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Jon Niedzwiecki "Southie Rules"

Jan 29, 2013|

Jon Niedzwiecki "Southie Rules"

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule -- WA AF dot com. John and it's Wiki so the rules tonight on any Jon. Heyman. You know I'll be comes and -- is being done -- the place. And what's that. That is involved all the do we -- And not on a school night. Let's go down -- only anybody congratulations. This is awesome I'm so important. I am appreciative that you hear it and let -- have a lot of people call it saying that. We're not as well be all be that the Hollywood actors yet where -- of what Iraq is. In basically what it comes -- to do is. You know we got we got -- irises. It is that it documentary -- you know it'll all drop one -- how did you know didn't. Eighty hours of outpouring an estimated. There is certain it it it would get sick people so. I think. A big part of what you all gonna see it is yeah eight it's forty hours media. And you thought about a minute you've -- enough for -- it's forty hours what. It -- for forty outward. A recording for 22 minutes -- -- extra something in -- what happened it you could actually happen. You can literally do anything with editing in any. You know it is it that type field it was because that is what do it it and we've played the camera a little bit to get on. -- -- in words what do you guys live itself the and they brought -- across the country are or what. Okay and so the show is I read a little synopsis of it is essentially. You guys live at the house and kind of -- he got -- leg is that a elected dysfunctional family kind of scenario with the yeah. -- Where -- dysfunctional family. End and we show you that in in a comedic wrote like so we don't we are trapped up there and help fight you know. Drug -- correct -- like that we we show you. But ought -- like we got part of -- family it is something that that we got the opportunity to be a part of bank crisis absolutely she you heard it. Production company was looking -- a bit later it still have been a triple Decker from -- And I was so little over a year ago -- that was basically to -- Cochran. And be they made it happens that it's been a long process if we get wrapped up filming and. Yes bought. Now listen. -- August oh -- -- mom. Okay that your dad. Okay that's Wally it was -- to village on an interview that you and your sister. Yeah I mean might sit there -- my brother. Well. The principle we have a brother Matthew and then my brother map is brokering and and then they have there could be that mine he's going out. And mrs. Coakley says married Jerry who is not -- ability they have a daughter -- detail. And then -- and then and I get the hinged from the inaccurate. Comments. But you're about to be a reality star ditch the checked she's hot have you seen -- isn't -- -- you know obviously different not to room. -- -- You know I say that want to over there on Broadway and says that I'm I always think outside the wanna come on these shots that you can take care. Well a couple the other day. -- So there's tonight. And we're talking -- 9 o'clock to nine. -- kind of block it who episode 101030. 1030. And and so that basically. Based only said. No fist fights. Nobody -- Sounds like it's not as nothing there was nothing whatsoever a man and I don't know if it's. It's going to be it yet. Basically. You know it -- everything we know -- bottom -- focus on the negatives earlier -- spoke on the Bentley common. And in Atlantic City is built more a reality modern and did it the same type you know I don't want I don't -- but that it would -- You are probably greeted by security trouble but I mean that I did some of the market -- we -- aren't. Go off somebody reacted jobless is that wait is this your girlfriend in the and your Twitter avatar that you -- -- amendment and I -- that have you ever call us I think that's the policies -- -- -- happenstance. I and then on the guys end up going out to route nine at doer now. Aren't yet in a couple of those. That we have ever and basically. Yeah if they want to focus more and they'll be let on and framing him as much as I get the most out of the way the -- Did commit pretty much all around -- it is like Adam Opel a couple of the -- Well I'm gonna watch tonight and my -- than just a week yes some. It wanted to check in with bull I'm yet to rule -- we would get. Lots and all this kind of stuff. We'll be all the money you want it more all proven ourselves and we get reports and a -- you do. Then you know then then we talk -- -- -- munger outlet mall but he. And they told me answer. Yes we can -- it's senator -- Lines announcement and John -- passed its ethnic. Needs Wiki -- John and its Wiki. Sell the rules tonight on -- John thanks buddy -- idealist than -- we'll check everything -- here.