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Are You There Drive Through...Its Me Lyndon

Feb 1, 2013|

Are You There Drive Through...Its Me Lyndon

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. And now -- that. -- Hill Man Morning Show -- Don't go up -- -- all part yeah. You yeah drive through he'd see me laying there in the next year. All right from LB. Is recording at all times now when he goes through the drive through which is every day it's hard so I and so now. It's as I've told me early this morning met in this particular segment LB does something that he frequently and never does it but he says that he never does it. And -- right I'm I'm on the right off the let's take listen and pay close attention to what he orders. However you Heidi that we you know Brett -- we -- -- alliance. While -- Other obvious awesome. Can I get beyond premium Alaskan fish. Well. The premium its premium right Iowa -- that's sketchy stuff. I just sound -- him. Bob guy is -- you do you -- the Bruins at all. The the Boston Bruins. I'm. Good -- do you do you know the Bruins I think it was do you mean if he wanted and autograph from Lyndon byers -- room inside -- Well can I get a premium chicken sandwich meal. Still. It. Obviously we've. Got better and he had an orange orange soda. Do you view it do you know do you follow the burdens. Jimmy wanted to Bruins autograph. So I brought Lyndon -- -- -- divide. What. Okay -- sucks all right thanks. -- -- -- you really wanted and autograph. -- I don't know playing a lot well the first woman get upset she gets you can understand your and I went out and here I was trying to milk you for the trees redesigning of the -- are not having your paycheck and and buyers I'd. Have to. -- Jimmy actually weren't there yet -- I know there was a Jimmie tell my favorite thing is there you go and are brought Lyndon byers. If I minded buyers. If you wanna throw a compromise actions -- not that now I would definitely have a lot of violence on both who lasts and lasts.