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Hill-Mail 1-31-13

Jan 31, 2013|

Hill-Mail 1-31-13

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAA -- dot com. Now each you to ended talks. As the Hill Man Morning Show acquisitions hill mail. Yeah I would -- ask people how what the -- -- doesn't boot back. On WOK okay. Today's hill mail messages presented by -- -- looking to reduce IT costs become more efficient. And keep your data protected and available call -- -- today. 508. 5441313. Or visit them on line. At -- store dot com that's EC HO OS TOR. Dot com you could call you can ask for the CEO John -- You can't call eagle this gigantic companies know speak to the CW call last for duly. Still they -- And he'll have a lot of fun doing business -- -- pals and Echostar here are the best they'll mail messages from the past 24 hours. 1200. Or -- Both are. Sick. Regulator on what order you want to -- in the message. -- Jeremy. Unfortunately. Sent your prayers is way. The the in years in the years apart yesterday he's in critical condition he has opened up not -- had a couple procedures and I mean. Look great. People yeah it was just here a couple weeks ago people mention. Peter doors when they -- about him that I. It Roger is probably the most famous male point struggle primates is John Holmes which is a lesser sentence a different era guys can name those John Legend here north and so. I but again I don't think anybody. You know they had tried expanded his world we beyond port yes he did a lot of I mean you know. You know I -- -- you know Peter north I don't know what he did on the side. Now we're -- you're talking about Ron Jeremy in all the songs that he's used it and it's mentioned in this the that. So hopefully. -- ends up getting better are our prayers to Ron Jeremy hello rob. They would -- It's a cute things first I think it would go a long time ago in the first time where critical attitude says the Sox would say -- -- -- bought -- Volvo. What she won that he wears socks on because of the doubt that the world. Yeah -- or whatever I think he thought it was myself. And my second my reference my insurer that is not trying felt being in the end. Yes yes -- it's and also happened -- -- now where we're not begins with the -- Jason Alexander couldn't -- -- -- was smoke show because you know. -- who in shallow all I'm the actor. He was outside the restaurant. -- another guy mountainous. And about to log on it and a unbelievable. We're not arguing -- -- SPV. Asked me Grammy. Emmy winning performance that actor. -- I'm 29 AM. Alternative Volkswagen commercial where to. Lack -- more important may Germany are they might have a it's real breakthrough so I hope that it can be our week of so. And that. Is probably hopes you know I give them credit they're not pulling that out. The that we talked about yesterday where the white guy talks like a Jamaican. People are screaming crying in -- races. Then a white person would have paid Jamaican accent -- -- out there in front of the Jamaican -- -- as of right now you'll see that. During the Super Bowl Volkswagen is not now going down. To the political correct pressure. -- and. 32 -- I can't I don't know how I can't get into -- -- it didn't and I electric car. You know I. And that message. That it was a pretzel -- happy and Tressel console on the ice we'll see what John -- says about that when he joins us in just. Couple of moments hello Kevin. That it -- and guys slowly you know. Much decade ago no doubt it worked on and you know but I pulled back here and ultimately what do not let. -- let that go around and they might implement what -- -- -- let's put a light only carry a whole lot Ayers that well sorry. Pluck it out like -- dot. I. Was it was -- like I wanna do this thing and say that but I got literally an blank and there on the -- either but everybody. Evolutionary but anyway I mean -- so's she -- she missed there and went to cable revenues. Apps for your grandparents -- nibbles is I would assume pulled along by that posts that you want. -- the I mean and never mind. You know your particular stories of discussed there now shared by everyone in the New England area a third. If putting that checked I don't think it's important that they appreciate it. 7:32. AM. I've got -- as a blocked -- Can't get. -- -- -- From cancer and I guess that's hard I don't know what that's in reference to learn -- that can be anything and then the funny. Thanks 0:1. AM. Back on speed. Go to October October. What about the Obama goes up. And that. They put a box on a truck they put a box on a truck they put blocks on a truck when we're talking about Ron Jeremy. Somebody was wondering whether it's possible that over use of Viagra. Could have caused this hard and -- -- And just as -- sharing a story about. I guess every year I didn't know this. But every year at the WA AF celebrity golf tournament he takes Viagra. When years Niagara poignancy Dallas last year -- what last year -- -- -- the two previous years it was science the -- some -- thing keeping the name of it I think. Something they do not take supplements get -- now on the wrist now so some kind of group but yet you were saying that you take it before golfing. So I have to remember last year you add your we plane with authority was it was we were Zagreb and I moved behind -- right. And the whole entire time you view you're. You're getting out of Iraq I was ready to go all the tires would that -- never honestly like a disturbing that stuff but as C Alice is the worst -- it would go like. We're talking four days street and there's nothing I mean to the wind blows giant -- -- -- -- -- And your doctor -- But it and it sucks because it's westerly can't use it on anybody you like and I -- I -- you ladies of course. I mean besides the million pound girls that are on the course. It's really like a 120 man Brian. I'm athletes that sort of golf tournaments I don't know why you with the Boehner why it would take got to be -- I've heard. Somebody has only one you wanna be there on the service guy. That's the impression you were in the room frosty pops this stuff is like it would definitely gonna get lucky and a half minutes now to that you're ready -- it's too. What else. This is golf tournament in Atlantic City. That rivalries are then rattled and out run the golf is that Ron Jaworski scores are Jonas. John zones of course down and so. It's. We I think we may have a couple forces. Available if you contact Greg -- foundation go to our website the Greg Hill foundation -- word. We're all flying down there together on anything -- airlines the maiden flight in anything go right now way. Just stay away from me about -- and explain why the plane it among them as much of it I don't know did you bring a line. Hello grant. Yes yes I -- aria what's happening. I have this stayed with this scuttle whatever -- -- going so good but it's called something we hear but I'm just saying queer or -- -- yeah. -- And that was it you can that that wasn't even a physical form if you what we know -- Or it might all at. It on you you never say yours are so short Gator -- -- If you're complaining about this. Not being able to use Viagra on anyone why would you continued to take it all -- all -- press. That's all I mean it's expert just wanna -- you never know when you gonna need it that's a you never know that is an excellent question however followed him. Didn't. -- -- -- And Diane I need to do this through you. Like I have a correction Orioles. Right here of them do next because by trauma. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- New products and then it's also on the commercials for those rounds do we -- not doctors like LB that's when you get like 34 or five day erection or so. -- Yeah waters to air. You know your head -- here are some like that's why you beat people didn't expect it carried on the mount them are they are each slated. And they are your direction to -- from there that you can't go out by. Ever see an electric vehicles in that little slant to them and I've never noticed him and yeah. See you on the show every day hello Johnny. Morning guys I don't. I hadn't -- the point doubled back I thought it was absolutely hilarious so that would have allowed serious doubt run around. I'm glad I got you nobody donuts. -- what I thought that -- -- yeah I can't acted and -- it that night that in your golf pants. LA honestly that is disturbing. -- a little too old and predict caught in the court or they are X or equal -- -- -- the awkward and -- Let us. It's just an extremely and a -- doing. Grades. Thing on the avenue deformities that thinks it knows enough. The only weird body thing now. Now with your hands and snow undergoes intense now I don't know if that's Intel had snow errant little -- -- I can't. The last yes below the line. They dragged out. I don't know but it already but I took it really cute redhead out Beatty is a long time ago -- -- across I mean all I can notice was. -- speed bag bogeyed Alec come in the not -- -- -- -- -- might play how I would RNC because of that and nowhere there was an hour. You couldn't teller because it was a Thursday is no -- why aren't Gabriela dark. The lesson lesson that's pretty good stuff that that's just. Isn't she -- unfortunately appreciated its -- given -- a little bit of a book Gardner and fortunately. The other thing that this happens a lot with is food in the teeth. A like a big -- -- And unfortunately there's a period that you goes through like two or three minutes where it's too late to tell -- -- -- -- holes right off the bat yet and it's like oh by the way like -- you've been staring at you know you've been staring at for hours. Man and you can't tell the main -- -- you really have to tell right away. That they have a big hunk of -- stuck in the -- deep below him. Well probably as part of it was caused by trauma fat -- Why public problem but I -- -- someone was seven India and -- that the readers that -- medication or never had any trauma whatsoever. And he had this is your sign is that. So when he was seventeen in an erection for three days. Great days ahead of the hospital let's go to our. And potential are particularly dangerous. And they never figure out what way. I'm not -- out there and you know the line that danger. To us that that's a problem years. Well they probably know. It and it's a kick it's oil is a comes in the morning good morning -- -- -- -- -- for supper. Hello John. Alan -- -- but how could they could double goes to the Viagra. Next time you get an interview with the delta where nice tight Serbia. But it -- -- I spoke to anybody would never know when I'm going to be doing the base of players the that would be fantastic. Thanks for -- on old and. My old goat and don't Q what are they now. Very. Apparently according says the new information today which Danielle shares during the 6 o'clock hour. A large majority of men 90% of men believe that they are experts when it comes to. Providing oral. -- -- -- That's a threat to and they rated themselves at different levels of expertise that -- for the most part. Only 11% said that they -- in -- clip that most think they're Bieber like -- we discussed at Bieber and that two hours and and world pleasures are what I guess that nursing students that are once. You know last time for that element immediate and nobody got time for that -- places to be up things that you know you can't use -- -- power. And to have today. He's there with -- -- fifth. This. And yes hello Brian. -- -- that was. It proves -- -- -- one is owner on a -- reference yes I go to. -- is expected outlook Apollo LP around this windy weather. C -- feet reenact the scenes with Tommy Boy it would David made the front of the -- at. This. And you see you know me. Great seeing what the video artist -- Shawn Thornton of the Bruins coming up it's there is days with authority that's coming up and just a few minutes. Here at W. Thinks. Forty kind pull him. It's bad but America I guess they call them is that how you won't -- the -- right. Are important but bottom of the video that and then turn -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet it's that Greg Ellis and I -- opposed to help -- and blamed that attack there. More than likely -- I've always. True still never. Every text that I read is a legitimate -- I think it'll be impossible for me to just merely do you know -- -- and I wanted to say and yet. And created this is crumbling and on at the it's balance that's not. They're all legitimate messages. And reading especially about -- Hello Dan. Oh or outraged Beijing is although I'm a make you know what this girl. I go to college but just worst summer I've -- sure she's got to stop armored belly button between rebels. And it's almost. We are we -- and well. That was what was it. I don't know published I didn't ask point one. -- Well you know I don't like what about Olympus are your stomach which -- almost maybe. You'll. And aren't we had to get up -- rapidly reach important -- What did you come back -- jab every -- stolen and -- you do your duty -- -- bring I mean as something like that I would assume the united adds it would bring that up the care solo act. Yeah way more like a parent -- -- as a logic for a call or whatever I want it -- down. Solid product. -- no absolutely no idea what's gonna happen out there I guess if your status on the golf course. By coming up. As I mentioned in a moment it is shot -- the Boston Bruins at 10 o'clock today and every weekday Mike Hsu goes commercial break. Over an hour of nonstop rockets WA AF -- day blitz it happens at 10 o'clock every day here's WA AF over one hour. Nonstop -- commercial -- brought to you by. It's stayed -- -- -- -- -- Were -- -- and -- guys look at the Ron Jeremy apparently. What do you think you can ask at this dinner for -- -- And I -- area out there and it's fortunate ones are on the planet are gonna come visit and be nice to be in the hospital room. Thinks he continues toward. It won't impact they really are different but yeah I don't like Jeremy. And are -- critical condition you -- why didn't you contract three won't completely from you couldn't. I thought it into. I -- Rise in the case of legend now -- legend in the entertainment industry. More than 21 AM. -- -- -- -- Red eye opener -- speech if winter is playing deep into the industrial prepared -- couldn't keep playing here -- would -- if -- -- Want to quickly the belt -- of the fairly compelling. Pretty bad -- purveyor reached. It's not a major crisis. Ninety who told him. Greg that you can't delirium. Education of America is didn't appear right before us. And this and that. Idea is just too little you know -- -- hash tag and -- -- and yet. O'Leary and now it's night it's not an emotional or aquarium that's I bought about collar earlier said that they were suffering from and the only area that twice the -- -- -- -- in the -- you know that we in Soledad and delirium.