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Opinions Under The Influence: Jen 2-4-13

Feb 4, 2013|

Opinions Under The Influence: Jen 2-4-13

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. And now I've learned in my life than alcohol is a drug. Hi this season got so it's a more but continues into the influence. Many days. Every Monday when we return to work the -- degree -- had the opportunity. Wall creeping on the streets of our -- city early in the morning on a Saturday or Sunday morning to interview -- get their opinions on many topics. After they have perhaps been -- -- perhaps. At a Sunday morning to hand you're in eight coat closet. So are. Name to our discredit scene I'm I'm leaving the bar China had no reports like it street to find the -- girls yeah I look into the coat room. And there is a girl who's going attic full. Full blown sex mode now with the man and I go find a man -- -- -- to hold off like two seconds and got tired today she was did she was staring down to I was telling my -- -- just need to do to achieve real leader Mike I got to talking at restaurants at the post in the second moldaschi. Television sets and she -- on five and Japan name's Jan all right well let's meet. Today's subject. Opinions under the influence. -- And I am from Los Angeles. And I eat five yeah and -- dance of Siam and I love celebrating. The lack. And your connection with this world's that I ever. And really managing -- playing them and. What is your favorite food to eat when drinking. Fair I think the ending game is. French -- on a scale of one to -- How drunk would you say you are. And up in is -- ends. Of the I am kind of drowned I shared a bottle to -- the manager of the stress your hand to him and it John -- and a banning -- -- ham and John and his seven. Seven and five. See Abbas and you know inspired and be inspired. That they always think you make out with -- on me wanna make. Moon. When now it can range about tequila. I am you know we're not mentioning the place for the sector its -- -- him in trouble. I wouldn't call that particular place a -- -- on us not surprisingly cute as that little bit confused she spoke to the food right -- and a lot of -- -- Manager -- everybody's calling USC blocking. He's like hey listen I went right back at -- intelligently did she sounds like them -- mind. Stopping for a moment answer the question then get right back down to business as she was taught to -- I got a -- in Newton-John Q a yen for the job like agrees Libyan from the Malia is due in June and that the movie which he has the boycott if she's running from the authorities. You know I'm talking about. Jeanne. She got -- I'm talking about you could do you rail and we -- it could be allowed to Billie Jean legend Billie Jean. Right now isn't it yeah John apple it's not only -- -- later delayed Colleen. John now that's who she looks you know that's capitalism would be all right anyway maybe I'm drug that's more minutes from Los Angeles you know she's gone for the vacation. -- and of -- -- gets on the opinions under the influence from Jan Los Angeles according to a new study. Men are more likely to turn down sex and women. You know but the that's why. Men are more likely to ten then segment -- It's interesting. And don't believe it is different and I knew beyond where it's like guys there. I want a -- and -- And our. Hey everybody -- -- game. And you did. And think that it's. Just. Each other and you want to the pilot and. According to a new shocking study men like skinny women and threats saying. -- That. You. Look at. Him and never had sex with a fat man hanging and up who who I don't think that in play. Britain. I Philly people like condition to like what they're supposed to play. I mean then think this exists senses of what this existence is CU million and snaked down. Celebrated their ways celebrate it and some people. Celebrated LA. It is very and that the thing away in now. Book 0210. -- goes there this existence yes. However -- that one can think about who. Who who proved. What food. Last week Catherine Jordan was on fantastic speech and came across a -- Yeah. Now I have friends is -- that -- -- may be wrapped and like they ran the marathon thing. Had he does -- so many people alone in the in the 2000 play analyst about a lot of comfort man. -- -- If what is a tough and it banana mom that's great passing. And I love the bone. And once you take it. Because. -- -- they have flags creative end and let them to have fun it's black. Happened. Married the chicken wings. And sects of confidence that's essentially at this young lady is -- advocating. I don't know if -- -- Wiley Coyote and the road -- well new study has found out -- coyotes are actually faster than road runners. And a the bad to chase them and them that's man. That's important but indicated that it is saving and -- and -- And nobody asking he would amount. Implement Islamic years insects found that AM PM -- -- -- -- You know. All the building it. -- What are your experiences with having sex with animals. Affected. Leno and make our league dads Brandon and they came out then and saying is thing as -- friendship ring and read it and and away. And say good. That are fun. -- And -- am not. Yeah she it was does that last man standing in the the right to do well and -- And what that guy like standing there watching the -- I -- the whole time you hear it all the time regularly interviewed again. Johnson you really. I textures and having them in love with -- -- My Jonathan -- actually -- -- on -- before she gets back to Los Angeles. Somebody please put the dying chimpanzee out of its misery to their business. -- That's a conglomerate animal I think that that is that is what you heard that is that is here and I Janice and name. Opinions under the influence from Sunday morning. Approximately. 2 am not sure Iran -- particularly in what's that -- translator I. And -- didn't -- And then bring it in in my -- Hello Alex. I totally not related Kardashian. A she really did. -- Drunk girls at Dexter says John -- -- orgasms. -- -- a lot like the reporters. That the film. -- I'd like Woody Woodpecker meeting excuse yeah normal human being in. The. Improve. And didn't. Yeah. This is a -- thoughtful and then there. My nine. In the fact that -- Texas that he made -- and attempting their mating call. -- And we don't know I -- all of the -- and maybe that's -- I think it's just didn't think it pretty. The police. Yeah. I'm pretty I think it's a thing -- a.