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The Mantown Girl of the Week: Nicole

Jan 28, 2013|

The Mantown Girl of the Week: Nicole

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Shall we bring in today's miss mantown -- yeah yeah yeah -- -- the line and ms. Please present her name is Nicole but what would give me a must burger on the -- Good morning. Power you know at Harry an excellent nice to CO NTC now what do you deal. I'm an Ani a -- eagle on -- -- excellence looking for an enemy my kids are middle -- and I that yeah you need anything about. I don't know -- -- I am trying out this mortgages went bad direction of and now how elderly kids using one and Kerry won and today. And and the father ever -- And now he's he's barely around always been treated it's expense is gonna -- yeah colleges also has placed accepting money list. Well -- Nicole. It is our man pounder over the week 25 years old and a nanny is that what year is that we had to do what you do you are you go to school are you doing other stuff fair. And for now that's what I'm doing announced what you're doing that money are you out and live in nanny now comic of that -- Mean my god knows that though I wouldn't want it -- ones yeah yeah. I -- treat you like you -- It colliding sea attacks are now -- that's a 50 waiter says the lightning and pictures horrible. I'm back over here let's find that taking everything into exercise gospel but -- -- -- stand. -- and obviously -- my job is this -- these people and that's why and I. That's why oh lead. And yet at. In that relating to wind down there radio -- -- there is taking a photo that has been able to adrenaline thing and it is the stick to batter. That the better picture of the call -- who is the demand down Guerrero of the week. Then there. And McCain on week on -- I've mastered the technology. I didn't press you've come along with a couple of -- a lot of people saying you know the very beautiful out the Yemen have been very beautiful. I'm seeing and what it's like I think last I checked it Democrats. And -- the Brees needs a nanny to take him basketball through my son doesn't mean means you'd be willing to. And and number eight I don't know if that's with them on the fact she's an inning. Gorgeous imagine waking up to her every day in life span and -- the movement ousted but at the Greg where -- Greg that terrible can however take them off. -- -- All right until. You know naked. No accountant but we have some questions -- your friend over there that's -- thinking very attractive to. And I -- -- Now economic act on complaints I hear she's tiny. Spinner. And Mario that your friend is a worthy of being a man to literally I absolutely dale athlete tell me one thing about her. That would maker -- Because not only is she beautiful. She is a seat she now teaches them. And it I get a test and in the end announced the two after -- -- certainly very ever get so drunk and wine coolers and ought to be passed out in each others arms now I don't think -- I don't -- never -- that once again and what's the craziest experience -- and ran together. Either I mean I mean you either having -- differently -- now give me give me a little hint. Where was that where that her. Friends for two -- we had more avenue friendship for us now and you know we'll get there and I'm listening she's bringing in -- your -- it -- the story. Yeah. I -- on the pulled. I have some questions trio of -- they are traditional questions that we ask of all miss mantown girls of the week some of them on -- coded. For for our enjoyment for a long time -- enjoyment I'll do my best to explain them to if you don't know -- -- of act out so you are 25 years old. What that was the what is your cup -- Eddie Floyd 34 day and real. Yes the only real -- and -- do you have any plans to -- are you comfortable. -- You -- yes. And on me yet to find the right person and any floor yet that and then yeah the now when you say you thought about it just because you -- -- bigger you -- one would be rounder what like what what do you think. How big Aaron began and make it bigger than -- didn't back here. What was the siege. Which you lost your virginity. And terrifying -- their daughters. In. Obviously what where where where. Where did that there. At his house at his house is and in his bad. After school there. And the supervision that's -- -- doing that morning I was ground -- -- yes and it locked into where where his parents were where this and it -- a week what were very weak so both skipped school or something is Eleanor yes the impact. Now and I don't mean to -- member you wanna set up some security yeah it's on wells and I have already. Not always win tennis in the it's alarming. Com. All right so -- you stay with a -- for awhile and you dump me immediately on -- and a few months and carry out nothing to hear what is yours. What is your total number of partners. Thirteen thirteen. Here long. -- and others. She's on -- -- at the Atlanta area that's like one here as -- -- that one year and the top one and anybody there and when you had a -- anybody in their forties I now we now know why. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Goals and one. Range it was -- answer -- -- what would be the oldest guys you date LL BO is once and divide if I would have like five more shots I'd -- Russia with all this -- probably. A 25 what's all this. Factory five -- it is what it is what is the oldest you have -- I 35 -- and what's the youngest these days. By how many I -- and -- it and know you know no Smart guys parity and the -- image I wrote about it and I can't thank -- -- -- -- Andrea -- As a group we like us who -- very -- because. I mean I mean -- I know it. Let's the. I don't know what this means analysts there for twelve years thank you for making me nervous for the first time members. Father as a or bad probably about. Let's see here's attacks 774 -- thirteen partners that's twelve more than steps. Tom and I -- going to -- a derivative that allegedly. Thought that a bomb. What about the. Provocative girl girl action -- now. -- was would you would you call yourself bi sexual urges the just experiment this -- and an amendment yeah. And did where might that have occurred for those who are driving in their vehicle. Going to there the drudgery of their job he might just -- a little bit about. The may may be the last time. I'm at my house inside your house and I and Marty or -- -- was the kind of -- you undergo girlfriend and I friends look at what LeBron came home things capital sleepover -- and. Bug light that's that. Nicole. Is. Main talent grow. The week. On booty shorts or her. What is -- Europe and these. Not bond like that replaceable batteries that achieves and that's where that taken by the way. List OK look like in route to me like -- -- and there like that it makes us look like the neighborhood was shot out -- it's definitely -- -- Can. And nice and again I might re tweet that they -- on I just -- -- who doesn't. Actually want to do a photo issue. With LB and me excuse it -- interests. Well. I do they are. Gonna give me a heart attack according equipment like what I -- you gotta you gotta give me sixty days to get off -- that's -- sixty is that it is he eating out of sixty days did today and return had returned a solo and -- Jim. I'll be tweeting a picture of it -- million -- did he won his it's gonna look the same given sixty days -- I had I didn't they'll have to sleep but I -- -- -- Yeah. -- yeah them what's the photo shoot about. What he has gonna do when I don't now. He isn't it isn't like me and him -- wealthy well they're gonna fight each other a brawler it's -- just saying yeah that's now. On this flight home I'll bring that tequila oil -- -- and. Getting new tattoo in honor of the photo shoot them. May partly couldn't get -- -- you -- picture averted a new report unbelievably like who's gonna son whose ads that were a good race up. And yeah. A couple and I like a photo shoot with strong third and my other half. And -- And you know strong -- us. I was you don't Strom Thurmond was now now I know my irons as good scores you know treatments -- my grandfather views now the appropriate song hello. Egging it and knowing that I believe in god what's that all our lives but I'm -- see Omar -- agreement. What could. I'm glad I might -- black guys and -- yeah -- -- and I. -- -- Jolly -- I am not a and rails and Omar's smooth see that's bad news for Novak zone in -- got game being -- challenge him and I'm sure I'll tell you yourself. And that what color is your challenging. Clinton. And and you know that you can put a picture her on FaceBook -- -- -- -- -- a picture of Europe on FaceBook. The call. Is. -- girl of the week this week person one of 2013. Text -- says this interview was gonna make your bonds more creepy. I probably will Wear questions are rewrite all the questions as well from from memory helpful big golf. Or Wagner power partner. That is a question. About. It was not right now there'll be anyone thought. -- needed in the end rundown now meanwhile albeit you know why you -- photo shoot I mean you know in any differently. Now would be. That. Would you. School which is that's chewing tobaccos those people spit chewing tobacco big golf you know you can imagine what the big -- might be. And of course you can just visualize the Wagner power painter. What was her answer the ordinary is nothing like governor Chet seven to six. Has it all right and big pick up. There. The United States revealed that I finally click on here's a Texas as the call I swiped your photo to the right now joins -- -- Yes formula. I -- do you accept many. Now -- thoughts via did accept that I don't think so I think yeah in me and I'm Irene and -- English and I. I haven't seen -- here -- the -- they don't want in the mustache. At rallies late last night with the fact that. I'd like to the left no -- I'm going to be on site to a room that's Indian nicknames like -- -- it doesn't work as it's -- hasn't worked for me have you hooked up with anybody on tender. And now now I have and I you sound like that you lines can now -- -- Yet yeah it. Now what do you make of this social networks the stars looking up -- -- via public to be hooked up with anybody and -- differences that are now now now -- argument now -- like any random person and -- and use that you're still there's usually -- analysts analysts think. Are right -- sit and spin or missionary. Yeah. Reverse count on me. Meaning did that it is an option it's like this terrific amount I think we do we have. That makes for some reason this is how I've been doing the show for too long I think of I thought of GM in immediately singing and ride a -- -- it and -- got power and that's where it National Anthem at a soft on I had made yeah the guy he's -- and our eyes he's -- do you notice up on. You a soluble like supporting guy and a softball game like news that the kind of woman you're like is that a -- it's very similar. Portfolio and some articles available. Ellis much different. And now she's eight. -- completely and since like these guys this is dozens confidence issues he immediately goes for their friend he disfigured ideas notes via I had analyzed -- -- -- telly this strategy what else that we have -- you what does it every scene do you prefer to give or receive -- call. Ball both. Thing I'm most. -- it. -- a couple that up. And then to begin and and doctor Monday Hitler and not well known that the value grooming. Doctor bond. B and making them motion. And linked from -- its -- via an overabundance. Of things Mod Squad and -- And and -- self explanatory -- subsequent. After about an active -- and yet these thousands and that trend was made in America that does not doctor Monday was not very popular anymore. I just ask aircraft that crosses yeah. What about your finally -- -- no tax impact shaped -- -- body before photo shoot yeah. Corporate entity. This is -- Well let's thank -- so much for. You're one of the best meant under league -- Iraq. Excellence. And technical yeah I'll -- and every aspect really an interview -- now we're gonna have a mantown -- sometime in the next three or four. -- -- But he went yeah definitely. The compete for big dollars and you know beat the other girls the moment than than they could be like putting wrestling we have for you know what it's going to be with it now and it's -- -- -- and integrating -- -- -- let's hear for a the cold. Let's don't -- to Wear like pants. Now now. It's like and I don't anyway okay. Get sums that. That's the goal here on the Hill Man Morning Show.