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Co-Ed Cage Match from Today's Hill-Man Morning Show

Jan 29, 2013|

Co-Ed Cage Match from Today's Hill-Man Morning Show

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. And now talking to a man and it's a convenient and that's the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians out of -- people didn't go ahead cage match -- I'm not big on yeah. Like the CB amazing -- On that and at the Wilbur theatre on Friday then call right now 6179311. Area of 61793112. Story. And you can play of girls this morning one of which is from saint in Muslims and the other is from UMass Amherst. And yesterday creep or where we clinic. It's fast. The castle -- Exactly what was wrong and I am pretty sure he's two girls had been drinking really -- that he hammered by a sound and that's just this is they are normal life while the Monday here in college what would -- be sure that. You know day in an ambassador from -- God's got to go to Africa. Well let me to go -- Iranians want to turn name Sophie okay. -- of Phoenix at a scene and some -- Ayman harassing me dad there ever occasionally -- that thanks collect -- soon. Take the majority of my time but I do writing I can what type of alcohol do you drink. My favorite thing is captioning -- -- payments during an evening when drinker are you very sexual. It defends its commitment. And it's they boyfriends. Proud of laying back at him and I probably not an. You think I might have a chance here at. I don't know I mean maybe. Thanks so I'm kind of the -- maybe where you handing out free backgrounds over there. And again tomorrow and then she sounds like she's kind of approved news -- -- the other girl what's her name. -- this is he's gone he bond from the UMass in. And tiny one and from U -- immigrants and setting pilot though the science and history. I am in Jamison tiny finger down my both my parents from Ireland's stressed the boats though. Where alcoholics. Though he deftly duplicating instantly deftly -- hanging and going to college snatches up writing it's about about getting the full experience about the academic experience. -- social experience speaking of being social. You having any sexual relations with anybody. Yes I am. As a business. Marker against Kuerten -- this morning Perry do you think he's gonna win in and -- OP. And -- blind during the questions. Pubic lice also known as crabs. Are going extinct the extinction of crabs is caused by what. I would assume is because people are getting property. I was seeing that as you look people -- being -- actually active -- safe. When there engaging in sexual intercourse. But I have not come across any of my sexual partners having -- Speaking of grooming. What is your grooming technique. I got a lot of skin can't you stow it. For it became and showering. And I am very vigilant in that respect -- think agreements you mind if I inspect that you are especially area. I think that's a little bit too much disclosed at this moment we don't really -- into some months. At this never. You remember the answer is the Brazilian -- eliminating the grabs two out of five women believe it's acceptable to watch. In a text message. And they keep -- Possibly. Sexting I mean terrified I snapshots sent to I think I think sex thinks that's to five. Definitely and if I was lucky you -- iPhone what I find any sexual photos. First -- have a Smartphone because he has. Secondly. You apparently it would yes. I'm my reggae Samsung phone Hewitt and they. On the answer is ending a relationship. -- it's -- and the relationship via text. A new study found a good way to keep you from getting the flu is to stop touching watched. Anything on the commuter subway and take them everything on Sunday and their full. Of Germans and so does anything on anything mass mass transit authority does does anything in time. Do you think if you stop touching other people's junk it would prevent. You from getting reform. It depends very prices if they properly groomed and if say you know that obviously if they're written impressively don't know then I think it's totally the question. Observers need do now you know they groomed properly and they take care of themselves and they sanitary. That is perfectly acceptable. There is your face. Really nothing good news for. With John and everybody's upset that you -- -- a great Irish -- for us in parallel to close -- -- -- -- -- media matters he definitely matters and how -- she. -- -- all right and I unfortunately she got. New questions recklessly and so he does he study made a list of the top ten most popular things women steel after -- one night stand what is the most popular thing women -- after one night stand. Toothpaste. Pants -- sweat pants. Did you -- -- fresh -- and you want to make sure you have pants on -- what is your experience with one night stands and scale of one to ten you like a five expansive. One night stands. And what did you steal. Sweat pants and -- if -- out. Right then number on items stolen with the jacket slash B networks though can you relate credit on the -- dot com has ranked all fifty states in Washington DC how much porn. They watch we're in the US is -- watched the most. Is that at -- -- amendment to -- my thing incident act. -- Evans and I would thank Kansas. What types of experiences have you had with porn I mean I guess it Blake and Al. Yes well playing me and my -- there remains we where we are very instant at this time. Here. Exposed that the time of they're shown -- Indeed your role playing and -- in. -- now. -- just like as the real thing. Answer is that Washington DC of course Massachusetts ended up others. But she is just the fact. And very good pro Obama isn't clear that -- final question for so -- -- from saint Anselm according to a new study. Chubby female defendants are more likely to be -- by male jurors. Then by female jurors. Prom -- hit done. And had sex with the defendant after the child what is your courtroom scene -- -- Could be -- I am. And then judge it be lacking in the -- wearing overalls. As they did on the that's. Bradley. Out. Works for me. I guess well -- the answer is set to be found guilty mom mostly yeah that's I guess she got here we've got the -- thing. -- it's a -- from -- Muslims ends up with -- half a point for barely beating you bond program from you and I didn't hear that name.