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Hill-Mail 2-1-13

Feb 1, 2013|

Hill-Mail 2-1-13

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each -- returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show resilience hill man out. -- that this can't delirium. Education of America is doesn't appear right before our eyes on. WK okay. That WA after WA AF HD one less robust than WK the WK FVQ one rocked in Boston and your hill mail messages today brought to you by -- store. Looking to reduce IT costs become more efficient and keep your data protected and available call -- today at 5085441313. Or. Visit them online at echo stored dot com that's EC HO OS TOR. Dot com. Take home at 7 AM. -- they -- to get -- very. You're sick -- and shoot seventy people it got -- route seventy buoyed by 300000. -- to capitol -- do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I missed maybe congress and the other six inches I -- there's an they just Wikipedia did you and -- -- you weigh 190s so you don't get a and Wikipedia. Thrilled at how well. Now it's all right yeah I was 1 of the service central stereo it's amazingly still uses -- from central started when I was breaks serving ten years old anthem and I mean tonight. That right now -- don't -- -- -- -- on August 25 pounds I was twelve from the Clinton the president and that's -- The only game you can adjust those things you -- and if -- -- a pitcher and bachelor now it'll. And that's one opponent that you wait shirt and jeans and a patent and. Takes hold on all and. A one word -- they own game and into. Yeah I mean you know whenever I looked off to a great start in and -- -- you know you're you're bound to lose a game and -- anybody I don't agree or anybody thought that the Bruins Ramon 48 nova. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Take 0:4. AM. You have certainly over under at twelve all of that and fifty -- to -- on home until peace and that the drive through. And -- and that's just that I am outing AA. A new twist it to. Are you -- drive through -- me LB our Friday segment that happens at 815. I will need your guests. Preemptive gas on the calorie. Total of Indians order before the mayor's. You need to gas a caloric total -- whoever comes closest. When some kind of reprise I get errors -- I get a of the LT solid ground. -- -- Hey we've covered this but some people are just joining us pay LB how would you have done against Jon -- last night. He would upon in my face and but I would have fought him three times. If I was able to get up after the first beating death. You value of the gone back at it again course and somebody should have gone back at it again last us. Ranked comedy deterrent to Shawn Thornton fought for all those guys over there and none of those guys stepped up last night really. So if it wasn't going to be each should have been leader here and I went I don't I do not here I don't care. We get is important could grabbed did did their sniper could agree upon a dollar day. Or could grab -- You know of a accused said you know what if your guy's gonna -- -- authority that I'm an apparent near gold run the goal I don't know mountain music some then -- -- don't. -- and I could start of you know what Wikipedia it's that she's won ninety also. No it doesn't OK hey nice guy and okay. It's not nines. There's only 707. PM. No -- trick. Or get better at. Bloomberg mentioned. I mean. The tweets out of control last -- soon -- he went down -- I was just abused -- power -- guys on the show yesterday we talked about fighting. And -- problem but you know outlook our guys in the guy's a monster. I mean he's not even human. Bodies and he's at -- -- me because he's awesome is that computer that's exactly that's why they got them that is that is not right last night like why they got in my career oneself and and and I. I had to turn myself into a scrap her it would be awesome if I would -- woke up the next morning I went from sixteen to six days. And and two to fifteen did 278. So like. We had nobody to take on -- last time so we're gonna sign you fear that you're you're gonna fight authority and that's -- it's just I don't care what you do -- -- -- -- the battle. -- -- -- With a child. I think it felt it would look improve from -- it went -- a give that a shot. And the mentally and Margaret's undergraduates -- -- at the end up on the -- to put upon -- -- LB it's a bit of out -- and in the line. Of credit. Sure -- it. -- -- to -- that OK would you like no -- and has. And everybody yet but -- Your profile and very likely to put a picture like that. You know you have none of them and yeah yeah yeah -- -- decent picture of what you do if we want his mind. In your body like about it is that is that it's a Polaroid. Picture of that fact that it often is unclear. Or is it what you look that good you had a bar yeah. You -- a little bit below polish I don't called me. Up a fifth followed. Micro idea -- hey -- yet laden the consistency. What you will be 38. 3800. Yes he is just get the good state. And I we will national Lou we will see that is that is coming up in just about ten minutes. Are you there drive through its mean Lyndon hello Jason. Yeah nobody. Currently Obama wrong but no matter what it's an entire lineup -- probably -- last night. While he's got this -- Terry O'Reilly wouldn't -- you know it's and is -- coaches and coaches don't have to send anybody. Okay did this and we we knew before that games are we were -- body yesterday. -- he talked about yesterday. Yeah yeah everybody knew. Pre emptive. Of that drop the opening face off that. Mile and Lucic ran Miller of Buffalo Sabres were like eight games above 500 when they came to the Boston Garden last year. Not by chance. It was a legal play Miller chose to come out of his crease there like a pocket. Lou it was coming down on the pocket Miller got the worst of it. They all but did -- cheap shot at them and they'll they their season went in the tank they missed the playoffs because they're their number one goal it was out. And they came to the Boston Garden last night they signs got -- he does one thing and one thing only. Pound faces and and and and by the way Michael Moore dropped him with they got a body shot on last when he was last week. You know it in with a -- shot and I dropped one point I don't know what was the opera house -- But anyway. Everybody knew what was going on in you know I decides to bad. A lot of the guys didn't have the mentality you live bullets after two points and started -- hello Derek. Good morning everybody what's up Derek. So why lock the morning. I opened does. Scott took a page out of a movie grown he'd be -- starter Barry -- or America McCain. Well let him win but what do you think how many games -- guys pulling back in the yeah you're glorified cheerleader -- and it's a great season ticket on the planet and when you get out there you do which you do best. Pay obese I tell solely on sunlight so he just looked. Here match dot com profile that says you're 68. -- -- -- -- Great what would you. Won't act not for a couple of new people. 0000. Now I know. Now that I know it probably is now authorities announced the two line but we'll try to get a hold him later. Think he confirmed. Old -- What do we know lap the last night -- -- That their children are alive and well John -- not so much. We're going oh man -- to go. -- met on May thirty balls of steel nearby yes he does the big. Think forty year old and want him. A patent that take a Bagger at the golf part of a lot of cute picture albeit they had opened -- all the different. Well -- 3:26. PM. So bad it. The Viagra or order and a little under twenty guys I've got more. Cute. Here is it -- a lot of females and all business that they would you want there aren't tons NGOs and now you want me to sweep this LB picture is that in my like adamant I don't know at an all time. It's now I know what is different is lock the handful of great except he's. Yeah I sure but he's probably eating girl is as he's not that if they -- -- my Achilles -- and I am telling. And ladies and you don't know because you know I'm eager do you -- -- -- you never really been up there -- -- a Gilbert traveled well. Yeah. I love and I think it's guys at parity talk to Tommy he's gonna Photoshop your head on my bottle pop up and and we can use on your profile. -- -- What you're already well hey guys yeah you know I I just I just to have died -- -- -- coal more body shots fight with Scott up on our face a guy. What I what do you what -- you think this was elements that it. Need to do is we don't know only slight. The 87 holes I -- however there was maybe 23. Well that's that is greeted him. Pardon who wasn't old. Well. -- It was apple wouldn't talk -- our -- -- Right the irrational fear today be careless baboon. A rare. How rare careless baboon do you have appear primate as I do meaning. Check that out on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks. Trying not to notice the samples what you will run off the that I mean IE allowances that man a bad anomaly of nature -- -- Eighty Abu daddy you can't help but do you think I made it got to eat the thing could be like a mile away and -- And they have maybe -- has to adapt. And opening the sniffles after regional past the first -- it is now refer. Rejected these reach out into another continent. -- -- Eight. How to -- to go -- -- -- ought. It worked more than and then you'll ever all of them are cool welcome -- to control. And let. Two bags from full. Vomit well will set pitching laughter on -- man in England found it yesterday the day before like 69000 dollars another hunk of that stuff stuff. Get to the beach seemed possible how you identified it smells. I'm thanks doesn't have a little pieces of like got eaten half against the ceiling literally gives light colored joke it. -- I mean. It's got. It's got a drive through order from the -- reported adjusted and it. -- -- Prick at the border -- Britain broke on it anymore -- call me the indictment. Those are not majority by the way -- -- now element text there says the letters dockers their shorts but there are non shorts no way. Those like -- shores and LB is wearing in that I don't that I think we did. Mom lets see here is that. Magnus. Hello Magnus -- Mark and at this Friday everybody's seen unit. I just wanted to comment on us by the local tournament. Good news MM yes yes. Ready I'm ready stream flow are. And it is. I'm pumped -- and it is I think land gross exaggeration. -- -- I kind of doubt and part of that that the -- was saying Everett radio break it up but -- that. In yellows spotted hairless which are beside the -- Now you after. This has nothing abnormal about how hot and you are hairless and have a decision and it.