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"Are You There Drive Through It's Me Lyndon"

Jan 25, 2013|

"Are You There Drive Through It's Me Lyndon": LB interviews drive through workers.

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. And now knowing that. They Hill Man Morning Show bruises and don't go up and look at all yeah. You yeah drive through he'd see me -- So here's the -- you know day. As a big fan of the drive through and impact will make a stop most days on the way home outside. Various different do you like the you're an equal. Equal opportunity guy you know every player that ever plays it as it. Mostly dunks and that -- -- there -- neurosis announces the launch got time ranked now he'll go anywhere but I but I don't know I throwing him -- Mickey -- and join a -- can't throw battling for Wendy's what's convenient care C a gift she's my supper I mean that's like a three there we separate thing. So well besides that while he was there at the drive through. Might make sense to -- To converse with a drive to people about something that is going on why not maybe it's tropical sure ever. And so -- I -- I'm sure does -- let us get through this right now LB game and there is he's in his truck growing as we know down and he is that the director. They feel valued and things cool did you catch that inauguration yesterday. The first the First Lady looked awesome. I accidentally hitting the outside and yes -- -- -- she got the new America with the banks and everything that was awesome RL as -- Well every everybody is getting there America all the ladies all you girls are getting a haircut like that you might have to check it out there. You go Republican yeah. Can I get a a blt. Salad wrap. -- -- Christie -- Yeah up. By any more and that I'm a big Fella. Can I also get the the whopper with cheese. Just a sandwich. And the BK double stack. Apparently yep and then a large orange soda please. What are the -- it. No that's it you just have an incredible data -- You don't they quit the. I mean. And how well she urges sometimes she was taking -- -- -- an honor. And if you ask that well. Maybe do it when I stopped it and -- to -- your original it and -- -- -- of the at least -- announced. -- the -- You just ordered so much. What she was shot my -- it's not that much he does that every day. I think it's that that means RT and -- -- guy -- -- Irish knack. He went for the crispy on the I was gophers and effort by. I was a you know teach your program is that and that's Wednesday. -- it -- and -- -- anyway it's like the happy. And it's that's the appetizer -- and there. It was did you have a salad all the stars in the rap on the Seles in the current mental thing to salad. -- -- -- Is. LB the laser show reveals all that excellence cells what -- another drive through next week. Another the drive through there and Levi in a bad the other and then we understand their -- people probably don't ask him much differences that I want it's -- it's always want want want you know register image -- of formal -- -- Hello I just looked to me. Greg how are you today let's -- think. Hey yeah -- -- there's interest -- inauguration because should take about yes yes from the sharper action and closed at bats and just doing what we crossed a real Graham. Please. That is a not -- not in a franchise that. I think it didn't get to the outside and two and I don't get it. A -- Are you are you there are derived through it to me -- New segment here at W hello Steve. They -- up its -- what's going on me and -- that you do. Thanks well hated the station covering got LP expense account not just gonna break the budget that is. Without. Yeah. I just say it's multitasking I'd be there anyway so -- I don't even think that they allow me to -- you know. The united it's nice and it's not something I'm doing for the station although like that once that particular one -- -- have -- -- -- better come with that tend to home buyers and uncertainties. Bill but it's not a real dramatic and probably go -- hard now do you. You get home to -- do you -- it. Yeah rapidly David -- was to grab bag that -- passages John by the end of the parking lot now I I like I said it's an obvious I had the wrap. On the way castles drives -- -- douse those rides through the TV on. Saddle up -- the high atop the that that cannot get a blt. Solid ground. You know that when he got out there. -- I tell you why you're the salad Iraq -- computer wires. And other fellow Bobby. Or are Bob -- -- that reaching almost our rights act. You're eating right. Or did that. -- a lunch why. And you know I'd I would -- -- a double B Jack. Up it's really it's the.