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Hill-Mail 2-4-13

Feb 4, 2013|

Hill-Mail 2-4-13

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAA asp dot com. Now each -- returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians -- man. It sort of different -- -- -- anymore so it up on WAA. Have you. Things done and we just went there. Let's see here's a 978 tax probably from -- from a woman that despises so delightfully creepy while you are you an -- person. Coming genome in person you know how truly delightfully creepy music style to -- senior -- -- -- -- -- -- -- on the -- doesn't -- -- catch it happens it. Hello hey Chris. Yeah what's up Chris. -- you comment on the Komeito reduce our. -- -- though our Budweiser actually put out a beer with -- not argue in it. Yes remember like it wasn't -- now -- line. Not a pretty fair manages to do it makes the best tomato juice is Campbell's I'm addicted to to -- used -- tiger drink like -- -- in the morning I love it I love it would beer beer in Iraq. Isn't there any parent on the assistant. And I'll I'll drop the beyond that may you know it's an average it. I just love committees and Campbell's makes these very estimated that nice discount if you if you want it one thing. Hi let's get to be best they'll mail messages of the last few days. Seeks go forward -- I'll figure it out there know what the vote and look rather good PR kilowatt hour gap -- one look can't. And snatched up a well doc is gone just like him. Yeah well confusion that no other Brothers but you know a lot of times that they show hosts this admirable high tide advising -- on. As I know you don't know -- I'm not I don't out of this world there was an an attempted pulling some kind of again -- -- his -- certain and Aaron good. LaMont still beer popular with men who Wear mariachi pants included. An exodus there. And will hand 41 PM. It really market pure black so I thought I'd be humble and very other black hat trick. The industry. To get another chance next year they're gonna stay out there and actually I don't sound you know he's he's all done this -- and one last one last go at -- and -- I'm excited and he's good enough you know I mean -- obviously he still gets open. But he only three catches last night he was wide open the archives -- It doesn't -- that I don't why don't total viewers I mean that's that's one of those -- you know -- it's just. That the those of one of those losses that they'll never date they should one like him. I'm sorry -- got a little momentum completely do you now the question as a former professional athlete. Momentum we know it's big in the NF about a nominee is in the NHL owners if you have as many momentum changes as the game has -- -- -- I'm giving the lights thing really 100% totally -- -- the -- really. I'm censured and bays are very rarely did it. It ruined our series against him there at the -- joining us on the lights went out and it's gonna out of the garden arena we lost sorry we lost a home game yeah. So you think that it legit has the niners -- okay this is our chance it totally the skills that momentum and it really did I mean Baltimore came -- an awful laughter that. -- -- -- our shots to score a touchdown to win it on you can do it come -- they let that they let that one and let that one get away. Until 8:37. PM. Failed. -- -- foundation is send 101000 dollar Latin Orleans greater electric bill million dollars possible bowl. -- -- Manhattan and it was a technology is technological glitch there -- computer system. Was fooled into thinking there was a power surge so it -- definitely sound like I was supposed to say it isn't the system work orders didn't work -- and apparently -- record -- your mind every cluster of now. That's well let's see Peter and made Jesus called a musky. I know that that's obviously a bartender checking and it's called me asking LB yeah I thought misty and -- -- animosity. -- -- With the that might give. Policy. Yes -- -- correct nothing like Salmonella boys again to make you forget it and I think that it went -- camera bag Salmonella I'm not afraid to -- as a method for Omar. Somebody did some research point 49 seconds into the dodge Paul Harvey commercial black farmer -- -- -- wrong. Omar came in this morning might be. Angry that there was a black farmer in the -- commercial last night that it was racist. And it turns out somebody did a little bit of research and there is one point 49 seconds in a wife hello Kevin. I -- or comment on my game last -- of all it's saying it but it doesn't seem like the order god has dropped wallet the dirt basically did. Like that just the performance was definitely. A patriot perform it. Drop from the fallout. And I mean. Won three of them in case you forgot so I mean yes they lost a lot to do -- won praise. I think you can call it. If somebody blows a game in college generically. Patriots performance I do think though that -- on the ball and four tries it all well. -- you know there. Clearly. Answered yes and it gets caught any other time and again and it. It's for -- -- -- -- You guys just after you -- win the championship I'm not in April flags that you can win the championship you've got a whole other spots you can -- I don't care receivers. Have four more shots. What's what's -- biggest mistake on what you should -- cabinet -- African ball he would've scored if -- just -- a guy who led. Eric you were gonna win an option play date probably personal killed on that project called time out at the time on committees but right. I mean I you know feel like I mean for -- call in the Super Bowl it's what demon is guys it's either guy's whole receiver from getting that. They were. Way Democrats and away on its way that's why am -- big deal when -- in the era from the super Woolsey make that call them. Hello Randy. I'm the best wide receiver. The greatest wide receiver are pretty time. That's still ask him. Agree it is a wide receiver of all time random lines now Austria agents now freeagent. Greg I thought LB didn't get a hang overs while usually doesn't I don't know yeah stop drinking to get a hangover I'm. New policies. John is trying to be as famous bloody Mary recipe I didn't think I'm the greatest receivers ever do it -- cover boy -- They -- -- what's up frank. You overheard them ground. Oh it's called blame and that's about what you very much but -- made up of what anybody got it to order gloss that -- What the call museum of the things thing Zynga -- -- Now I'm -- -- an award winning like -- sports really if that it's it's that good and it is that it. Let's see Greg pats are three and three NC rules I don't count the green basic rules for which they showed a highlight last night -- dead and how right now Desmond Howard. -- am 99 yard -- and it may act as a hall of fame coach Bill Parcells kept kicking it to a -- dome over and over and over again terrific I don't count out one. That's not the modern -- that's not the modern New England Patriots -- 7:24. AM. -- they actually got to go talk that -- -- that country and that will welcome adult. -- not pick -- -- that is not ready loaded with mom copycat -- It's and it. Only Khaled said absolutely 6179311. And opposite number -- we're playing your hill mail messages they'll mail our daily segment. And which you can comment on not anything you want leaving -- mail message every day 6177795. Source victory and then we'll get to. Danielle saying something in Spanish that sounds thirty but it is not. Think -- between me. And -- -- thought catalog all black. Always hate it ought to know that I talked to brotherhood directed to hey -- want to -- the ladies and -- the patent drug. And it didn't come up at lunch that Harbaugh Brothers were playing in the Super Bowl yeah we do know the ladies don't talk -- Yeah -- Pastor -- that's checked the yes. 618. And older. We're -- hatred for bill -- here today. But our policy but I didn't knock out electricity and -- And -- let you know -- Pollard with a a rare missed tackle last night he had and he could have been the goat of the games. Could have and this is the word if they had no one and I we talked about it earlier but I can't believe that Williams was not cost that that game immediately to that shown on the raft. How does that how does that go by. Same things about it thanks to the ball so -- kinds of data show ever after after after we talked to say you know what it's who now I'm okay. No sign a big deal if thug. You wanna shots it's not even there it's not even that he should be tossed from the game house right exact case -- guidelines laid out well that's of the port McNeill company that that's our hero. In England land. There are important -- word that they removed from target London now. -- -- So what are we talking about that was curmudgeonly. And I think I'd term it not for the quarter occur my -- medical field Kermode ideal that original news reporter in Atlanta that is awesome yeah ballpark you. That's out there face 35 except it's doing. One of his -- and it's just a if you wanna see that video than you can see it on their FaceBook page television reporter Atlanta goes in communal -- these pledges about. I agree drag if you wanna go there pats are really three and four NC rules the -- -- the need and I love the players and guy and we were gone and the number and that's consumables. And I mean it is a keeper of the green in his place that is yet they've been there and sentiment correct. And ridicule and AM. Where are the very. I thought it was it was they would go out there and now our luck there's -- a quarter. -- into the it's funny how they swept the steroid stuff under the rug. Coming on mr. chairman Roger you don't. Player everybody in New Orleans Saints and and that in and that they'll hold the ball archery. That the Roger Goodell suspended. -- coach for a whole season -- and then it and then they did didn't even he didn't even address it. You know it is so dear extract actually would Indira extract used testosterone. Which is really government. Now is. Is re like you did -- do we believe that -- that religious many nations got everything secondly that. What I'm thinking I gotta be happy enough to kill a wife. Yeah I thought I read there's got to be a god I didn't go to duke the balance of people at least once -- through through all of them and Adam. Yeah here's and yes although Kevin. So ran a lot stinks -- a greater -- receiver. That's like -- say you agreed to NHL player and not fight -- -- that. There is supposed to mean on Friday just as we get them you know the fact -- community -- In 1984 they -- yet as I -- a team picture of me when I when I made the Canadian national Canadian national and that one of the Tony best players in the country at all and I went to Sweden came in fourth yeah. -- a couple of goals over the bill. How many Canadian national -- to be even now and -- -- -- -- 00. Ranked opponents ranked. That's trying and that it all went downhill after that no action -- Clark. Strength yeah it is agreement risen eighteen year old and then -- ministers in nineteen year old and then when -- -- you know broke my -- my crew went in that and then and it's that -- that was daisies and Clark's. As that the clock some days he's he's he's in Clark spark some dad's dad yeah dads that's -- town -- daisies -- -- -- -- -- cash aren't just rocket science -- following a -- Jim. -- -- -- Correction on that caller who worked its biggest soccer margin for the break till morning show us the word of the day it was supposed to be like that Elway you've got spread the word -- Last spread the word now that and and I kayak back. Well you foods that are gone after Cindy why don't I would have been a windows -- I don't know Hilton Daniels since we know you're watching. -- wants to know if Michelle from Destiny's Child was lip syncing. Isn't that -- and Michelle from Destiny's Child is like that weird little dry carry it in the bag of good stuff that you get it to throw and yeah I don't ever remember I think beyoncé and her might -- up like ten times higher than the other Charles microphone I don't know if you -- Where you producing that show I think when I do my my time and everybody in this room -- I need to be hurt and it does allow Mike of the violence while O'Brien. Good morning guys go running in now mornings I was I was very upset about why debate still. Escape you wouldn't know there will begin literally. I don't by the state that was -- of climate is. The -- maybe he'll obviously they take it exactly. And I was and done. -- East. And and there's not really a -- barrage in that desert somewhere either it's well. Thank you know about that. 7:20. AM. That's a real -- Look at the that. And. I. And a. He's from. What -- and a yeah. The -- -- -- for me. The broadcast Bush's new law. Was -- Steve tasker the sideline guy had to take over and -- the Catholic yes it -- like you. Yeah -- right here on out. OK I that's like listen this is Steve to secure. On the sidelines here -- -- the lights. Like there's 200 -- probably -- -- listening obscure -- and the guy has no idea what he's saying absolutely no idea what the joke -- me and that was me well I. -- you're listening for the Hill Man Morning Show I guess that's our government act. Maybe we'll get to returners on that -- the idea come. I bill collar -- hammered by the way. I don't know why eat the it was trouble speaking. He has trouble speaking hello Mike. Really couldn't police car we've we've focused a lot -- you beautiful ballclub. Yeah. At least your keys has -- but we've discussed that before just in that she's beautiful. Review it and from just got a great voice yes does that every voice like when she says. And like that's on the team. I didn't figure into was a great affluent long as brutal -- and to those. I thought it was over and -- -- you bad -- or what real wizard again and that he can't freeze them on now. Now and that's that's that's ultimately -- for the Hartford whalers in the end bill. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah have you been -- to treat it like it's alleged. 21. AM. They operate until flat -- Hope you'll watch that good they'll get done. And disconnected obviously several text isn't saying that do called a probably lost it squared because of the safety. Oh man I was probably no doubt -- very very good about that I think I want I want a buck sixty votes that really yeah. -- already from. And square if Clinton is accused Sony's case. You know examples. Of that I mean technically -- -- is -- ours is suspended allegedly. Allegedly actually one -- -- duties he's gonna. -- John. There are done and what's. Oh yeah worked very judged. He's true reduction culprit here about trucks were proud of the Super Bowl they're about what happened with the power is got up. A couple trucks were. -- power -- their trucks we and that's college transformer will complete and there's a company that should limit in this. Yeah yeah. The way the system -- yes and that has breaker had shut down my car for that part of the -- -- considered she thought it was surge right way that it wasn't but it wasn't -- -- -- twenty I don't need them. So nobody and I don't really develop football pretty extraordinary due to kill -- and. And then let it. Happen -- -- he had. -- is cumulative thing like it can do no -- no -- involved let go. Don't even -- don't have a soda book if there. And just let it. Well now during the 9 o'clock hour. If you played. Hide and seek as a child. It has probably ruined your life has done little we'll tell you lie during the 9 o'clock hour. Those of you like me but that that was my way playing hide and seek as a trial. It has. -- is done a lot of damage to psychologically and learn about that at 905. This morning. Here's a tax on the text -- -- 7107 Monday after the Super Bowl is the new Friday at 930. And yes that is should be a national that is that is true. And eat eat. I can't wait for the day when bad compared nor contributed psychedelic album called country -- pick up. The opportunity to implement Chinese --