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Hill-Mail 1-29-13

Jan 29, 2013|

Hill-Mail 1-29-13

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now each you to -- talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show resilience Gil de -- Bigelow calculates that content type catnip -- -- -- excited. I. On WK. Okay. Guy on the hill mail today brought to you by -- door looking to reduce IT costs become more efficient end. Keep your data protected and available well call echo Stewart today at 508. 5441313. Or visit them online at echo stored dot com that's EC HO OS TOR. Dot com and here are the best people mail messages of the past 24 hours. Takes control where he had. Take a look at what it's -- it can't get cute. That it sounds more like I am locked and I and I can't get back from Abbott. London and mine -- Me. You're earning him the but place that's not settled yet please let's let the prevalence of we will never be wrong and really -- not -- dimension Verizon spends his game and they came in them. -- -- -- -- I don't treat me. 14 PM. Oh my god why -- conditioned that third -- that feels. On the way over -- and also the last -- And let us they're assaulting yesterday afternoon I had a meeting. Yesterday afternoon with -- Europe now Jae Miller. Great and the object you know us and -- these appease the is that he's the man one of the all time -- -- Bruins at zero. If you re ranked -- top five program. And I was driving home at three and it started to sprinkle. And they have the disaster but they. The Congo line and plows out and get it down early -- that. It's utterly. Doesn't freeze on the -- into the money for the you know I think at this point we -- we extra in the snow budget growth was just. Monday he really didn't think. PM. Let's not play as stood out in the cold last week and a note saying sidekick and -- -- of some of their loyal fans protests all. A historic. Old copies in the. Then the chicken nuggets play them now here -- -- John Ferro commands. Grabs. That's kind. Big guy. If it's broken they know when asked if it's broken it can't be fixed today on every -- chicken got it yesterday it can be ethics. I 59 AM. It great if it's into acorn grab your degree in India but we'll see what struck ground it was that what's so bad. After I'd -- -- -- -- I you leave me that women. Ethiopia. And that. It does appear. Can you imagine how many drunk text scandals that Kennedy would have gotten into it on the technology exists to. At that time. -- -- -- you can just yesterday acts senator. Accent well now I'm in futility. Excuse me few. Accidentally. -- a woman and nothing happens and it measures -- I don't think drug texting means that you're gonna and a losing your game particularly killed. What. -- serial -- The -- ago. -- Thanks for -- -- all. Greg it's not your field category okay you're giving back -- that's commute into the government and it. -- Now. Well 78 year old former teacher. -- Deerfield Academy. Has acknowledged -- do a student complaint from the eighties again over the incident happened in the eighties the complaint is just. -- made that he did indeed. Giving a back rub it too -- student. Many how well overtime he would like to he doesn't remember which student he gave the background to I don't know if you figure after though when you're tied into a media fight I have. -- like to give back grabs on the regular salary line at the line it is and -- which do and it was. Have given him over the years I can't tell you it's similar background I don't even know who witnessed there. Magical you dad be on opposite you -- hands on your shoulders -- up on now. You know and how badly go into politics and so in the examined and and he can't AM. Bevy. Of crickets and the bottom until at extraordinary and it. Girlfriend bet that he's doing back in the box but -- back in our -- on the ballot I get on the next ballot. And now as the ring. What's that is -- ashes Dallas and have -- -- and that you're asking -- it was a habit. The president that. That's when he when he and asked again I think in my view it this summer -- India I think honest MI to -- Maybe before we go down to Atlantic City an ultimatum I'm open Mike are now proposing maybe shall come and maybe we can get married in Atlantic City do they do the same thing like it's probably -- probably there probably aren't. That's romantic yeah I -- it's freeway you're you're married actually. We went and married at the WA AF celebrity golf tournament -- my my wedding I don't know is -- while holding that and that's all of them winning their before 56 Richardson -- smasher and it's going to be all right so I'm now going to be there yeah it could be my best and I guess you know. I can -- reverence for the day -- at. They did several samples you can go to blessings unlimited now Victoria's wedding ministries who married on demands and fairy tale ending its blessings unlimited sounds like you might be -- -- -- -- the lessons of limited and from ordinary -- at the penthouse in the rubble of I think not it's not the cover above our problem rather volatile. One. Thing they've probably -- handle on related. That don't. This is WA AF and WA AF HD one -- robust then. WK after -- WK after HD one Brockton Boston. 706. AM. Great gift to cooking you're rational it is. While there -- only -- -- -- -- and real potent threat I didn't. Interconnected. Via bobcat the bobcat has the bobbed tail has two black bars on its front front -- the bottle caps is Fisher's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the things that dangerous. Absolutely terrified and. 7:16. AM. -- follower of Christ compels you. Quite competitive due upon -- Christ come -- coach -- Under that adds drag news Jeep that -- this -- this is alive and what's up man. I tell you what I am and great food in it because they watched one of the street Super Bowl victory by the New England Patriots last night. It's inspired a bit I gave you guys. Did you watch the on the NFL network the we wrap -- is that we watched they know like oh okay what's the idea. Well if you completely avoid all references talked phone calls of whatever -- that might be on this week in and replace it with its. Sounded from any one of the 30 victory. It just makes this so much here look here. As well as well as I am and what you -- -- -- going -- there and you know Amundson who says he's seeing Jesus seems a whole lot look -- complications. Background. I'm convinced that. Is hello Chris. A radio guys block out. Vietnam I think they're they look good teacher and background I think to look at all. About three weeks ago arm barber or you have big -- and why it happened in the semi yeah. This guy children's well -- call it brutal budget he would do. It not scored Deerfield Academy. Yeah. Us. Yeah large order -- -- I particularly liked bird dean of the school or something is somewhat more alert cute. That -- received a back massage and several teacher. -- -- -- -- That check that out and there's like 97 -- order pilgrims on so I don't. You know it's really did this season any season -- that Don Cheadle show where they -- -- and and that it's a real and count more occasions pretty it. It's a what's the name of that -- -- on showtime. I'm having like I hit it now on how that Weis house -- it is so good there in Vegas right now it is really -- it's really good. 7:14. AM. I would probably have kept at a time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or is taking on two different. Our job we're talking earlier this morning about it was a New York Times article about women. -- apparently it's a new trend. A lot of women have everything planned for their wedding and they don't even have a boyfriend that they have booked like the ladies in the article. She booked at ten years ago she booked -- -- that the place and topic the food or not Victor. It's flowers coaches that have a boyfriend movement and its bitterly. This is should be planning. -- 21 AM. What I read like a dead negative lycopene is on the black course at seven and a half inches walk. In blue -- -- Kind of day. Scary thing going on in Hyannis a five year old boy. Has been threatened with suspension because in an after school. Program. He fashioned egg got out of Legos. And Red Bull and -- color maybe -- white. We don't know but apparently people were terrified. -- -- -- -- -- -- incidents playing Malaysia is five -- a pretty accurate rendition Dahlia. I'm afraid that could you. More than 21 AM. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I hear everybody talk about being let go big what color I don't. And it says that's the reason why they don't have boyfriends yet. They're bad ass grades and really I mean if you want to think about this gentlemen -- you met a woman. And you happen to tell you first few days -- by the way. -- Austin for the wedding I've got everything booked plan now. Tells that the system in widget runaways who is buys on the line of products -- -- like a month and it's. Just a little bit alarming might give you cause for concern. 7:27. AM. Think. There's more that they definitely didn't. The cloud over the Yankees Derek yeah OK okay. And his potatoes and gravy Mac guarantees. Have to decide. Very tough to decide. 622. Little old. Over under for art and get -- that by the year what albeit that kept them into. -- -- -- He ends up being a male stripper when I mean that that video is just a paper tiger Monica's such as down it's just depressing but it's it's amazing that. In Cuba. There's this video of this woman's. Forcing -- -- -- three year old that's amnesty and -- minutes. Yeah now. But he's sure to get away from her tattoo artist he's pointing holes here do this it's it's like well what -- It's awful it was awful. More than twenty people or any hand although it will all is that I -- go dead heat drought or Andrew. Alimony are -- but every time I have. And that. What's the deal with interest in you know. On this guy says. That all the ladies that he knows they they post on the way myself on binges and that's making planners out of every single woman. That the problem is everybody stuck on interest for fifteen hours today and they don't actually get to doing anything now. And then interest that the -- get mine in my ignorance that. You plan your wedding out on interest -- -- -- -- -- worried are you familiar with the concept of Patrick OK so basically -- don't know stuff you lakers when you see things online that people do a lot for crafts home improvement projects up to do with the kids. You see a photo online -- something that someone did nearly always like that so you pin it down to a boards if you like -- winter activities for the kids and somebody made a -- -- nominate you it. And then when you click on the photo that's on your. Bullard quote unquote it brings you to the website with -- the blog post -- the instructional whatever it is so when people see stuff online that they want for the wedding or whatnot I have a problem doing in the shoes. They -- -- to their board. The only 87000 pairs of shoes on here on your interest yet. So -- now like this -- that I mean if you're not gonna get married like another fifteen years there's tons of stuff there. Everything we've picked out completely out of date by. I'd be able to go on inside job and be all about the rate gifts and -- here's the text 617 tax status what's crazy is carrying around your dead father's ashes in one pocket. And an engagement ring on the out. That said -- and -- it was evident in the -- -- them the only known as the growth might -- a ignorant. Find think between me and warm. No mention those boots today is you know old man died that day all day all call. Well what are not dormant they're a little created. Girls and the maintenance.