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Boston Red Sox: Daniel Nava

Jan 25, 2013|

Boston Red Sox: Daniel Nava

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Joining us right now Daniel mama who -- it I think intent on doing some stuff with the rats are being -- Doing great -- I was earlier we have our guys spaz over here. Who has not had a great life together he has not had ever been very light up and down. We refer to his life as the stink of life and an in and he takes. Particular game when others. Are able to makes success things that that -- may not be the best and I was telling him that in college. As a lock on you basically didn't make the baseball team and you're the managers and accurate. Yeah that's completely accurate -- you enjoy that right. Yeah. He feels because now you're playing in the bigs and I -- college you're the manager you'll get everybody water. I don't know how yes I was bill Madden you're our parts are being hopeless. -- political spending bill. -- And and -- and then now -- to place for the Boston red side and I beginning a lot of treatment now. But that's though -- -- the first thing I would I would ask is the view. Spent time with the club last year appears was it. Wasn't as bad to mar row -- as bands and and maybe the media seems to believe. No it was you know that think -- we got -- a little out of -- dog Nina looks -- situation a lot of injuries and are. Once that happened in. -- it's very easy for. Singling out but we'll go much worse and actually work. Yeah. New manager certainly makes a difference are. In your fan don't assume. Oh yeah Nobel -- amendment manager and I can't get it get rid of viral in the end of the get rid of the -- inventor and -- a now the new guys here. Still her -- AT&T certainly do good -- -- great that they -- But that wouldn't. Yes. That you as a -- them that's still a bit -- -- -- And now -- -- doubtful they would usage jurors and you know the rest starts. As a robust pace earned it and I think your order of arts industry is excited you know what happens without. Did have you had a chance to read any of the of the Francona books stuff yet. No I have that is it's picking up. Are you get that is why here's but I think the a lot of our product -- Jerry. I had. -- -- -- you know you've been around that locker room was it was a chaos with the music you've been. You know what it's it's a force and a lot of -- And LAB is that's what -- senator Lott. Has popped up in front end I'll always guys got this file but -- sometimes. There is a little truth and I think it's taken over toppled the -- ultimately. Really didn't fit the player manager or -- about. Daniel -- -- -- that Danielle would like to ask you question yes Daniel if you hadn't hit a Grand Slam in your first Major League at that. Pretty think he'd be today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As look I -- presents data about them. Yeah it is that it now a lot of guys that sort -- up about the addictive drug have eloped. All of the title after that. I was -- I folly like Twitter and and now I notice some. Messages about the 49ers. Are you. You forty niners fan you rooting for them in the C rule. Well are I'm from the Bay Area I grew up. Thirty minutes from where the niners and giants play and -- that's my hometown team has. As sponsors you know won't -- is BI hasn't stopped but I built. Out you know. Boston I -- now. To plant roots because you're out of here but niners. I am so sorry as ever -- -- art. Yeah -- -- did you did you did you ever get to sharks game at cal spectacular day. How are no. Young. It is so much which. Are now -- -- he -- he played. This in Jose sharks yours thirty. Not LB what was your last year the -- of the sharks' history now and how old were you Daniel in 1990 tree. I don't ten. Well absolutely. That's a good question is so I was I thought maybe your dad might be taking your yards game and you might see in the big 922 Carolina on the what it would help -- as a matter right now. Should come. I'm -- I'm -- yeah. It was -- now is is the story I know your that you just got married congratulations on a hot. -- big business story that you left the ticket. Her Aaron Andrews every game for three years is that true. You know I don't know how bag in the story got all that -- whatever -- glad I left but I -- a lot of really. Eight yard field morbid joke to do you know talked -- you know that market. Collapsed there never was. Intent on doing -- never -- But I always about that you actually something you know despite whatever you -- just -- today and other guys start billion you know in your god is near. You know Lancaster South Korea acknowledged that Imus used -- -- the Lebanese. Whitney she's just -- that -- -- like yeah yeah the Yellowstone in its turn in -- her being burned. Some hours. Unto you know what it's obvious you guys is that it would. Yes I'm speaking of that so I text there wanted to know. If you had to if you ever had to have plain and independently you're there are. Single a ball -- everything ever had to have another job. Him not -- I did hear of a guy go into deadly what I played in enable office. Who got her that she actually got a site. I'm certain games went to -- person guys -- broke his thumb on the ground. Incidentally Israel having Florida and you decide delivered pizzas here -- so court. -- -- Great great great job yesterday met a friend of -- He's tired are you don't let you hear. Yeah yeah he's a little community loves the yanks he's he's -- cancers it's. He said to say -- that's the reason I mention. -- they knew about that's sort order and -- yankees stands downsides stands. -- experience about a silent except but I bet. Daniel can I I think a -- as our -- guys -- the Yankees outward to yesterday. Joba Chamberlain who called you to welcome to the Yankees and apparently you can hasn't called him back and he's a tad bit upset about that. If you attic like get a guy like that who tended to throw out your head every time -- that way and then you were teammates would you column right back or would you wait -- on the person. I don't know I don't. I don't know what what will be history between them in Romania. Maybe you cannot be so -- to help but there's some guys do -- -- -- they don't call it -- not so excited back in the eighties one of those guys are not much serving. I would try to get a guy called back but. I don't know the situation -- public. Now. Though it left. And in it's on left is basically going to be a platoon situation and I love you you gonna face Friday's Johnny get a -- these of that kind of how that's gonna work. I don't know you know hasn't been. Expressing that's what's gonna happen I don't know now understood -- -- -- -- team that's -- training and then what happens -- -- -- against -- but -- -- But actually -- means that this can be your role I think it's so. We are trying to wait to -- -- -- -- at the. Aren't -- yeah you're gonna they did job makes yours right. -- That jotted down the trend in my we group roughly Infiniti California. Actually seventeen injured his older brother live on the Gena -- Let ability manager for so small world. So I don't work out and so now about steroid case his child out there that are -- adult sisters that are now my -- just happens that. Here's the text that says hitting a Grand Slam in your first Major League at bat. Is kind of like losing your virginity to Kate Upton. Exactly only gets like -- that. And yeah yeah program Red Sox Nation. And ends. -- start -- about Pedro Martinez. And you know he's he was named special assistant to ban. And that there may be guys who I have no idea who negro is. You -- there I mean your your your almost thirty years old so I'm sure you do but how do you think Pedro is received by your teammates game. I think. Any guy is playing this well has -- must respect for so when it's. But what he's done and there's obviously well I guess you really have settled his that is in the if you guys are special that they are special pitcher -- -- it's the big games those are things that you have in respect for and in fact if you are going to be. Eric ballot it was dark it was but I think their diets. -- C figured brazen plaza was it moments and it's also are open he told that it that's something that broke it and despite royal Soviet. Viola you have stark both Pedro he's like seven. The committee hearing began when a series right here three years ago and by years ago I. Well I ten now at what what what you think there's a while you're putting it into a rare public ratings -- on the and as I do need a little obvious is this is a big big concern for its vaccination can -- your wife most of pitches online I can't find. Cigarettes are like that I like to look at all the players -- studio and I was and I distant lands they search. To -- its honesty she's hot. Addled Elliott and they'll the other elevate into -- about it but I love -- -- -- -- -- -- look at the united. I think that's another ethical situation -- you guys that you and a lot paying job Daniel so it's wants Obama and you're doing some math and went cracked. Yes tomorrow we have the respecting nation. And down you know come apart and it's partly -- unions -- Serb Obama Elvis then and -- -- them open auditions are appreciate all the wells. Merger actually I have to listen I'll be going on yes -- check out. Yeah and video game wise say your Xbox guy what's your fairway what -- -- I like to get destroyed wrote me. And even on that topic. I site tweeting about zero dark thirty did you like it as much as I like that. Are. You -- I love the idea love I love I tip my son knew it and his buddies and I I thought it was. You know we've you know the stuff about that this is the CIA agent bowl was compelling stuff and and then. You know when you get those guys do in the raid it's it's riveting that is all. I was locked in particular that you are in -- -- really. Yeah no it was it was it was fantastic. All right well listen. There's a lot of people who are a lot of people very excited about this season high expectations over there at at Fenway. Daniel for you and your teammates so get everybody in line over there later. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know IE it is popular pandora and his. Go with whoever our -- because no Coke off a. New and -- Obama will come most people -- what are you talk a lot of the baseball guys are country guys or you country and. Country mean. Golf. Oil whatever not too -- as long as. Yeah making you know meanwhile called sleeper go or rather source noble -- yeah. No no please don't be jeeves and then. A lot more. Than -- -- to -- If they were let me find out a little bit more value if they -- gonna bring -- back in the clubhouse what brand would you choose -- Not -- giant bear the costs in the -- You wouldn't usually straight -- and now it's. An ethnic. You are quicker here. All right Daniel listen thanks a lot for coming on good luck this season and sure -- -- did again during during the season. You got a regular ears open where you --