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Hill-Mail 1-30-13

Jan 30, 2013|

Hill-Mail 1-30-13

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now each unit -- to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show resistance deal made out. Let's start players about the cold last week getting out pretty fried chicken and beer -- -- their loyal fan with a ball. Psych hold up. On WAA. -- Our segment in which you leave your voicemail message and comment on any news that is happening around thinking it's happening on the show. Anything -- really -- -- -- -- your chest senators senators senator pell -- rusty today by Apple Store. Looking to reduce I -- become more efficient here. He appeared data protected and available well call eco store today at 508. 5441313. Or visit them online at echo stored dot com that's ECH -- as POR. Dot com they know what they're doing and they all -- yes they do so if your client there is. You have a lot of fun with the fine people that -- -- here are the best till -- messages of the past 24 hours. I don't -- he thinks. -- Could you guys talking today about talking tough economic can think. I know because appropriate thing with money which means -- should be turned free for the rest -- -- -- You say that. They do you say that money is the -- than you'll ever touch him day to day like thirty years then Roger Moore Jeremy then bathroom door handles in the era in the toilet handle. And say what they -- only 7% of all money this has been out of positive for cocaine is that true I've seen a very statistics on that means like that change once the eighties were honor people's that'll hopefully -- doing that one now it's now it's is -- some news so 50% of all money in Lawrence has Caroline has that. And that if that was that was not covered -- so the rules last. Probably probably should have been. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't ever have a long period. Iowa -- go there and what we're about them. And rectum. I wrote a few people the evening's last night at a business that dinner with mine some fine people some potential clients and hey now we went. And they make a marvelous talent are there. After everybody it finished I introduced the news report about that -- 60% of all marketing group entered for -- I was thrilled at the several people immediately apparent into -- -- -- you know it's. -- -- -- And it. I don't know if you heard the news we talked about it apparently imitation -- used used frequently by restaurants. It is. As you can imagine from the circular shape it is not sure -- pick them. Many many cases it's the -- but I'm sure it's much more healthy than me crap which is completely. Yeah that's chemicals synthetic. Corrupt democratic or whatever the death it. Forty -- old and they didn't let you -- You can always the -- combed. Cotton company won't recall could have a pink or blue. White suit and what do you have to say about it Watergate and then Ray Lewis says nothing about it and hasn't -- angered god doesn't want to violence that. God does not want Ray Lewis about anything like -- little Bobby. Let me. My my bought the bonds people so appease. OOP rule so it all well and not in front soak the out. While there we. They are we we Johnny on the show yesterday okay -- the I mean sun is if you watch last night on he said it's legit. It was. I I felt like there was a lot of acting going on a lot of scripted part -- -- an IQ idea I mean. Now there's a part where the mother was meeting with -- -- These young -- Things clearly that she wasn't in tune with the candy and yeah who would it appeared to me to be very scripted. On what what are people saying on FaceBook. On our FaceBook page I laughed I cried bomb it and felt dirty that was all in the first two minutes and the only two minutes they saw the show this from do you Guerrero. -- feel it would have been better if it is just group of drug -- holes that it was boring confusing and stupid. Now they can capture the full. Drunk a ferocity of the of that area of the city. A bunch of people waited and said they thought it was great that everybody was crazy ruling Chris Carlson said more faith in New Jersey shorthand. Don't people like when people are watching Jersey Shuler. Did they love. Like did they immediately loved the -- did it take like you know out of a period of time for it to catch on and -- I don't remember and yeah exactly it's exactly as easily as and I. -- -- -- It is okay I'm -- what -- I tuned in for two minutes -- on its. I cannot predict that he's the key -- success of that like the Jersey Shore up 50% of the people watch because they hit it about -- the people watch because they like it. 100% of people watch -- watch a reality TV. Essentially -- these shows I think the geographic shows the idea. Is that the whole rest of the country is laughing at the year before right so essentially what is supposed to happen here -- all countries of the tune -- ago. Wow those people from South Boston but they talk we hear I can understand I think you're saying everybody -- -- an idiot for. -- though I mean after all we have to pull California when people in California out of Iraq I was out there that probably correct right they've probably really enjoyed it -- you're probably right I do -- comment instead I -- that Aaron Hernandez's on the show refer to -- Outlets like -- does look like yeah and then this. And this is WA AF and WAA FHD one less robust than WPA the W page. Hill mail messages and then. This email. From me concerned mail lists that are about something that occurred. In his relationship with is I think it's -- his fiancee -- I'm. We'll get to that coming out there and l.'s advice and act coming up but he could mean. Takes eighteen DN. Tried to what (%expletive) rule -- -- in the elite who doesn't vote pop up commercial. Allowed more implicated them or wounded now. That that it. Fake crab LB is made from a white finish and -- -- you know besides those night chemicals -- legit all artists -- chemical house waitress to his craft people. Really gonna throw that went out there. -- -- They just have just have this date when it obviously fish. What chemicals you think people mistake to make it easily finished it's on its crabs and did and that's amazing isn't technically that got crabs and also they put the fish in the budget grabs grabs people that's credit that's. -- 20 PM. -- -- Earlier. 1030. If I'm the fire extra output the theory and that didn't work. -- the way the not a -- somebody that could barely out. And -- -- -- gates is in Australia's key date and so -- -- it's really being the places that silent act kinda sketchy so real I doubt they'll think it's kinda sketchy what this morning I was in Vermont. And he has a farm up in Vermont he chose -- him grinding. It was that he finds out what he goes out. Just you know because -- -- fall off of the deal when they shut them now at some crimes and sticky heat -- and it is need to be anything it's but it's not the Hitler -- that development comes on Graham you know me I'm very concerned about precious animal. Is -- -- harmed in the harvesting of the velvet. I mean. It's out of here already that -- -- -- -- -- -- but that's what they fought off when when each and when he falls off. In this if you find closest we've fallen off yeah it has the more possible. So is now continue as and every day. Midget now with a mole did you buy that here's like on the open market from these guys it's not illegal it's not illegal that they're selling it when I don't when you got two different kind of alana Amazon official whether it was that that was just. The problem with somebody it's awful and dad and I got -- from in Vermont I thought was pretty legit but I never. I don't know what were you trying to recover from good swift kick in the growing. On -- trial like it's to help you get you know and be younger wage jobs of the area. You try to get your hormones on. Beat the depressions don't attack agritech and I don't help me get a little opt into -- down wanna have another illegitimate kid has noticed. And it's alternative in the Bible -- care about them and keep your at -- on an empire that but ray Lewis can't use it because it's a band -- yes because it now tests on us because it did it gives him an unfair advantage and a ball it has anabolic properties. So the -- naturally. So these -- that have the velvet on them they're able to elect Al rye and the deer that don't have the velvet because they have the steroids blowing through there dear. -- that is not Garcia it's during reading season so brilliant that -- a little horny estimate toughest in the biggest in the batters and then we get almost acts Paula -- Base that. I got any good -- story can bite here at our Barbara my dogged you on all the time. Now and now he gave it to here at the velvet dust on the bill now that -- just the actual Hitler and that's like you chew toy for this argument you're not trying to. You know trying to ruling appeared doctor -- -- Don't know what other expensive camp. Although Alex. -- I don't crowd are all about -- rock. And -- 18 AM. I guess you can say a bet they become rather doubt -- Why do you Alter. And now his oath of -- Beaulieu a slight bulge out. Clinton wants them but so let's let's as your average premiums aren't anybody's. Occupation. Occupation. And mix them a mixed reviews and so the rules which premiered last night on day and eat. And we had John on the show yesterday hello Sam. -- out. Are just carnage are -- Six this old beer or bank -- -- -- -- -- -- There -- in case where is fluid sooner like back then they Harden and development ballclub. About. Developed all -- often are retailers don't off until the winter. -- not so we got. So you have yet to walk around looking on the ground to find the -- velvet the the. I could I have no idea. Obviously not a sure thing after I wrote I wrote a deer and -- the final -- -- media you usually you hear what you mean you about it why he was he was like -- -- -- eating and climbed a tree jump on his back and then on an Amazon -- development. And there -- something. -- -- -- -- -- But it appeared for a while I was I was only 200 pounds and so he didn't mean arguably did precision in the landing mystic debt. What it means is he list hammered he fell out of a tree and landed on here and yelled at the year. And the development Canada this horse and only today does -- -- -- Bosnia a little fury okay. It. That the -- Is that Ray Lewis got -- -- Lewis arrived here three. Paula Derek. Good morning. Comment first bad about that testosterone supplements. A ticket and oral. All. Sure he doesn't play got to do is go to the blue oyster called after eleven and the -- back. -- The guys who are over forty. We take testosterone on a lot of guys taking -- GA and share. And having old age issues addressed -- -- military to finally get around it. Perhaps circulatory or related and Aaron -- I don't know circulate can you help of the circulation -- -- -- only one individual and business and I acknowledged -- -- -- amending go to your DNC vice brace prayer -- your way -- it doesn't really -- Think twenty weeks old you know they didn't I when I don't think as extradited they -- they -- protecting. Note in a car. During this came I want -- you know keeps. So we learned today that women from the majority of women will not date a man who is shorter than them. And they want a man who is at least six inches taller than the minimum and you back that out yesterday that's true patriarch guy sorry penis size. Now that's not there I don't -- him your girlfriend is -- and you correct yes everybody at least origins should it's. What are I want. So do you think it's it's just that women want the guy that looked like America coupled that did dominate this is probably say this goes back to. Like the development of the human speech actually analysts -- the -- that is -- sentiment everywhere -- -- -- our no real. Nobody wanted to date -- alleged decade man nobody was interest in the -- it and everything wanted to. Everybody wanted to tell printed on -- take down a -- though. Below John. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Unicorn and the team -- -- -- it is. Hillary. Hello Chris. Yeah business. Short. Which one agenda the girlfriend or -- -- mean they both of the Tuesday which which there's it's very attractive. Why I haven't gotten way it plays more so I'll be that. Out the it. I mean look -- I mean now. You know if you live and -- the whole life. Did that there's an image field. Of what's on the lives you know. Other's area or do you care -- you know we were talking yesterday about about reality shows nobody thinks that. -- LB dot dynasty is -- as -- -- I love that oh my god I can't believe you haven't discussed this yet I read some sort of major character died on your favorite show. Downton Abbey don't know how to tough it must protect and can't. If the TV section there -- with a healthy any any. They pour themselves or -- and they sit around and watch now it's time to -- the gap and catch a cab and they the Cray -- the frenzy and it they cry over -- -- now -- subject died on it it's like the main character and I don't wanna spoiler dollars for about it. I asked about surprise you know. More than eleven all. Away will it could be or -- aren't. -- Coke and Coke. -- and in this -- like in this game for congress to college athletic they don't you can't stop a quarterback that runs for 440 of its sixth -- 235 -- mosques saying he has the greatest receiver of all time. To that briefly earlier if you have an area that -- Randy Moss yesterday former New England patriot rainy months. Has now stated that he is indeed. The greatest NFL receiver of all time I don't. Really think -- -- -- -- greatest receiver ever I think now the now motor I didn't think I'm the greatest receiver to ever do it I don't think numbers stand because there is you know you didn't. You talk about this in this I think that I've had this year has been a down year for me statistically the year before I retire was down near Indian and Oakland was a down year so I don't really live phone numbers are really -- -- impact and which are able to do out in this field are really do think that I'm the greatest receiver to ever play this game. Now I'm I'm I'm tried -- trying to wrap my. Head around what he's saying well. Jerry -- says I don't know for a final series I think these three Treasury's three year -- says three more touchdown catches. -- -- but let me ask this to you in order to be the greatest. A positional player of all time do you have to have one -- yes oh yes that's the idea Danny is answered never going to be in the category with Montana Brady -- -- And so you would deny Randy Moss. Randy says I've read I mean are you on top. I'll talk yeah he's hoping top top top three receivers running those were at rice Yemen. TO. You would TO that the very line just -- I mean as -- what I write you know I wouldn't put him in the top three human being wise but yeah. I just I'm no -- no gym when it comes to life I think that's hyperbole. From Randy Moss soon and -- and is. Little bit of hyperbole. Political old. Greg yet create I think that that's what they're about -- -- -- -- that would -- there is the elect that the damage here but after -- over the -- here. I've I've really become the bat or -- yeah its US. And that -- we we -- week you are he has fewer. His -- on the text line 97107. -- is right not about the numbers it's about the impact on the game. A developer area ruins your voice that he's had the most impact on the NFL with The Who has won here with a New England. At that next Tuesday. Correction rice has four rings just like the best quarterback of all time Joseph Montana. -- experience Mondale won with young yeah. Pretty sure it's pretty shares. Joseph Montana greatest quarterback of all time Tom Brady is quarterback. -- And Peyton Manning's greatest quarterbacks don't and an -- is regular season quarterback. No way -- community and a rated is one more MVP awards and Tom Brady right. Does the -- -- again I mean you know you you know you get the MVP -- you know when the super ball. And 0:5. AM. In the mind though as you wonder why great -- the incredible. I got out the global. And -- that is comparable. Randy must this -- Greg Randy -- sounds exactly like Kenny powers. And I don't understand -- -- dad yet I don't -- -- printer has yet. Yeah exactly like -- about hours. Stinks what ETN. Quick let's go to Beirut bureau not boot into virtual arm okay. Because -- aren't -- or other animals don't pick only aspect we all know OPEC on the ball. Always kept that thought -- -- yeah. -- message can't make fun of that people but Taco Bell had to hole a commercial. Because of the complaints of the healthy through that that they said that they at Taco Bell commercial in which a person brings vegetables to a Super Bowl party and is. Looked at in a negative light reflects poorly on on a healthy people who like vegetables those two we don't want a bully. The carrot stick for yourself. They -- rank -- those people bring a little last celery sticks to work in the. And there's other Celtic -- Christie Cahill McNamee -- -- numbers -- A good. The -- -- -- action I mean. I you know I can't decide -- for lunch today I am gonna have hail. Or a piece of cardboard food to taste very know they don't tell that no they don't -- -- that today's vote over. For some cardboard -- -- -- -- what is gill -- I don't think greens it's like to see weeds Hillary Clinton was we would result we lose. Salt on it at this like grasp on every paragraph saying autograph got a good parent. That's that we do have a until later on I think the 9 o'clock hour that will please those of you who are anti greens yet the CDC data you -- haters out. Those are going to be delighted. Those of you hate the kale and make sure you're listening. I'm also 905. This morning why ravens fans are pissed about the fact cheerleader in the suitable. OK while alive ravens fans are angry. About these -- cheerleader in the favorable 905. What I'm 26. -- He deliberately going out on a couple -- there -- Delegate that's murder rate goes up. And that message. Kenny powers taking. Exercise Kenny powers taking -- year -- owner bill that would -- and the plot -- it would be. -- and twenty times he had. -- deeply regret but he had a thought it would start picking that up with whatever group that worked that beat the patriots. And that -- national I guess the maybe. That's true -- line. Greg I was -- And it wouldn't say it could be more from attack and to priests. Watch and be in the month which or at the end of how it's being jacked up out of there in the back -- -- On the latter more than twenty people are all. Right. I don't what are they were working here Rick how do I don't look good. I'll be a little confused. Yeah yeah. Yeah -- Twelve. 17 PM. Felt that Greg -- and -- Lebanon and in the capital they can't help but think it is important that are important and yet. Not running in water plant that --