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Hill-Mail 1-25-13

Jan 25, 2013|

Hill-Mail 1-25-13

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAA -- dot com. Now each you to ended talks. As the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians feel may help. Are you okay I'll do it. I don't know he would bubble. On WA. AM. Well today. But do you buy at the door. If you're looking to reduce IT costs become more efficient keep your data protected and available then call echo Stewart today. At 5085441313. That's 50 wait. 5441313. Or visit them on line. At echo stored dot com that's EC HL SP OR. Dot com and here are the best they'll mail messages of the past 24 hours. Think he thinks all of. It's. Our digital ready or you're DG energy better. And don't let -- contest they renamed the the New Orleans NBA team name now the pelicans terrible. Did they -- contests of this like a winner suggests I don't know when I had no idea -- -- It's some goofy owner LB with the turner with your vast. Professional sports experience what do you think the worst professional sports let's go four major sports. Football baseball to -- inclusive talkie now. No Riley could -- -- that you get Michael. CFL expert but what a while I was gonna say what is the worst name ever. All the time. Other professional sports franchise why Ed did do one thing it's always told me about a sea of fellas this is catch one Rough Riders -- right area. That sounds a little bit the Saskatchewan Rough Riders kind of gets Rough Riders -- to -- one word yeah and then the Ottawa rough. Riders all they have this two words about you have you have two teams in the same totally with the same name. What about here in the United States anything that they. -- rock and I had. I mean the jazz did you tell them my best in the mud hens is no. The mine -- -- -- you're going live in my own -- and finally American colleague major agent I mean that it's the at least with the G ads. New Orleans is known for that I mean I guess maybe noses and. On propelling the reason why they say they picked the pelicans who was as a symbol of the Gulf Coast region and it's culture and also Louisiana is pressing initiative of coastal restoration and wildlife conservation. They're thrown back in everybody's face about the oil threatens to drag and I thanks deep water that. Cost him costumes equal funny opportunity down their spaz are gonna -- -- -- pelican and a tough guy and winning -- by what they make like 300 every Indian Indian mascot right wing echo unit they're gonna review a sentiment in -- in our top of the building -- -- around and chuck -- held today. Several techsters. I think the -- to those on Montreal Expos were or -- new law -- what was the next well it was like an expo is like a big. Not a fair Irwin does it in the game and what was that I think when that when the Montreal Expos were formed. If I'm not mistaken it was right after the world expo was in my Treo seven worlds fair for a -- -- and I'm going to an awful terrible. And brown ally that figure out there you have that's the only thing -- if you that they only -- -- just point out what's our city known for oh yeah. The world's failed sounds reasonable. Washington Wizards at Texas as wizards at worst name ever. Is it. A -- shot. Yeah eight or what's up. I think got one of the worst -- dynamic kid throughout the Mighty Ducks. Yeah the Mighty -- claims disaster movie right he had kind of lame. What about the California. Golden seals on the when he -- when we're going they weren't cool -- bid ask you -- and -- -- more white skates and a member of rabbit they had like the bad meg -- as -- data -- is not that was yet. Minnesota Wild fun where that. Columbus Blue Jackets I don't mind and that is that the civil war zone on the it is I thought it was about six compromise. At the broader public enemy. Dexter says that the New Orleans team should in the craw daddies across. The -- No envelope and. Good morning -- They are not getting cancer we have a double take a baseball team the Fisher -- -- and wanted to contact you -- to an indication before that. And somebody came up the beat New Hampshire primary. And that's how they can think about look like club now you have and we can call them than Terry's apocalypse -- -- The New Hampshire -- weren't born. There. He Blue Jackets were inspired by the civil war -- I guess that's that's a hello Carl. What's up. Questions how did that may be bad -- Well well the -- won three out of a little bit. -- -- pirate attacks -- like the pirates. Error happened with the group. What would be exposed as this doctor says what with the -- supposed to be the dealers yes I would admit that we're Calgary I don't know what my future. Israel -- That her. The nugget it's a text it was like that I thought now. That's it smokers want to Gould pressuring the -- units at the same for the 49ers he can -- -- -- -- the same -- and a -- days. -- man above the Vancouver and not enough Baltimore Ravens. Well you got John can -- don't forget it's their right Johnny parents have a problem with the ravens yeah. Now is that is that an Edgar Allan Poe with the Baltimore for at the rate in areas that just they just pick a bird Jan. Who knows -- has noticed that doctors can research was going through in a casual round analysts to a literary giants. Their time together therefore establishing that even though I didn't go to high school guys -- I have self educated. Here is Hughes a blow out of. Yeah I -- that's what's your name. They both come out of Seattle Seattle founders and be out -- Sawgrass Supersonics animal like -- and it's super sign I don't understand. It's just plain and if I'm not mistaken -- that present inner. Going invented a supersonic. Speed. The rocket or whatever they came after the rockets from -- back. I don't know -- I got an understanding that -- -- -- -- sonic -- technology supersonic and Sierra -- socially and -- and apples but it's risky job -- Steve Jobs. Even jobless yeah. And yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Americans all right -- buys. Sure what's what do you think you made any any particular professionals like baseball you're a baseball guy. Right any particular baseball team names and -- that's inspires the the the horror and -- that you're getting today from the that makes people so any treatment from the north you know I say there's one they're called it's the third -- the Yankees. I thought that I it. Those guys below a name blows I hate them. And that's that's about it the the the certainly the the ravens. Indeed base running around Pollard he's saying he died in Baltimore is that true -- that it's is there an eighteen point there -- there you know there isn't this the circumstances of his death -- great thesis back in those days they used to get people really drunk. Yeah and bars on Election Day. And drag them out to -- several different places actually changing their clothes at times. And they think that's what happened and get beaten over the head he was a very lightweight alcoholic he also had some kind of disease that. -- made him get stronger and so they dragged a morale through the streets all day making -- different classes. Oh yes they'll keep us. Alcoholic. Drinks a shoe are you ready for title fight and I their oh we're still do and that's as recent title again at 930 -- ready let's bring it on Hillman and the -- that. There's only 4:49. PM. The men tried their people this question to get sexuality. Agreed to. -- -- -- -- -- These. Kirk did ask your views yesterday's exit salute it. Now I -- -- from and you have to throw the you know over the top well I had gay and not even close to the game. One of the theories. Many theories and -- making the rounds is somehow you've created this whole scenario. To cover up your sexual orientation. Are you -- No hope. Far from him. Far from that. I'm I mean it's -- far -- -- navigate friend offers exactly upbeat or I'm out the question you. I am. Well up it's here at death if it was. -- -- -- The survivor in the world I'd give us tomorrow I think what it took a look at what we're looking -- I get picked -- right. It's about and a mechanic. And needs and that there was to it you know did he was and it was as -- -- it was an okay because it's like you know what it's not my day is not okay I will value. It's amazing. The news via voicemail messages that he played sound exactly like it should act like that it was good sounding like object which is weird -- it and it is a check now its -- near the guys now here it's again. The New York Post confirmed this morning that it's it's that you -- nine -- -- so par it's his cousin erroneous cousin Tina played. Glenn A Tacoma she played for it so she was apart of -- -- she doesn't -- okay ago. And allegedly according to a source that son named to the post. She had just broken up with -- she got dumped via bye guys and -- and she was horrendous episode I so I get through and I have my side and opportunities and -- lark. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- could I sorry guys you wanna help the message but what if I had that element. What did you have a I had the voicemail that you -- chlamydia by you asking. That. 21 -- Yeah Al Gore showed or border area you're outta my ball caught -- -- -- the message. Then takes -- he Foreman Ian. Who the candidate -- great. And I'm. Another. Night in in the moment. And. Well -- other car out port can create their faith what you try to do go big arm. And let. Oh babies yes maybe -- -- if -- am yeah Oprah. If they're protesting health records she uses a cream on her face that is made from the force unit made yes yeah. The first probably a baby's arm. Was -- the baby's expecting one to two dozen protesters. Are going to be a big way yet. Thinks that he can use all of I'm gonna put Peter bock and I like. It declared a -- of dismantling its. Well office that they've lost five in and around. Couldn't really get the ball to pierce last night for the winner medal ever have faith don't worry about it so -- season. Thanks since two weeks old and. There I was. Oh it's great now my cast iron pan -- When one door came by and -- I'd be able government I can't say look Feyerick all right you're -- did not -- political purity. And that message the party. So we get the words calls league night and Friday. Careening toward it would break -- speed that's correct it's 705. AM. Like Al Roker how idea and I. Gotta go. But -- weapons. -- Earth Baath Party is way through the lighthouse. Dumping dumping -- -- -- caller on the way to crop dusting his weight of the White House says that. As we like to say. Think thinking can -- warm. First -- -- knowing that my beloved column are having eaten it actually it will come into the world I don't know well locate it. And let me ask my doctor Leonard hair is -- power that you clue on what I'll include. For a rough week. -- That's real that's -- I can't get over that column ethernet. I had lunch and our cal Perry -- yesterday. And he ordered count but you're like. Like -- units and you know that's big right by an actor and I couldn't bring myself. Did you watch as. We have he noticed that tasted like ignores it and it is really boss and I and I never. -- this column not a diet eating pig who. You can't have cookies yet never again. And ignorant. But. Never again take me -- We -- comfortable. That terrorists can go right. It. -- enough -- this is what he thinks his brilliant theories. Yes the patriots are going to trade mallet for Reid is not a deal yes it's going to be something else will be somebody else but watch yeah. That's a -- -- jets need a quarterback he's a guy sitting he's a talented quarterback. -- -- to quarterback and a couple of years but they're thinking right now of they need to win now the group. Hello John. Hello everybody -- because admit that tale story is evident but also -- people are crazy and the Junior -- lawsuit should be dismissed without merit. And LB at Texas says it's tango mango not eagle eagle I don't know I. -- my kids it's Americans and American Samoa yeah -- about that OK I'll take okay apparent. A bonehead. And I was always line and I was gonna go oh yeah 5050 OK maybe your -- couldn't hear or don't guys rock hey you know lately it did me a favor go online. Book a trip for you when your girlfriend of the tango tango and look at I mean Archos. And down -- in the middle of the Pacific follows your shoots -- a nice trip a Los -- Segregated obscure about the aperture. -- they have -- girlfriend. I'm getting I'm Perry did look -- man. -- is saying that an elbow and LB's case when it comes to bread crumbs it's Banco Franco. And iced out ankle Franco is delicious all these new. Segment. This morning coming up in about five minutes it is called are you -- drive through its -- Lyndon. Are you there derived through -- me Lyndon LB's new Friday segment coming right out. 718. And -- It correctly and spoke -- -- an indicator or get a technical -- it very coach -- I. -- Then yamana framing him accused of the kidnapping that pizza delivery -- because he wanted to be his wife Mary though she arrived he said while white material. Are you lock the -- and years you're not leaving. Let's see Erica quick question for the Texas as quick question for the experts NFL. Analyst in the room do teams often trade excellent quarterback prospects within their division. I guess that happens very frequently in the NFL. I want to -- want to get this question another good question back debates do they trade. I shut down quite a Pro -- shut corner to their biggest rival -- all the time I've made a trade at. I'd I'd trade just about anybody on the patriots outside of Tom Brady evidently that's. Brought a name. Hernandez I guess I want rivas. I guess I guess the question would be do you think -- the jets would wanna make the team that crushed them this press fusion even -- -- -- a load that we're -- happens. -- hey you look those are probably do it and there get -- -- of -- -- about being asked if you're gay. The citizens and natural and the clarity gay -- use JOS. The Africa. Somebody wants an eagle over the Palomar thing doing most of the Kalahari do you eat in restaurants. Or good percentage of them. Is actually. The -- and the pig. It's in this game -- act immediately that -- the amount of data to them and they flip it inside out and what's around -- you're not told that I would usually it's imitation though pulmonary imitation I want art I'll never not asking you math now yet to. Omar Riviera you think Jorge work in the Fryer and it came from mr. Obama a point last year your manager this this is actual squared -- it's big move on to anyone if it looks like it but that smells like it but it's. -- 21 AM. -- -- I don't know if they have beyond that you have all of our. And the message that it's. 720 pearl -- That is you don't need to soccer the -- you've got the ball but you got the ball. And at that -- We are we listening to a year ago mail messages he can leave one -- time -- 617779. 54. 63 hello -- and. A great great joy and I'm I'm great it's Friday and get rid of the called the big -- the -- bureau got -- -- or are there no question yes. I ordered shortly future rate drop off to you Pete is well and. The I'm my mother was now occupy your -- yeah I apologize maybe next weekend. Knitting a sweater for your caps how did you know what you're doing -- buying on May be that crazy -- the action figure that says somebody treated yes I saw that with -- The vehicle that's my future. 708. AM. -- brother bought acknowledged. So accurate picture could possibly -- turned back over that. What -- -- -- -- these bowl title opt out -- equatorial topic out okay. A little bit lefty hitting me.