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Opinions Under The Influence:Sara and Ariea 1-28-13

Jan 28, 2013|

Opinions Under The Influence:Sara and Ariea

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. And now I've learned in my life than alcohol is a drug -- Hi this season got so it's a -- the opinions are under the influence. Many days. Maybe you can bond your ex wife stuff does want to -- that's. Guys love the show but why does your app keeps freezing on me so yes I am somebody check out the because. -- is tweeting me about that look in his cold if that's. Yeah. And it and it out and hit it it -- down you can download our app right now for your iPhone for your Droid. I have to do is text the word out. The 97107. Text the word out eight PP. 971. Of them and and you'll have our applicant is -- where you where where you go. I'll work two or wherever. Are now eight PP 97 most of white pants question mark -- you think that means somebody was listening for a yes yes yes. Two individuals who work for my a Greg -- foundation. Report both wearing white -- this week yes they did that I joked Caitlin in that Aaron. I informed me that there's this I think that if you Wear white pants you. I don't know how I mean this is a family program right. You will -- You would use something. Not as an exit but as an interest of I think that -- -- favorite word yes right yes Hewitt so that's white pants is code for that so if you see anybody in white pants. Then that's what that means all right let's get it both of opinions under the influence. Subjects today. -- when when when did you meet these two ladies -- -- -- Sarah Mets Sunday morning at about 1 in the morning okay Sunday morning one man very intoxicated Sharon in Boston or where or Asian financial mr. -- -- them -- in the financial business this poor girl was. Hammer -- I I wish I wish I could have videotaped -- him because the things I was doing and not being able to respond to know some of the funniest stuff I got I am I've ever witnessed Noe broke could make it through the interview you know. Just trashed and we we should meets our first time well let's meet surfers. Sarah and hammer rage and bug light that's about it how -- -- you -- you are absolutely. Adam. I know that every now. Absolutely not and why your party and it is a -- when I am what else is there do you know. Nothing else to do that Ray-J rage -- And Husted and Kelly yeah. -- -- -- -- Raging 2013. -- -- -- -- I don't my greater rate and a radiator rated 2013. -- -- -- -- But to host I don't -- writes Sarah -- with Sarah. I have point five inch sort of average tiny girl she probably about five feet tall OK I get you very beautiful street -- out. Gorgeous varying opinions under the influence in the mean generally try to ask opinions. Line current events topics of the intoxicated that what did you ask -- I did this one's got two questions -- a proud first question I believe it's about. 10% of Americans sleep naked and then the second question we get into skills that are dissing a fair -- in the. -- Doesn't appear. Like that's not a word of what you thought it doesn't mind. -- you know this isn't all that being negative piece of fruit to get into the job -- the Ron Jeremy Brown in my. This I mean that the Iranians and -- There has been missing impaired. According to a recent study about 10% of Americans we make it. Well yeah. -- is their noon. Sleeve but Nate didn't really happen. -- -- program. And in. -- her link di un. Is. And the -- also laying me deceiving crank nannies. Seeing it now where. What are your experiences. With sleeping naked lewis'. Revealed at Phoenix's. Game Jersey. -- that's a bad day. Who doesn't. A new study found. Thanks to technology in the fastest disappearing skills in the world are. -- writing mental math and reading maps reading maps. And I can breeding them that absolutely not but doing Atlanta -- is -- -- And a mean injury amounts of rain go laying in the afternoon it played some -- against somewhere in some what is 10% of a hundred. Fifty you know. Eighty. -- -- that ask payers rate now. No one because we're raging in Boston a -- that at. Drinking K years. Wow. I think you are out there. Always have to get some pressure is done after that -- and that was it all but let me -- yeah when she could barely walk -- reference had to come over with the -- -- and didn't can drag our thing -- that aren't -- miracle boy. Everything at certain points out that it sounds like she's so intoxicated she suddenly got a southern drawl -- like you. -- match it may happen at other at the beginning. But -- -- -- another Atlanta part where she's dying about the maps the raging them them the -- get what racing is they're out there that's a constant theme LB is raging 2000 that it did. But they. The maps and who doesn't need a map. Again where there are going that is it's certainly something that she seemed to. Get a little southern on us who is yes during that segment. There of ease of math and. And meg glad it reading -- not absolutely not but doing no but -- math is the facts. Threatening injury amounts of rain go laying the yesterday it played some it's against somewhere in some. -- -- obviously. Com somebody that you wouldn't want to I guess guide you on a trip if you're going on the road trip map wise but sounds like she might be a lot of fun to drink some is it some -- -- what she said buds I resides inside my body like raging on the by late. All right the other girl was aria aria and when when did you meet -- last night Ocalan southeast and South Korea what time let's say it is. It's like 630. X and -- and literally -- -- for this -- well as you know it's the -- everybody I had periods of the present. Stats don't whine don't got no you know I she definitely a role in Ireland yes she did -- how old -- -- probably but -- at 23 to -- -- -- definitely younger and then we'll let me know. Names are hand in South Boston -- train. Podcast occasionally because you know if you don't tasted it and delicious. If you asked me I'm happy mood. I'm happy. At that you're on now like it's great. On it. Good to see you good to -- president. History. -- -- are you very sexual when you drink how absolutely who isn't you know who doesn't want section during. You know I mean I mean does -- do you think I might have a chance absolutely who doesn't have a chance on the bank. You have a chance background even chance. It down I mean. And she's so while images man and you understand -- Boston's awesome. And orange and move here in Boston because -- used to live there to be better. Ab section Aaron -- there. If you -- have -- it's like you know like a less chance of paying out people in Boston that's the fat when you hear you're like. I think app not even in Boston is live in Boston to be in Boston tests exit coupon -- It live here you live in Boston to be in Boston -- -- give them off. Mean to be. Absolutely. Here to be here yeah -- as she can barely stand up and and ethnic. You ought to be that new us a reality show which premieres tomorrow night off. That's what -- So basically she's saying that in order hanging out people in Boston you have to live and in the veterans of people under. You did. Sex seems to be a theme for what she's done about -- -- chair -- I guess they're quick opinion Greg on the same question I asked the other -- about. Reading math skills and -- variants and a new study found that thinks the technology the fastest disappearing skills in the world are handwriting. Mental math. In reading maps. I mean who doesn't -- cleavage. If your mail you'll love it and I appreciate that but. On Nike I would have cleavage so I was just like. You can't just. Maps -- oh no no no no no I can't do maps I can't UMass I can't navigate anywhere GPS it has -- -- be. Yes yes yes yes but it knows it's not you know where to go. And I would no way and that would no way and that's up what's I mean just that but that's what's up. And what's up. Mean who doesn't cleavage. If your mail you'll love it and appreciate that but. Mikey I'll attempt cleavage so I was just like. You can't just. Maps -- Oh maps 000 hell yeah snaps buying anything else so I guess this last thing about ways Jesus -- -- Well ladies ask your question on Amanda was busted for giving -- and then. Eighteen year old -- of Florida. Has been arrested for filming himself giving way g.s to people. In light to be a part of that but I mean it. For anything out the IDs to be able to -- funny it's like it's again whoopee cushion. For. The and do it correctly. Or they don't. -- -- -- What are your experiences with its -- during sex if they do that and if it's a mouse and I don't appreciate it I would say. And get out. The and now I -- a joke. And onetime well and a buyer. Niece's friend and he just. -- So John Hackett is completely wrong but anyways -- with the here is -- and analysis found on a scale of one to ten how drunk are you. -- five he didn't. And I -- yeah I'm out there. Ideas. There's always an aria and its Arab before her opinions under the influence hello Kevin. Yeah. Yeah. So maps and rational fear. Of these ladies and he -- and I nation and it don't have maps no I mean does it mean. Mean sure Duchscherer. Back -- -- of -- -- To the program.