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Danielle Says Something In Spanish That Sounds Dirty But Isn't

Jan 29, 2013|

Danielle Says Something In Spanish That Sounds Dirty But Isn't

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. And down unit there and make sure your child can speak Spanish -- in Baghdad yeah. It says something in Spanish what do you say title in Mexican food sounds dirty. Yeah before we play -- now if you -- 6179311. -- 6179311223. And you can win Bruins to get through Thursday night. Here's the text I just checked out pitcher -- the -- version of interest. But there are still pictures of cats. But ask any pictures of cats that are that's disappointed that you make you feel better -- yes what can he catch it on the Atlanta and they did. It is. Time now for Danielle says something in Spanish that sounds thirty but it isn't. You tell us what it is get it right here on new way to the Bruins game tomorrow night. -- me Thursday night. One -- I missed those they call me that Sheen learned. NBS Como el Nino and Warner bomb blowing in via the liking him more time. One -- those fickle -- chain there ABA school more Nina own and you now bomb born in India him. Hello Larry. But -- what's up Larry. Are you not much you Evan -- You sit here. And now believe that. There was no chance this -- for got them and get people don't hear it. It's the -- -- diminutive -- Dave. -- -- -- Ever -- paper here I don't want. They can't they get here to there. Does it mean she can't even be in school -- Nina into a bull bull in India. World. And other things she as he answer -- there. What's up there with the answer. -- Yeah that's with us that the last one and it sadistic on me she EBS global mean you'll in winnable ball in India. -- -- -- No baby Leo lighter now had no idea. Jason hello Jason. I'm my guess says hey baby it -- must go to -- -- game. The key is in the very end of the very humble and is only the area that -- O'Brien. You got arrested in China during LG milieu where white can't. It. Would be a positive -- Tony. Quote. -- -- at. What they hello Joseph. Joseph. Or not but are there any sort. College what are good out. -- -- and it gives Kenyans and hey preventable we'll talk LP will be able. Is that it. No no no yeah affairs are covered that. Well don't mean you know hello -- And I am no good sound like no BA conditioning by the public. Because you always try to -- -- -- for the fishermen plates we're talking about that the other day worldwide. Yes hi how are you going -- one yeah. Yeah application on a credit like. The the oldest -- -- all -- that they feel like cute like an column. I don't want thirty I'd greatly reckon I between. And -- -- Chinese leftovers -- -- this involved obviously this involves opening. Johnny Herbert well yes and what -- Yet though he had direct it's basically like -- -- like I'm he would collect in I'd. -- is that is is -- and then when they're Chinese food leftovers LB is like a kid in the candy. -- asked my work line from Italy -- you wanna go to the Bruins game. Yeah I can't look at it. -- -- so you go to the -- game one there is the united you you know hockey. -- acted like -- brewing where you probably want. From the Dominican Republic but I live on our night. And I want to hang on for a moment. -- 6179311. Day after you like to be on today's show that is -- Danielle says something to manage it sounds thirty. But is not and it's either loved or hated dad and I I I I I get it everything I guess next the mixed reviews. So what I am reality shows are --