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Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins

Jan 31, 2013|

Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins: "Thursdays with Thorty" every Thursday on The Hill-Man Morning Show at 8:15

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Stays with authority brought tears today by city of Boston credit union in the city of lasting credit union John Doran is only choice for banking needs. Also brought to you. -- -- -- Let me -- morning. What's the -- Right what's the -- team about today. Mean. Or breakfast. It is. -- and thirty pregame -- the rate it 1130. All I have about 4013 is now back backward before -- thought -- What are we down what are we having for breakfast this morning. Cottage cheese yogurt a place of all we -- -- -- the burn them. I think right. Same thing right here for me. As -- tightest of -- -- that -- -- Just wanted. Strawberry milk shake up at the battle for Brad sixteen -- -- very. Authorities think she is speaking of food. -- we discussed the putts going incidents at the other night and how the players feel about something like that. All of the thought the -- -- from a bit. LLB has determined that as a -- and extensive review of the video footage by an expert that it was piece of pretzel. -- be repeated expert and he yes I was I was I was on the Ninth Ward could smell. -- -- I don't think there's any place I didn't know ruled that there was product reached -- I would think would -- the shooter or and they goalies but. So these stories -- obviously as a little place. Sort of thing thank god it was biggie is that there's anybody else that might. Second move as good as the first. -- parity -- were singing you've been around long enough authority what's the worst thing that you've been hit -- Pretty fortunate in an Elvis -- everything but. In Windsor junior the -- an old army destroyed factories stop value and create view and that is that what normal people. Now area. Text there brush on Orton is our guest this morning Thursday's authority Dexter wants your thoughts. John Scott coming to town for the first time since the chirping on the bench. Oh god those three years ago. These people aren't there yet you know him yet they own now. I don't know all of -- -- That would you can see in a playoff hockey game and take care of the Arab and I never really think about it going and it's just. So far is they've added everybody Andy's got offered their policies have brought them couple that get a little bigger -- so. But -- an elegant way to. I'm Melissa mommy look at Monday and Wednesday and and you look at a short season. And I think. Was I can't remember who I think it was brick who said some teams on Monday night. Be good I guess it is saying the same thing perhaps we would -- Wednesday but for Monday night some teams in a short season -- of would've played for the point but you guys certainly didn't do that that third period in his act now like the attitude that this team mass. Yeah we're all pretty well I think. Gretchen she's four months but until people force. What some people is. We talked about it we're oh euros Euro bought -- and the mentality going in the third who went on in my game -- well. That's probably a slob who pitches his plan. To. Realize the battle of the Boston. Has it concludes his wife was pregnant and he's not over here there's. Light them up side by side by side meanwhile -- did you do today and he's definitely use him in ways that. Things. There is a understatement episode do. They know no Hillman jinx whatsoever we here we are on Thursday talking about city -- and credit union. Coughing up 250 bucks for the Greg Hill foundation. Ever since every time he's durable and there you are Friday night doing it -- -- that gave out hope that the a regular occurrence. Yeah volume here right now authority -- broke it down forty games scheduling on pace to to get nine. Be 2250 bucks yet but -- -- I guess for me premier micro -- fourteen so. They also get up and seven I. Even -- a lot of it. I have. Are you currently have you ever at any time you used that deer antlers helmet. That not to my knowledge not to my knowledge whether the law is the -- was younger -- Well well under the influence anything could happen. Yeah anything. I was I was 170 -- who was. I was David Crowley and things like you know what I would go for just the 48 game season. Like some like this action quick season what do you think company that that means you can really attention now that -- love me please keep your play another five years. And yet every year short season. All want it all without it all salary but it's still a good part is that. Forty -- with the excitement that's for sure I think it's that other that is spread the every game means a lot more of them. Beatty he has scheduled -- there -- -- but so far but -- we don't win it but it also are. Yeah well winning year your you're undefeated. So after now. Obviously short season goaltending is important and and I think -- and nice to see. Who dove and stepping out there the other night you guys I need that when you are now only played 48 games. He idealist but he gains for now -- -- -- well this year he's been unbelievable. It really get either but nobody really knew what it back that he didn't practice. But it is the last before -- got here. You don't know right well these these. In was did vote for example in the fight -- I mean you it was nice that the team was able to recover there was another -- the other night. The -- know who was responsible for. And it sucked me in this country -- And -- to access to a. But well I'll let -- flow on the air. -- -- -- Any -- make a mistake in the back mind that no. About. Who get equipped perfect if I guess yes but or. I asked -- this authority I'll tell you what. I want you know the last two games he has played in and you in on I don't know if you guys talked about it in the locker room by. You know became zero high flying multi talented team they -- temple everything's go go go. On the offense and you guys played -- game. And played enough defense to to win that game and I think you won that game because your line. Took up wait at the yet three shifts in the third period which takes up heats up quality minutes where there top lines are still out there trying to plug doubt that winning goal. And then that -- lines you know fired up. And and they got they got some steam in their legs and they get the winner. And then you come back against. The doubles. And it's a completely different game it's it's down temple. Physical slow down defense of don't you guys played their game. And and and you do the same thing in and it and I think it's because you know on not blow smoke up your -- but. Yeah I you get a giveaway items of the vacuum that sucks but squads got they -- as a bench you guys. You guys still get quality minutes I think that goes along way for this team I think -- you know you guys got to be proud of that right. Yeah we. -- -- -- some video. There is some bit of rest with him he has really -- for one. Mistaken you know in my article but that you're right back up back out there and it's. It continued a little bit more in the third period and there -- a couple of the well -- like it to be active. And nobody out there. Beverly you could see. Ashore on TV but what what does that. He. Help is salute but it. So. But you know it was efforts often but it -- behind the play and it felt exactly like that on the David let. I on city bus then credit union if you visit their FaceBook page. You can suggest a question for Shawn Jordan who is our guest every Thursday at this time. And if we use your question you -- yourself an autograph authority photo. This is from Ashley but not now. If you could pick one musical artist either dead or alive to have your own private concert for you who would you. Well. But what was it -- I think general hospital problem. And and he. Was it in Ted that was that Alicia Keys that was now is that I don't Norris. In order to -- -- I would not mutually. And here's the tax have you seen him yet. -- here or. I am now I'll be at. -- I actually like got all that they get a better it's actually a lot I thought it was going to be. I would expect that much because our. Yeah -- was I think there -- you can remind world outside a slap shot just give everybody just needs to give up on him. I love Youngblood yeah just say I'm. Hey I yeah yeah. He cries outlawed the party I mean I -- I give him credit at least trained had some comedy. Guys returning humans. What about miracle Alaska OB -- has -- lifetime. Authorities say remember that when you're when you're you're you're you all you all the old timers play in the pickup hockey and they get the shot to play the Boston Bruins up in Canada. And then you guys actually lose to those guys. Why -- -- -- -- up. John Paxson wants to know what Marcia said to the bench after scoring on the shootout. I don't know I I was on the other -- so I could hear them. Look at it took effect at -- I bet you -- after harmonies if you think yeah probably probably did. That's an idea I didn't I didn't ask it I -- music but it -- but -- -- -- you've got a book currently available and now. Must be immune to the nose comments at this point right. I guess I sure he's been here on this whole life got help and yet but some. But over more result. Yeah just makes you look like you don't have a third what little effort and what I think mystery what I think it's -- mystery illness and that's the reason that with the detective says you dumb -- -- -- All right Doherty -- go again tonight. Just remember I don't want what I don't wanna add pressure but every goal 250 -- with a great deal foundations them. Ought to ought to get on get on them right now.