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Are You Smarter Than a Day Shifter

Jan 31, 2013|

Are You Smarter Than a Day Shifter

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I've misrepresented dragons. Stay Hill Man Morning Show trees and small. That's your daughter's dress. Extra burdens. You smudges in this day shifty that it's only good for the -- game. Well I have a of tickets to cozy three doors down at the DCU center in February February 8 secretary -- In law. That it is the last -- -- certainly blows but yet what sort of that for weeks and clear earlier in March. Almost Saint Patrick's Day. So call this number 6179311. If you think you might be smarter than today's girl who dances during the day. The way. Upon reward where Anthony was yesterday drinking out early in the game as well while the girl was shall tell us Malulani. Currently -- -- -- iron off that shot as every everybody dance is -- a couple of characters. And if that -- well. Balanced by U a glass of champagne after 47 Sarah and I don't know allowed to do that they have champagne at the -- They didn't appear Brooks is that when he comes Andre Colombia this campaign appears I mean that's -- -- all right let me Disco it's an empty she shied here's teach. My name is teach right now I'm drinking and vodka and Red Bull previously -- drinking rum and Coke which is not a really good mix. Kids do not mix elected its immaculate that you will be key. Talk to applause -- -- -- when you will be can all day in someone and not make silicon I repeat do not do not make silicon. What is your go to dance move on the stage beyoncé Beckett out. I mean it's pretty easy to popular belief in the and -- demand that. Banks. Help helped me it's on them yeah. But hey so she can make -- a booty pop is what we got Conan and would that teach. The government. Let's find out who this morning's contestant is. First stop its Jim hello Jim. Jim no idea. How a new study. Made a list of the ten most popular things -- -- after a one night stand and what is the most popular thing that men steal. After a one night stand with a woman. -- is an excellent answer and let's see if you are smarter than he should what is the most populist thing man. -- after one night stand in the sense. Them wanting and still after -- one night stand -- if it's if it's the first one night stand. They'll still. In what have you stolen after one night stand. It. -- -- Pride. That's been implicit in are you very sexual plus an essential to Austin -- to 65 here. I mean we're human that's that's what we do. Wow how those -- that she really say you're and it's up. While she was the thing for me she's -- The answer is where. It is -- is smarter. -- today's the day shift there teach from the cabaret. Hello Bob. What's happening Bob all. -- -- a recent study found that about 10% of Americans lead naked. According to this study the number one reason basically naked is why. They get. I can just a little bit more specific. Award. And you're smarter than today's nature of the number one reason deep sleep -- is one. Quick and easy easy access and at the -- sleep -- -- slighted and how I sleep make it is comfortable that's when you most for any. Make it all day communal as is extremely cold the news and puts them on the street make it as -- -- -- That's not the answer. The answer is staring out your job I don't know the answer that most 10% of Americans gave is that. Has the number one reason why they sleep naked. Hot Texas says it just me or does she sound exactly like Denzel Washington. Come on track dash cash and showers and what she attract. Was barely there attitude can solve. Beautiful blues and it's bruised and an up -- it you the text too big mama. 888. Gamer read the bartender at the cabaret she's my -- Is a big mama for and these are injuries and that's -- races. It's the -- could -- if you get to that. Speak Obama noise in hello -- Glory grade so I was speaking of races coming up at seven money. These -- white guilt segment of the dated and the is it okay to dress up at the as the kkk and -- school project. To bring us up. I -- your question this morning we'll see if you're smarter than today's issue differently cabaret. I -- a new study found that no matter how do you how hard you try. They want. Will not go away for at least eighteen days. And yeah. And yet there's a big well. Nice idea is -- A new study found that no matter how hard you try a wide. Will not go away for at least eighteen days -- herpes sore one uncle wave from the eighteenth. Harvey I don't know nothing about it. I'll end -- -- they can get it. From it. But -- the people what are your experiences universities don't plan on getting an a CD -- protected boys and girls use condoms. And pretty much I can tell you. -- but you noted he answered that it well when she said -- -- these things she turned into ray Lewis and. Anything. About users are. That is the answered the -- Bob. What's the when you drop. My the youngest person. Who was on Schindler's List during the Holocaust has just passed away at age 83. Whom was Adolf Hitler. Let's see if their command and change. -- But if you're smarter than today's -- of who is Adolf Hitler you don't answer that after six rum and cokes at that. It was -- that's yes you won't let up until his mustache. But not not sexy too much I can tell you until my parents didn't let up in what are your grooming habits and download. I keep -- clean. I keep it nice in the race in Chicago. And things she -- and oh yeah. Nasty way did not sit quite right -- at these are sound which is it just mentioned something else to forget that the initial question. It was a good as the dictator of Nazi. It is lovely siege and are smarter than today's -- day -- there.