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The Amazing Johnathan In-Studio

Feb 1, 2013|

The Amazing Johnathan

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. -- now without -- and he brought his amazing this amazing Jonathan who has let me ask you this. Who is more amazing you or prosecutors can definitely have to -- craft and his press I'm up -- amazing. I'm really should be called the adequate job of the. I don't know very little -- but I do know magic now when I start I didn't know much about magic what's the difference in his in his press -- Steelers always really old now so yeah sincerity is seen onstage. Sure has knowingly take your hand and -- -- it break your hand and you shake his hand rallied at the grip -- of hello group of men. Pro nine year old guy you break your hand in it. Buried just not guy right from the start you know when he was young news you know it was a it was a weird you can hide his paycheck that's his gig -- jacket on somebody's. In the audience and -- can't find that person. You and yours Jack. Yeah so everybody books -- mentors it's definitely that's only try to -- him out of his own audience who loves playing every -- is there like Kim is like a convention where you guys all go in like it's like dry years dry your stuff out on the economic and nerd convention on. And and and magic conventions. I I I stay away from the magic world about it. No warning or magic conventions I get mob when I go to any other -- I don't. I can't say -- management because it's on coming every in my back I geeky little kids you know but. They're magicians are they're there. They're fun group -- very jealous very jovial everybody's in high competition with each other down he had Copperfield leads Criss Angel Criss Angel rates. Parents how Mariano and yet. Me I'm more comedians that I am to go between them you know come to go to him with those guys now. So we've been in Vegas for thirteen years and we -- these -- the people we hang out with. Postal apple Hulu still plaguing so you can say because Europe comedienne and a magician now who is likely -- it all those guys the united. Yeah I like the lives of most skilled -- -- yes yes OK Chris Angel. Yeah there's a showman -- he's the show and he's not a great magician a guy. Kind of uses camera tricks which is. Most magicians frown on that but I I don't know why -- fooling people fooling people. So we'll take -- lows against the grain and he does camera tricks and and people think he's got when he walks round -- people. Yes of bodyguards because people think he's legitimately scary late. The league with a double of his people like that -- Schneider yeah I think like you know I think it's a lot of -- to that Chris and yet he gets blood -- but he doesn't think it matters of enemy and a big canyon -- -- he doesn't he's got. It's got one girlfriend they -- and I got around and got an amazing job and terrorism I cannot -- -- -- -- got some ether I got -- -- Sunday night I had this kind of -- talent that you see -- putted half. Let's see here's the text of the Tex lines 97107 I saw Jonathan in Vegas laser show from start to finish -- where you where you in Vegas -- you yourself just the list of thirteen year run that was the longest running comic here in Vegas. We -- I retired two weeks ago to help -- -- -- -- stopped like he had enough money you know money yeah but. I just got -- really good job of five days a week every every day proponent every damn -- Lebanese who equipment. But five days a week it got to be like a job and it was a writing a lot of material anymore and I -- interest and they got sidetracked. So off I retired I just gave it up you know I'm locked out of -- they they were promoting meat properly in a year contract with them and Justin drove for work the next day. Justin ago that you disappeared I just. Yeah. -- I just wanna plug the show tonight tonight at the Wilbur theatre. And it's 11 showed tonight and showed tonight what time commanders haven't. 730 tonight get your tickets go to the Albert dock that he wants to know you're still doing this stapling tricked -- well I don't to show. -- -- staple playing cards over my assistants eyes and of course there was a real staple gun we take the staples out and we would use -- But. Some stage and switched to staple gun for real one and asked if he had and days old her eyes. Rio. -- one and each one -- Hi I know exactly what they covered by insurance or. Or she ran off screaming and Anderson there was run rate -- He's not on stage doing airlines. -- -- What she's just then she came back and did the horse of the show while her I eyes were deflating. Actually the -- liquid in her eyes were were running out -- and and and on the show they rushed into the hospitals that's her eyes open Dikembe re inflated by the magic. Rational fear -- my -- being state. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know magicians are up there Nancy here's why because technology magic. We can we can take advantage of it you know we we used that new technology to make new tracks death threats. Putting that mime show in your -- now as I -- about better -- make up what I don't know -- -- are being back is basically. You're down on the minds I got to executives and I don't like their creepy now and bomb attacks that are amazing job than text it wants to know about David Blaine. David Blaine is not really in the magic community denies it has more of a stunt man that is a magician he's doing more like endurance things like about how long can you live in a black -- -- that are via mechanized that he never went -- did live shows you -- came out of nowhere. Mom bulls linemen. In. That doesn't really hang out with magicians he's. He's. I don't know what what what he's doing but you can't spin that off to the real money. Yeah if the -- convention with a giant block of licenses and power ultimately honored and you know. And out now what is in your opinion and it can be something that was on television like. Copperfield is that the cockpit objecting or whatever but what is in your opinion the greatest magic trick ever ever performed of all time. And -- mad lookup field making the statue of liberty disappear was pretty amazing. The way -- that he did it the way that he used the method was a really character but it was kind of temperature a it is that's most of it is. 90 yeah. It's not an odd number one -- -- when I get told not to go to the white -- field agent. -- yeah. And what does she -- in knowing that I moved here everybody said -- I'm not a magician comedian on I don't. You -- -- the -- -- a brilliant show Jon Kyl and I you know it lets you gonna make the prudential building disappear I don't want him you can say met. With -- prudential building as you -- with the statue of liberty you build a giant round disk you put your audience on that giant round this with the cameraman. And that Jack around this is slowly spinning around so slowly that they don't even know that they are moving -- statue of liberty is covered up there in the darkness there actually moving this way and when the thing is uncovered an -- go back nine. The stats are liberties behind them they don't even know don't even know how they were moving always highs and a direction in Iraq. It's kind of a camera -- but you can't you're seeing with the camera sees -- move in that round platform with the audience that's this. Same way it's -- has disappeared from his family. This deal with them off that's -- -- happened all right so listen. Do you think you could teach -- kind of a trick that we weren't weren't filming you for the website is going yeah yeah there's -- -- -- comfort you can do is somewhat impress the girl doesn't want to impress you read the game you familiar with the book to get no updates about meeting women and -- it. So he was the magic is one of the things he opposed the use that that's what I. Did you instantly like -- -- and he's like he -- -- ethernet rupees on the I person -- I would -- ambassador meticulous -- out a person right all the information when she came back here. But my hands are temples like it I knew her birthday and you all were huge breakdown of the -- -- an athlete -- Don't like is hiding and on the doesn't -- you know -- in the living room she left her purse there's a party. Joining about -- -- report places -- a couple box that that's. That's. Ridiculous that the government has a great here's a vigil for their cat or what artery who is in I -- -- so that's that's that's -- -- really -- -- strike -- -- -- -- that vote sticks. -- And you. This one person. That's it's kickass actually I just got to celebrate edition of the -- all the weapons though right -- -- -- -- in the the air act. That's obviously there's no one individual. And I can put nail hole my -- -- yeah. Really. Yeah now which -- slightly better I don't fear there you now. Home hours yeah interior -- but the top yeah you bang your finger and you pull your little over that -- looks just like -- Is. Yeah. -- that's like I think if you girls that are hosting this year year. Your odds like that kind of like peacock from this type -- body like that elect -- mr. guy you can -- you are using right now. Yes you are actually on -- amazing. If you can convince them that year someone. That's -- ordinaries and you can read the minds they Rhode -- natural result for the rights act enters simple project into I'm I'm going to bad review please. You guys got a commitment you're reading the -- you know the only -- that is -- bars around ladies can be below. Hello Mike. Hey Mike you on -- the amazing John attendees at the Wilbur theatre tonight. Barry good to get a quick question Johnson is if they think Jonathan is still Wear those. You know -- had band out of that. Yeah I thought it really. I whether it's it's appropriate yeah if you smoked much -- -- -- -- try to do the show. And sweat dripping in your -- -- I can't even worse than you know magic. I started doing magical hours fifteen or sixteen we -- -- bullied kid or something elegant bullied kid that was good in school well academically smarts or used it. To get friends and influence people -- yeah -- magic is a tool to it popular afterward in an and then and blew it high school talent show I did a magic that this is going to be the one thing to put Israel and -- popularity wise. It was the worst show ever -- in my life and I never did magic aka. Professionally at the last show ever did really -- and his six tricks and 66 went horribly wrong. In front of my parents my my my classmates and friends nobody that I knew was not in that audience and it was it was the worst however kills the dom. I'm I don't know I like that bill ran away from me and I tasted it stopped real fast and I couldn't quite make -- -- Masses -- I ran right over its line of flat. On now what about several factors on the text line and -- -- seven are asking about Penn and teller. Was legit. They're legit and there are more along the lines of of of making fun of magic in there of trying to take themselves seriously as magicians. And now Penn is probably one of the smartest human beings on the planet IQ wise he's just. Very intelligent guy and then the gathered their legit they're probably. The closest thing to comedy magic competition wise that I have you huge fans of -- this is Chris yes press. Eric got under. I got a story for the amazing thing I think you'll appreciate it. When I was sixteen our site for the first time on you know Comedy Central or something I don't know like you know fifteen years ago. And you ripped the guys one mean app and duct tape it back together yet and I wouldn't bitches. I love it gives you know and I've given another one he's -- that to play after the hour ago and compared them to know. Later on my jackets don't work out like data or ought to add extra. What you like you Greg his plane -- duct tape deck together and he built it up with the boss. Others find it because I have magic and being a day I guess. The bottom -- didn't register doing hello Johnny. Morgan I don't. I just wonder Carl what they ya. Let Johnson know that it should have a lot of listening to the shows it to protect them because -- -- -- Spat in the snow leopard gets arrested -- guys still in the process won't need to be at. -- -- -- Hurt. -- Did you you can still and quiet evening -- And you put it back yeah does that mean it's not a mystery if you discover the license is gone you know I did it now when I like the so that's that's dropping the -- did drop out of the nose out the mountain out there in the year out that that's pretty that's a departure. Do you do you like to the classic bar tricks are like the what he -- support the emperor in the water and the still it's the relentless and -- and -- don't buy your -- I would think yeah a little drop of this so put your finger and you have a plate of pepper. In water yeah there's black pepper floating unpopular when approached just touch your finger to it. All the -- shoots the other side -- the film of the so called it pushes everything this -- who figured doing it with again you can make figure psychic. Showgirl accurately what it meant although. That's and in your case insert. Nominee in the pursuit after I know a lot classic spicy -- does that -- but it. Well I'm -- island -- -- Jonathan is getting up now. Amazing job in standing up where we had a case that game. Whose team you saw me on video on the web site W I've done these things hand. Hollow. Is. Very keen gross. Biggest turn as his arm around 300 what is it sixty injuries it. That maybe it's funny 6363. That's that's that's grow how you doing -- viewers can map as I was asking and I go in the glad that it hasn't been much that was awesome make -- -- -- like that I. Some pretty that's you know that there's there's some stuff but -- for the listeners like there's like. The tricks that can do verbally via a quiet I am its rise of speaker Matt this is kind of -- that is really -- -- and and bats and you do. Am I have an idea as a number in your -- between one in -- don't tell me what it is everybody that's listening -- the same thing. All right now of that number is what you multiply that number by. -- -- It should be -- digit number the united yeah right at those two digits together or on the right. Pat. The noise doesn't -- -- the those Google's other. OK everybody's you know this Ryan while driving under the label. But refuses or is -- I studio and you know popular -- you -- you should not do the -- before the radio -- -- -- Amazing you know what is now. So out of together yet I am and I and I think dad -- step by Houston nine -- to multiple. Partners or however well thank you cannot -- my. This is for you could -- pick up lines you can thank you blow up -- -- early. Yeah amazing Jonathan game I like to dance that it says that to -- -- she says no reason. That you look that. -- Is for you there's I don't know what. The book you know luckily. And -- is the project is on the traffic. Numbers when you still doing the math -- let me get your copilot Jeff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is seen that the Indy. Took -- presidential goal issued a partial water. No I'm not that guy that is -- -- in the second funniest magicians have. In Las Vegas and in -- can you are that you have the defense about the camera phone -- and do you still do the lighter trek. Yeah I do you know I can't fly with letters now it has so I was -- another trick lies about what it always comes out to be ninth. To trigger a metric the answer always comes out to be now what do you. Pretty close though he's if you go out and now he's meant violence I love you that you get when you. You you wanna love and love everybody writes as a threat to us they say the words silk five times as fast as you can. Jokes jokes jokes it was a sell itself as a college -- so now you don't know -- now. Is it. It's an amazing job and the united the world where did you guys find that they can you find the -- -- front of Bosnia at the ghosts and in person tonight -- -- and on. -- I you know you you know -- -- be improvement. Some of these and that's why I'm stuck on -- on OK she's done here is I don't see. Heroin -- Fifth. The ones that you have been early morning we've -- on a plane. Wednesday night an. Island I'm here at about our sport athlete. On how -- where the airline employees nice. Mom. And that it -- -- that that magic trick to accept that and that. It and it and they're the -- -- right. -- he's doing a visual jeopardy you know -- and I'm -- my best and news -- you do the -- credit again and I use any number between one one -- ten -- and yet we wanted to find out about it and my three multiply -- by nine we'll play -- -- and I OK okay -- attribute your digit number yes and as the two -- together and then -- Five minus five in America right now whatever that number you have you know what you count them any letters over the ultimate get that letter. A who won -- -- high enough to think of your letter. Right now and think of the country in Europe that starts with that letter okay. Yet the the second letter of that country and mr. and yes elephants and unmarked. And just. Yeah. Blew through your. Mind I thought I know. Break it isn't that weird things they do that's for we know that it takes he takes for them -- get me. Especially if you have I think -- stopped and appointee and abuse are -- -- -- -- -- you heartless. And listening anymore yeah. We just repeat that for everybody so they can do it. All right and you can get your book right -- aggregate data online is amazing I did a repeat that again amazing yeah -- count it is on how is Joseph this is amazing though that the and I so in your -- basically. A number. You this is a formula pick a number between one -- -- never know whoever the number does not matter comes argues that comes out the same thing every time. So that you tell on the multiply that number by nine up multiply by and I write it should be a two digit number that -- -- digits together it's always going to be 990 we don't always always always kinda been. And when you -- some track five it's always been before Ryan there's only one country and you -- -- may specify Europe yes they started Denmark got only four letters although I doubt he doesn't allow any countries a year ago the letter ends up being. There's six with them that I. Yeah. He's saying Europe though and -- -- Denmark and then the second matters a circus animals animals they circus animal always going to be element that -- it right down. That is kickass live for your testing has stepped out that's on it and yeah yeah that is it's not me. Yeah that's awesome I felt a bunch of bunch of stuff tonight in the show. And around 730 tickets are on sale go to the Wilbert dot com amazing job and tonight I honestly amazing magic -- yeah. -- -- All right in my pocket like yeah there's going to be a guide people pay hit some -- ripping on -- And got to do this that he eyebrows and I don't my eyes. That they are hands going numb really you know you can really help the guilty on -- kill someone for you really get that real closely and in -- right up until -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah -- the guys who wanted to yeah. You know there's heavy cleaner -- -- you know what I'll attack several answers the point outs that actually figured Patrick outburst and -- didn't. Yeah that I plan with a surprise. It's like anything I can't explain recruitment if you pick a number. One through ten and you times of mine I -- yeah we leveraged went through -- it was -- yeah it's kind of damage. Yeah. You astray you know it's well and he's -- again -- oh yeah. Yeah really isn't about a quarter. -- -- pick has just not think the bond market what are you once again it doesn't do as good -- this legally acknowledge. You're a man. And -- exactly the magic and definitely no magic text -- says they have been mind raped and it's amazing to. Yeah thank -- it's an excellent tax. -- -- fantastic. Tonight at the -- thanks for being anyway thanks for plug in the or aren't inaudible put the visual tricks up online at WA AF -- probably not only good you can -- that to him thing the issue we can -- that twisted human materials studio -- the cameras off the outdoors yeah no qualms about when when magic sneakers and ultimately I'm. What is your brigade gang up on me a big group of magician trying to align itself claiming connotation on my front lawn or something is correct. I mean when they actually when the cameras up from we go to commercial I know you're ladies here but the union wants to make your teen's disappearance and you. And I went there have been. Coming up the lines your rulings than a week with -- Amazing Jonathan at the Wilbur theatre tonight.