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Are You Smarter Than a Blizzard Prepare with Donna

Feb 8, 2013|

Are You Smarter Than a Blizzard Prepare with Donna

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. We are about the play we are about to play our use smarter than a blizzard proper. Bombs that's created a picture of this lovely lady what's your name Don Don not July and a Donna from Don that. I opened them up it did in the list yesterday afternoon what time we there. I seen 6630 place Jim place was packed into the -- took -- and I would about a half hour and a half away from it took me out against whom I can articulate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One and carriage. Unreal I can't cut cutting in line off well let's meet this blizzard that. Her name is Donna is estimated a picture of her earlier he's he's seen that bonds as a starter and you know -- all find that in re tweet it right now. My name's tournaments. And retired I'm 65 going on 66. And I Livan will then. And -- I'm not -- provisions of Islam. Milk bread. You know scenario snack. Stuff for the kids you know what your concerns. For tomorrow's blizzard that the lights don't Cologne we don't have any heat. Because of the lights go out -- my heat. Is Electric's. What precautions have you taken to -- -- lots of blankets -- candles just together and us. You know been together that we -- -- on. -- called them. Revision envision provision yes it's cool dry goods revisions guys like admiral -- an expedition to the Antarctica yes I'd like to Antarctica are stocking up its provisions. Isn't like a dad -- a provisional there'll be worth. So here it gets pulled -- huddle and -- and having dirty blankets. I also give us I just tweeted this lady the white hair is attractive as she is outlook and you both of luggage you -- them glasses. -- ambulances. Are right LL cool let me get our first contestant this morning there are you smarter than a blizzard proper hello Kevin. I don't and how aware are you currently counted. I'm actually almost the kids and wife and I away and worked you know -- the going off a -- and wrong -- ago during your time. Account like help. When his health -- -- help out. Okay. Let's see how many inches of snow did Boston received. And the infamous. Blizzard of 1978. Our outlook and earlier it's you. He -- 47. Twenties. Let's see if you're smarter then two days. Blizzard of proper. On that -- -- moonless. How many inches of snow did Boston received in the blizzard of seventy. It was over two feet. Because it could name into the top of my craft. So why I'm gonna say about four and a half -- used to own were any of your children conceived to bearing the blizzard of 78. -- known they or do you. Don't know where there are ready via will there be anything going on this blizzard now. Now now. Look at mining in the background -- does now now I have no idea is she's been sixties a of course was conceived. During the -- Anderson that's correct yes -- the ends fatal mistake well yeah for all of us we hope yes atlas and then it was it was my dad was openly as one of the hypothetical academic casualties. Like a blizzard on as there was for probably there -- guys in the room like we asked there what we think that we regain steam was -- amateur. So I. Like gas and the AT and that was a run Donnelly is down yeah. There's a couple of runs on. Twenty inches is the answer will we beat that today who knows hello Brian. What's Texas -- that is right is that as we bounced off of what they used -- -- creeping on. Hey Brian all roads in Massachusetts. Were ordered shut down. Except for emergency travel during the blizzard of 1978. By what governor. And expect it. And I. And -- -- desolate sea of Madonna. And the Melissa parking lot knows all the roads and Massachusetts were awarded to shut down. Except for emergency travel during the blizzard of 78 by what governor. Well meaning. Whether the governor wants them all I know as a rose's sat down and the only one that could block well like. People who worked in hospitals than you know doctors nurses and emergencies what do you remember about the blizzard of 78 with the bomb. Because that's when people really got together and they affiliated with each other they -- afraid of each. Not like. You know any other time people -- on the street they said Heidi. Now -- people are afraid to think and I because of the crime in and city Boston and while the outskirts. But. It was the wrong. Kind of sad actually. Maybe everybody will come together again today and tomorrow about how -- you don't need to get a little and other. I wouldn't mind if somebody came together while shoveling my driveway for them well if it's blue. I really that that it would be possible it was Mike Dukakis how -- -- -- -- Pakistan is that is ridiculous sweaters on -- all the time this and they got boatloads of them afterwards that he had to donate oh really yes I remember like it was yesterday movement and their -- twelve years old. Playing board games in front of the fire. News tell me. Never -- again you know went through it I have been here for the losers then yeah now between -- in this and a blizzard where I grew up it was you're -- in my house you're driving me now. Hello Mike. All right Michael. I'm a -- there has pointed out that that was actually not REM crying in the about. He was hungry yeah. It that's and so it would bother you that the personality of a drywall. It's well and she's like sixty yeah. Hey Mike the Department of Homeland Security recommends avoiding what two types of fluids. During a blizzard. What sort of mood yesterday to draw out all of alcohol and your. Theory yeah ground lactose intolerant. If you're smarter than today's blizzard proper the Department of Homeland Security recommends. Avoiding. What -- types of fluids. During this wasn't. Gasoline hope. Alcohol. -- driving and drinking game I'm against them helped Holland and gasoline appeared. -- you think you and I can maybe share a little alcohol to keep warm during this wasn't. To get good enough on things. But that's just getting more and more comfortable -- out now. Yeah that is its coffee a coffee and I'll call so LB. I'll I'll -- and -- -- know -- -- act Homeland Security stay away from the -- during your blizzard are inevitable as the party over there at the end -- -- life. And I have different immigrant is involved it's gonna be -- that sciatica like I don't know 200 yards from my house you're -- like Qualcomm -- it -- -- and adrift and now they're gonna find -- like -- days after the start. I noticed and -- considering I yelling let's stick you know please comment that it hello Jamie. What's up Jamie -- lined -- Jamie snowing where you are. Are not yet night are you working today here I am -- proto -- bush and I in Boston where you have to be not in need of nine -- guys. Well 128 so he's jubilant and snowing so very a great drive on this afternoon. And -- get what recording artists had to hit album. Titled lizard. Of laws. My dad only had -- mind. At -- and I missed field bonds and they create. I acknowledge my people like -- I don't know that we should give the guy cry out there they plenty of if I guess I get through on -- Front of -- might not know this I don't know let's see if you're smarter than today's blizzard proper. What recording artist had a hit album with a -- -- -- it applauds. Queen. You're familiar with any of the works from Ozzy Osbourne. Oh yeah. Yeah who has -- a -- day he was good and now he's a little lightning -- -- this one song during the blizzard what's on would have me. What song and I like to listen to if I could only listen to one song out. Not my. -- Yeah. -- is that extra time on its front right in the middle of the line -- problems -- -- aroused when she was on my one of my favorite -- seasonally. -- something in common history do you -- glasses. You both for being tall and and like the temptations. Well the answer of course was blizzard Ozzy -- blizzard isn't right I'm final questions this morning. Four Donna apparently -- these little light in the head I I was. You know the -- A man. Who you know apparently bad. They've been an Oreo. Well doing well thank you -- concerned that Don just alienated all the broad -- happening with their -- -- is he was in the -- -- -- isn't real I mean. I think most people I've -- public defenders I mean -- asked -- -- -- -- Rutland. -- not following out there alive. -- -- -- -- -- -- Currently how many New England lives were lives during the legendary blizzard of said the BAT's. Lord hear our order a Q and if you're Smart and Donna how many New England lives. Were lost during the blizzard of seventy uh oh I don't know I I remember eight people are killed and I don't know how many other people but god bless them they're not suffering. What advice you have for people who are going to be stock and that was it stay inside and get plenty blankets and drank one want. Would you like to exchange numbers just in case you need to -- me in case of emergency -- -- as clear cut. Kids here and now I'm on my grandkids will you be doing anything special to keep warm during this wasn't. On the one up in the blink. And get some real heavy blankets. Men no gentleman callers dial I'm on the back and many -- too much money. While -- go come. I had no idea deedrick warm water keeps you. Yeah twelve. And that's awesome Homeland Security what had we not have a problem though they announced. 99 lives lost during the blizzard that's incredible.