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Co-Ed Cage Match from Today's Hill-Man Morning Show

Jan 24, 2013|

Co-Ed Cage Match from Today's Hill-Man Morning Show

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. And now talking to a man and it's a convenient and that's the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians out of -- people didn't go ahead cage match -- I'm not big on Sunday. I pistol warm your -- goals this morning Adolor does it. -- single digit support batteries or some ridiculous thing like that. Many -- probably. -- -- seat right now because of so called and he can't give the heater going TO -- -- it's miserable so this'll warming up a little bit. We have two girls today let's meet them we'll start with Rachel. From Boston University. I I'm rates and I got to Boston University. And and like to have a good time. Typically what is your drink of choice. And unlike type out. If it's like he'll I get pretty wild. If it's lion I'm pretty mellow. Like ice. And -- makes me pretty happy at anytime of the day are you very sexually active when drinking. -- -- It at that high -- -- mean. You know miles. -- the way to -- asked the question yes it is always how we queries in these girls this one girl right so this is right after the -- game on Saturday so what's the street is that cause -- -- -- -- -- -- one of the -- itself Neil Diamond street yeah. I better I don't like wrap up the -- so one of the bar is right on causeway on an and the other girl is pretty much right outside of the I like it let's meet the other girl Megan. From Westfield state university. Timing is mag and I got it last beyond damaged -- there are lots of party. I'm on the -- team working he named Matt look to have a good time. And will you be having relations tonight. Well I'm interested in selling out of my own hometown downtime in the buyout -- thought what if -- a -- Wanted to have since. Yeah then I'm trying to find out Tuesday in our blogs. You hand and in my name again. Now yeah bested. They go a little. Little winter break sex before she goes back to school that she's a cheerleader but it's pass back story on the on the question yes he had his Jersey -- -- She is wearing -- unity and humanities. Age get online Alley Heisman I think my media -- -- she's hanging around in the locker room yeah the gold medal winner there. All right this is I think -- that I contestant they might be related talk clock it is apparently. Pops who is playing public yeah. -- pops. Up I thought I'll I'll. Play it. Everything got very did you play everyday. Rule we usually think of other people a chance polo pony. All right well let me. All right Tony do you work outside or inside you -- -- going to be freezing. Quote break and tired out -- On two girls Rachel from view and Megan from waste fields -- as they call. As the winner well watch a lot I don't know what and nag at -- let's. Let's see how she does -- today's questions according to a study by the University of Maryland and Columbia you'd probably get a raise if your boss as a lot. Are above I had any kind of interaction my boss more than a personal level like a factual level or like Internet bubble -- probably generated by a definitely agree about that ruling is winning streak. A jacket rate and -- Would you have relations with when he a professor is far better agree. Me being out. Today and maybe I get depends on my breasts and Ali and the patented all the Clinton situation. The answer is if you have a baby girl you're more likely to get a raised via the baby boy. You're more likely that your page up however don't I don't know I don't know according to a study. John shrinkage. Can be caused by what. All hot -- Cold weather cycle the water hanging call him -- games percent and do you have any personal experience opens yes. Goldwater I mean a way like it's picking. -- got -- -- straying I mean the difference like cold in general make the difference it's a little cold -- right now who would you like to see if I have shrinkage. Out. -- And -- -- match out like fame. And you know the ones what did you use discomfort. -- -- -- -- So now okay -- The answer is actually prostate cancer treatment and who is -- the average. Penis shrinks to one centimeter it could be it could be as much as an inch and a half. A new survey had women arrange their biggest fear is according to this study what do women feel the most. Okay so -- like enter prompted rally your father early do your homework there is someone you don't wanna be like seeing naked island I would be aware steered him away. Someone you definitely don't wanna be naked and I like you wanna be seen in diapers you're interested not -- -- not family not coworkers like anything like that. You don't wanna be alive interrupted by someone like. How would you feel if your father walked in and you're having sex. I would be so all in there is like I would be murdered I. -- every honest Firefox favorites on the iPad that's probably the words like worst case the area for me my my -- -- -- that point and I needed. Do you think your father has shrinkage. -- Big about that I don't mind all my Brothers street is like about -- I think being. That and that's grown -- on the amount that. She brought up the numbers three fears the co workers seeing you mega number one fear for women is the dentist number two is getting on a scale. Oregon and happiness and applied. Over meg -- from was always -- stateless CL Rachel from BU does. According to a survey on telephone habits 45% of us. Juries are phones during watts probably a meal I don't know I feel like I see people like when a matter restaurant and usually just on their phone text seeing have you ever heard use your telephone during sexual relations. And find the person. I mean if there really boring in May be alternately grant act and any chance I can maybe get a neat interview with myself alone I mean. Now. Nothing you know. Clothes but -- I like -- bullets I mean Pena and Tara Conner that much better than Megan's noticed respectable making America mega fight off the lights out yeah I pray I. Good -- life I think she's done she's right though it's a dinner don't you if you lieutenant. I wanted to one more question from a sure way to planes anyway so sorry Tony the list do one more was Rachel. New survey figured out the top three reasons women don't. Allow their underwear what is the number one reason women don't throw out -- -- around. Some people have great memories them and payment of the you know let them and they get all that dirty in the event in -- and -- It may just you know and love that they love their favorite pair underwear kind of growth plan. It happened would you be offended if you -- your boyfriend sniffing your indoor and I would probably dump him -- second day -- of doing that that's pretty creepy. If you complete creep near the busting creep or strikes again. I know the answer is that the though nobody else sees their underwear they don't want -- they don't want to not see them onto memories are not good memories really has not been married son. I have some good memories of your memory as of.