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Feb 4, 2013|

Mike Tyson: Tyson talks about his one man show and more.

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Mike Tyson joins us here right now. On the Hill Man Morning Show Mike. Hey what's going on -- how you do. I'm pretty -- what about. Wow I'm on the third. Pretty awesome as well although kind of disappointed that the ravens won it was one conceivable way you know the. Yeah you know. Yeah yeah human beings we have no control over who were you before you. Am not really football. You know I know play is. Joseph Montana. You know -- in my own man coming and you. Mine tend to Hitler then. You know Joseph Willie name -- -- Jim Brown. Though. The giants that now listen loads Ellison Ray Lewis is a guy who had some trouble earlier in his life and -- found god. Can you relate to the Ray Lewis story a little bit. 100%. And I kind of I don't know -- Insights of the story -- if total -- -- adversity prospective. You know call intuitive and now if I haven't changed your life in order to survive in the society could replicate you have to do to change to take. On now some people here you're appearing on line order asking you one on Wednesday I think it's great. Com's summer complaining that you know maybe don't belong on this show because you've done something wrong in the in the past what what do you say to that. Hey united by competitive pain with -- on the from the committee is positive the onion and market them in the way of life and yeah. Happy. Yeah I finally -- stiff and Mike I follow you on Twitter. And you sound and he seemed very happy like he had everything you sweet as the value of your family and now everything -- I mean so right now you're here really enjoy in life. -- -- -- Definitely give these two massive one day will be. Yeah. We have a little -- you actually called at that time that we played team everyday. It's called title fight. And we give out clues about the title of the song and I was wondering if -- -- my contestant real quick are you because you like a lot of music right. Do you can do. Might she might shoot just that's the perfect guy real quick to view and it's going to be -- I'm afraid it's going to be Marky Marky there. -- -- -- I don't like. I don't have. That's now now my Mike I'm gonna give you a clue about the title of the song and then Mike Hsu is -- give mark a -- OK you ready. According to Spotify. This 1982. Tucson. Is the number one song man -- out do. I had to -- become more business. Sorry mark acts are the chance that you -- talking to we look I think you're talking. Strictly talking to. Me like awesome. Review its thirty seconds on his show is all so. Proud that I have Matt -- wouldn't -- one. Then I went -- went to a limited to enjoy it -- critic. Please. Did you work. I believe you know could be listening right now. -- -- -- Here. You've been able to click here click one now has over click it was so it's -- So -- do you -- you Wednesday. Our favorite you wrote separate convicted. Murderer on death for all time to give my life back -- -- -- is doing an investigation on the camp. Concern and you know Charles sections child abuse -- now. They're actually abuse that they can't afford to pick ax and a -- imprisonment. And that stigma unfold that hopefully they give me off to death row that if the prison -- in my life and that's my -- -- interpret it. Yeah exactly -- you likely have to get a different issue in the joint yeah you know who do you like acting. I love acting. On you -- I act where I love acting -- And I in the next. -- I don't know but I'm not I'm not but I'm so happy that was an effort to track noted that when my career is it easier on me assure you still doing your one man show. Well that's basically what we're and so -- talk about performance show accurate this is the dynamic collection this story Dave -- knows about him that was in the press Padilla folder -- the -- story that these folks. Which you and yen in everything everything is going all out you know the -- -- emotionally you know this could be still and it. And by doing man Google's open apple might -- here. Foundation now. And that's basically -- indicated. Make myself and for underprivileged children homeless children and we -- against the -- -- establish -- organization and we helped them. Established its needs. That's awesome and if it's a little and maybe -- a little I have the time here when you're there. I think what -- get to work out. That is that the city doing theater on May fourth is the Mike Tyson shows. And one might want you conveniently come when he comes to town for the show. I'll elected do that and then have to might show -- that's. Partly come back stage to give me some review different. And Allison -- would come on. -- -- to -- you like Nationalists critics and there are being created as anybody ever told you show us. Yes -- I. I'm really you know really not really. Even though he's about to read that note that they don't look at the retail heavy company what I know about disorder signal among it's foolish like. Now on I think I think we'd love to do that I am now what will tweet that yen and that will -- I would love to have -- come -- -- -- -- of. And I just got -- that's XM radio. Regular commercial. Have a war he -- -- spreadsheets but because because Beckett -- he's a veteran. Expand. It's huge and it's absolutely out there a couple of bad. -- -- my. Uncles. And oppression and I think if you come minister Ali punch me you are right there because obviously -- he is not gonna punch anybody anymore on the machine and maybe would you make an exception to -- in the studio punch that houses -- can't right in the face but got. I don't know maybe some might -- -- -- -- patient are you go to class online accident how much how much -- donate to organizations. -- -- under forty books should be granted him okay. And its support of it. -- We'll let you know let's do -- analyst. And regular listeners and out you know let's let's raise some -- -- -- to raise it. The money when you come in the economy forced you come in and punch -- that we can raise like angry and for you -- Oh yeah you warm and DJ. -- -- And the world watching you have figure I think that's going to be a fantastic Mike I listen coming up on May fourth. That he Wang theatre. And Mike Tyson well you'll be hearing from us on Twitter -- nominee get this gone to raise money do you punch that. And he's. Phil please do posted out different -- -- -- Stephanie gets bad stop. And nothing's worked on the survivor son might it is laser show their body. Thank you are extremely OK I -- -- gonna ask you Wednesday night you there's Mike Tyson.