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Hill-Mail 1-28-13

Jan 28, 2013|

Hill-Mail 1-28-13

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAA asp dot com. Now each unit during the talks. As the Hill Man Morning Show resilience hill -- I kept. They've done all right we have the other -- -- -- On WA. AF. But you have both settings anywhere we can tell -- that we know about so let's get it. I mean we've had a lot lately -- we didn't have any of the week indicated the so that that was good. Here are the best hill mail messages of the last 48. -- plus hours. 5:59. AM. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- over copper. -- good I didn't you know okay furor. And that -- I -- a Austin's. As -- over the weekend. Opera and now some believe. Had an Aaron too drunk tweet or two. Seven responding to sound the some Twitter tour rules -- now. I know how he feels people try to get to -- -- so I mean what else is again -- right other than one ever but he dismissed the public that it. It a few extras that connects to keys VCK. How exactly cities fell whenever and that -- final he. Be firmer -- is beat Hugh WH. TV. VI. RL WR and access for 182013. I mean. Look like I said earlier dissing appear that guy lost an election. I mean. You know anybody that you have the right drown the -- those old days and every page now you know in that area. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Problem. Seeks 21 he had. How can go out and Wilcox. Can all bark a lot of grew into liquid. We'll call. Condo bought this bunker on Kurt. -- now out for the season. Problem who knows I don't drive thirteen or they'd they'd -- beat Miami without. -- last night itself on the -- -- I'm not too worried about it and the have wanted Miami Heat they are able to beat them last night they'll be able to. To do it again and I think probably. You know my -- holding. Now Coleman now Paul Pierce and -- units parlor did last night and I was more DG's best games a year. Last night it they do last night take. Nineteen older. And I'm not gonna -- -- make -- cadet caught the dot dot -- track and big blow up. And the mentally. And though mum my life -- -- -- -- ask you would love for me and loss could appear in length and of course at about seniors -- going into the -- could look up. As you know I've come to come to believe that I was put on this planet just to ruin lives. For failing to see a well I think. I mean you've made -- made some lines and lenient to think of all the joy you gave to Bruins fans over the years -- thank you all this. All the pleasure of the media all the autograph photos the young kids. Younger because he had patriotic -- -- without thinking about particular player on our own as you may grant that my great I don't know point that's viewpoint -- I think about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Twenty any. -- -- -- an old man inside and a bit -- play your paper today. It was bad -- in -- repeatedly and to quote apartment feel that the break out of. -- -- -- Died in the beer cooler and convenience store. It was that apparently in Louisiana and the end zone gore offers heart. And in there like what this suggests that like 1021. They found an excess imported -- the next morning nobody nobody did. The very attentive convenience store employee did notice a dead man in the cooler the next seven or eight hours nine hour bug light that. -- -- We covered this earlier. Several textures are wonder wondering why. It's wrong four's Scott Brown to be drawn tweeting -- and previous. Office holders of that same particular senate seat where perhaps a drunk driving people into in two bodies of water. And leaving them there so let's not get sillier rules textures on you know. -- -- -- -- And try to. Collective and detectives give me if I don't feel old flying over -- -- -- more than a minute they get that bit about what it back so. In the next little while until melted away -- total -- state that that sign. The -- -- analysts and he'd have to understand. You -- humor don't quite illness -- askew is my little bit apart on board members on the oh yeah the part thing earlier and just skipped right over there -- Bird's habitat there may be -- belt success. Good morning -- Course super -- I I went to regain. Friday night -- -- -- -- -- great when your calendars but I have one problem that you have probably had an experience where it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- IA -- against fighting out of the downward -- whatever article I don't even in the senate you know remembers being by opening and a but it is conduct I don't understand that ruling council you can help me out. -- says its third man and that's it's the senate tossed from the game and but -- I agree we -- to complete joke. You know and I mean it's not like the job well but but thirty minutes apart she has jumped gonna grab the guys meaning if it is you know again yes. Yeah live with the officiating big Fella that. Despite this month and way of him that's what I -- smile analysts. I will say 250 dollars for the Greg Hill founder -- authority and his goal that awesome though. Thanks to the city of busting credit union for that. And no Hillman jinx because we talked about it with the audience Thursday on the scores trying to -- -- undefeated but we better early. I think we better bring that up with him on Thursday again. To -- that the box. Keep score at all sad easy kid this is WAS. And W HD one west -- bonds and WK. And WK FHD one. Locked in Boston this is Josh hello Josh. You ever considered and convenience story clerk so that the guy. The -- I don't know that parents should -- the bad. Early this morning. -- in nineteen old. Export and that the -- being -- and -- peer. You're at work and and it is getting appear political. -- hear it there and the the horse that he is set at like five times with complete because I thought at the right word as -- -- now. Now that's known there's no word deciding dissing appear dissing appeared now I mean you could try to. Created -- phones and the united I don't know I don't think will happen I mean the -- the same disappear and dissing affairs until you -- -- they have -- -- meaning and important. And 14 AM. Okay news good crowd. Well can -- what. What color guard -- -- -- you know really. I'm more merit Truman did it. Getting the -- and I love elementary school to -- Girls is one outstanding in the eight obviously. It's an honest sorrow as Anderson you have. The greatest job we -- hand is lines there. It's gone before you know who snatched away you know having there sitting there waiting. Waiting. Maybe perhaps find out when the next election's going to be easy and around for governors -- -- run for senator. Is he just gonna have another sake who knows -- there who announced. More than fourteen he had. Eight that it golden tee it died after a broken odd that the iPhone apps like Google I -- -- -- -- -- you -- right. And -- I don't know why any maps smaller small a small cinemanow. -- How did your bank among other users of the penis size. Smallest of the small -- I was in the low percent unfortunately -- -- -- category on the other category elected the way to measure up is basically I need the smallest condom and known to man -- ADB's yeah Xanana -- and they have a actual condom. For my size and by -- -- and they. Nice direct link that they say tried to plastic -- is around the chapstick. Agreement is that they they sense that sits in again that don't register at but the. All of -- -- I just wanna go back up for a second on network package approved you guys that status correct that is the word this thing appeared. Whatever -- being -- is to appear. -- -- -- That's generally. -- -- I said -- a piece of fruit earlier this does he appear I mean that's the whole republic of discussion yeah. Plain and O'Brien. It that route to. Hey Greg what do you got that extra -- sake that you got to go on -- ask you about. Mary Ellen are you may have to do aren't you glad you asked -- -- yeah. Gail -- very attractive. And issues that led them music video for trying to yes -- -- -- thickness yes. Ernie loves them and am very very very low road and your opinion very lovely. -- 18 AM. Celtics I don't all god he appeared there -- one goal. -- -- -- -- Indefinite pitch. Because controversies the run and don't demand the -- Legally and triple doubles here at Avery Bradley stepping up and yes I'm only in the case of the -- make up for like he's apparently went thirty points a game in the yeah it assists and points -- And now can be tough but you know like you said they beat Miami wants lines and ranchers and -- -- -- Miami took camera. -- -- -- -- So I will say that it was nice that he came back after the diagnosis and sat with the guys you know lines some people say he's got a bad attitude. If he had such a bad attitude and he was miserable I think maybe when it is gone home -- I think that's. That's pretty that's pretty cool on that he's the man he's Libyan leader would you trade KG now. Tell me if you are if you -- inning I you know I just I really like to -- managed a -- he's he's you know he's made me made the all star game one of the best best big men. -- right now but he got a chance to get some form he's kind of the end of the road and I agree with you you know you go draft picks Hugo noticed. Any they need a point guard you know. -- all over again. One. And they create 59 PM. Edited by John no Rondo. -- -- pick one thing about my injury and its effect remove it from the -- he's been. -- Is that guy who hit the -- 75000 dollar shot -- yeah you know I don't Friday night. I was -- I was pretty cool. Thirty would you would be Italy at 32 after that Texas -- -- 33000 us attack -- -- alliance I remember only you know. Why should he. I mean all he did was -- a half court shot why should -- benefit from that in this country that money should go to everybody else I mean you know what some in the ordinary guy does give some discerning my grandmother of one million certified program that it makes a shot. There than LeBron matched to semi five -- the boys and girls clubs and everybody wins but. -- -- -- Hey John. Jarden play. -- in John. Code 9 AM. It has -- the go to all the another thought -- I'll call policy at the open there. I don't think it. Why am I. Have bogeyed. -- I understand -- for a histories and everybody needs to -- their nose and his business. A bunch of idiots that Twitter tour. The drinks get deeper in Seattle and you see him miss spell or whatever and on Latin movement the last -- that and -- And thirteen AM. Didn't know regardless I'm so confident these -- whether -- -- and very true hoop. What we -- in major doubt regarding NBA doubt. -- -- -- And that message yeah it blowing up and go for the -- of the lottery Kuerten and number one. I'm now KG everybody's texting and saying as a no trade clause -- I guess you can't the -- agree unless he wanted to waive that right then you you can't really -- Can you explain the are they going to do it that's the theme song for the Miami Heat. I was. I was a big themes I. Now and they didn't they didn't do commissioner Dan. -- experience. The army going to. For equipment. So obnoxious earlier through UNESCO the -- so. Think he -- old man. OK we were -- calculated. Content if -- can connect in the hunt and try to. --