it right past is never going to be avail right. As if the north Koreans -- like this is red diamond. The north Koreans are parachuting in. And then I get on the pike and disaster he took me from Weston. Do Boston that we an hour and fifteen minutes that's -- it's like they're out there tiger because I don't know what people I don't know what to help people are trying to go. We gonna -- how we get enough pop we gonna do that -- the care. I -- like living beyond the row. Oh that's -- coming there's nobody on the bike and elegant candidates unscripted translate your ray is no worry me that nobody in -- today. So your coming in Boston then you're put up by 93 no traffic whatsoever. 72180. And. Excellent no authority -- because they -- the day. -- -- -- And the message -- that what I'll let authorities know what a commitment to this day and then you move the day you don't you don't -- -- affected jinx okay maybe as levees and maybe that is what he says. Well we'll find out about. The concussion symptoms of one John Horton in just a few minutes almost -- things about. Tim Thomas and the yen and the trade -- I was like I'm text earlier I was an interest that in a confrontation. But he does play the -- is being hypocritical because of criticizing Tim Thomas and united you know -- sent -- countless -- about it you don't -- Barack Obama get a chance -- I would. Personally you have respect for the office of the presidents -- -- gambling ship built. As I've met several president's body but it highlight was it was between two guys built it knows him -- It. Tillman can shadow between two yeah nice to highlight was when now is then we were doing the show from Fort Myers from the old Sox -- -- and I got on the elevator by myself and and -- -- and that elevated you know it's almost closing in -- that day and and they stick their hand and and like eight Secret Service guys and 41 you know on now. -- -- giant directional Mike. Yeah I think I do want to talk to -- this time -- as citizens and businesses and -- -- weeks off. -- just for a life. Of an embryo ha -- the Paris. And a lack I would like to smell that. So funny how can never meet a president ever saw -- -- -- the comment on the radio in the neighborhood Oregon president that it illustrates doesn't really say something in the. He used the used that gives me enough that I will never ever when you -- due to president you know but maybe you could get if you got close to the president. Not well if you can I finish my sentence if you were able to become close to a president. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- says LB Matt about a president also -- sperling. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thursday 11:41. PM. It could be a guy wearing. I don't like. I like act like they -- they immediately let check out who ultimately it was I think. Get on how -- after the car -- -- have read it could have been dealt. When did that teach you is that government KFC for -- -- about it. Ultimately again anyway that was yesterday afternoon snow line. -- gonna Orlando. Hey what's up Andrew. Not do not come out and back that I'm a former college right now -- but it comes down up here. Where's that. And some of Somerville is that is not okay all right it's not home. We went out. Texas says I didn't mention how you can get tickets to go to the on Monday great health foundation -- 986. Days as the title that event. You go to our website. The Greg gill foundation dot org the Greg -- foundation dot board. Thanks think eighteen and -- Great deal I got LA knew about and it doubt that the government opera. What do you can't -- and I bought. And now. And -- you indicating that she wiped the sweat with. Andrea Cabral -- that video up on our website I think it was the funniest thing I've seen in my life -- it's only could see. -- I've never seen this woman is the secretary of public safety issues to be a sheriff. She replaced other lady who had the bad driving record that it a lot of these people are. Suspect at best when it comes there that there perhaps their qualifications for the job but you know -- my in my judgment -- anyway. She's being yourself with a -- -- my throughout the whole entire time press conference the -- press conference. The videos on our face. Paste it back console WA AF -- was that something -- standards and it was like that John Cabot live. Like use that some of them. And -- -- historical and as -- it's commonwealth owned us fans to sign it out of the music service issued at the bunker is -- -- -- -- hear -- -- -- century China the -- log -- here's the fan in Canada and basically it's warm in here you can -- yourself. Twenty Arnold told him. -- so everybody. It's been under that could well ahead. Cannot tie it in and day a way that much. Through all. And and god the quality of the day off today. Their message of. He -- -- on Twitter account yet I mean are like are you too big if you carry one of those things with you a fan I am and. Just know what the lights in the press conference compression -- we know you're gonna get a little shiny interface so that. Dispel that perspiration I hope they don't they don't run out of supplies in the and the bunker but I think Andrea -- Might start -- don't you -- -- Eating others. Thanks to a -- -- old and I. Could. Not I don't. Okay. Immediately -- it's the amount went into the -- What time as the heavy -- -- the system like noon news on your immune to that too is going to be where it really starts coming down hello Gary. About excellent. The morning yeah. I. It's up to potential that we can't whiteout conditions will be called -- where are you. To -- my. Morning. I'm blessed mr. truck will be working to assembled. And Albania you can appreciate you draw one watch when Europe. Yes who did he did the work would be delivered oil one time on the shelf you bet -- some excellent. -- -- -- -- get Erick great but it could be out there are no so -- -- -- Bob that got food on the road. Nobody figure they'll get caught. -- You come as irresponsible. And I think down wow the only people are going to be on the roads there state troopers and yeah at a local air force of those state troopers -- I think it's also -- And actually he has a good people to keeping the roads safe active -- -- and I mean completes think alive Buehrle is the earliest basket -- -- early this morning news the news out last night trying to -- -- I was unfamiliar with the area trying to do opinions under the and flew -- not intimately with the area. -- pulled over by a trooper. And the guy listens to the show -- colleges that and I know it lakes compact -- ET I. -- literally said that how much of a loser article in -- You guys are gonna look right we don't know their voice and I -- AF jacket on a huge insects. As from the Hill Man Morning Show -- it right back. Apple can do me a warning that I was like -- Half what comes back and get eight there's nothing I can do flea -- yeah I mean you literally just blatantly over blue. The response time and and question me on my recorder if I was according to edit out and I thank god you guys are you rolling on this. My whole demeanor and he shows and these guys got them I don't anymore -- -- people listening to the program and I you know like you a job yet you do did the right thing nationalist island. My opportunity that you've been listening. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Outfit that there you make a couple -- -- under the belt. And that meant. To get there he's going to be etiquette ultimately. That day and he probably seven. That's your guy and control. According potential thunderstorms which -- can't understand there's no idea -- yep. And how do you. And -- killing two experienced that kind of god that's going to be that's not it's unbelievable. Sinks in nineteen. I don't get that straight. It right can call home parliament -- get a LB -- they are pretty good anyways. Holding. I'm Ed for the -- got. Yeah it's amazing he -- -- only -- paralyzing. Crippling. Rubber -- can't change. -- Hey we we got to get over 27 inches the break this blizzard of seventy scattered aren't. If that. 724. Old man. They -- -- that Laker fan black right now that the call. -- great great. Or under. Big win for the Celtics. Santa allies it was awesome their plays are there but for thirty so what -- big plans. A little -- Eric get a -- can pick up and it Narnia and a good yeah. Blue blue.