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Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins

Jan 24, 2013|

Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins: "Thursdays with Thorty" every Thursday at 8:15 on The Hill-Man Morning Show

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Joining us this morning after a game last night in new York and authority is -- brought to you by city of Boston credit union they have Ortiz back off the ice and that they have yours as well. Like the city -- -- -- FaceBook negate your questions answered by authority each week during this segment when an autograph Jon Stewart and John -- Also brought to you. -- -- -- -- And thanks to them there's fresh eyes after you ran them over there at the -- in the -- stores in -- all over the place it's -- to have hockey back to that authority on our show every Thursday. Good morning and how are you today. I guess you -- Well some people understand about -- are the result of that there -- -- -- Oh wait are you might get up early on that show to really disappointing things but what. The art or secret for you guys the first street -- 56 points in the it's always tough to play in Madison Square Garden -- the Arenas. There's been great at setting up what it actually unbelievable what sort of an event like this. Renovations is actually very big problem like all the -- at birth. Big big difference. Annoying is that song that they're all singing after goal by the way. That. Are packed and very annoyed when yeah when you are upset about properly. This is the. You saved me because that everybody was tweeting last night that I wouldn't have the balls to ask you about that giveaway that I would be serving up soft balls this morning so. I'm -- what happened on the play. -- you know racial pockets and chipped the puck at all but I I got a bit out of place. What guys like me is that that the but the fact is that we're still well below what they'll vote but they've they usually get off. Did abide by -- I didn't political unfortunate. Yeah that's it does the math dad I didn't see you make it back down on well -- that you -- rest of the game so is that you in the coach's doghouse there. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's cope with the Pope with a new data tables seem like it's deliberate. How good LB was talking earlier about them qualified. And that -- and I kind of a big boost did you feel like it was. There definitely well we've we've got that he doesn't know little. Here's it has been. It upon itself as the guys thought about this -- and he did really well so -- But the guys -- responded but it cannot compensate the -- let him I think that that would help open up. That's you know men's legalize my experience that's weak the other shot after the whistle -- lift. A power shot after Lewis a -- start -- do when you say thirty. And I I would agree. EU side I think he tried to all of those include -- an archived in the capital of the world and to vote and I don't seven there. I gotta be part everybody took a ticket times on fire many played out of his -- -- I especially early on kept you guys and again. Yeah couple moved -- third period -- -- it is. It is that is an unbelievable course and we met up with them all I have. Physically but that was going. We're up the middle by itself. As a possible. We were just discussing briefly. -- he -- and and I mean his place so far has been incredible. Last night. Get back make -- great play with the stick and and maybe saving a goal and I mean are you as impressed as I think a lot of people are in we what he could become. A lot -- All the all the on the bench page all the what is -- -- eighteen years old. It is remarkable outpatient. At a time it did -- Well well. -- eighteen. I mean -- like he used to mean basically Sagan is gonna happen by four I mean that's how about a young it's not. I could open. It's all the -- going to be a million and a good job out there aren't just dollars Arianna is there is no problems like army team -- It's it's going to be fun over there you got the islanders tomorrow and and -- it does Claude express. How urgent it is to two win win big when a lot early. Short season. Yeah handle it as well setup I think going to be the -- -- I mean -- everybody else. The market position without chasing one of the game that you have been marketed well well. Every in state 48 game and it doesn't have that bad enough. It doesn't involve battle about that for a lot unfortunately no one present that is what is -- John -- in our guest on the Hill Man Morning Show. Nice to have your first bite out of the way after a Saturday night. Yeah but the signal off properly. It a little while well. About it because I think it's sort of that it -- there because of what don't implement the war on the other way and make sure -- walk the. That was. Awesome tilts so far. In the first week union -- -- -- did you catch any and Milbury and and and Jones on NBC. Going off on the fact that you know do overs losing his mind it now all the -- are staged. Yeah we currently don't -- it won't guy. Mike -- very -- -- -- over -- Jones and -- -- and then. And so on -- during Sunday's game at the Detroit game or 22 and then they went off the the opening face apparently. But thanks exploits over the weekend it started. The opening faceoff before games -- starred in it or lose their minds. Because they think it's a joke you know that the staged fights do nothing for -- yet. But you know as well. -- -- people -- -- -- -- bad that. These I was like it is that you haven't done a lot but second guessing yourself. I'm not a lot we need to do when you're on the job so. If you got a call the first state propagate about the fact that nature's barrier didn't go -- he did you do that although. Not in the picnic here I got. -- authority it is a little a little bit of pressure a little added pressure on news the -- might not know about it I just wanna mention. That our mutual friends at city of lasting credit union are gonna donate. 250. Dollars to the gray hills foundation. For every goal you score this season. 08 best Buddy Bell back. And it really easy fifth program what do last year against seven. It well side so we could be talking like that don't -- man. You know about it like 15100 I mean I -- you've got to end. And we're not the 2500 though among them a minute I'm just going to be expecting a lot from you offensively this season. Sizes of -- what. What -- it was huge amount hello. No pressure. And let me also. Let me ask -- The city buster credit union question this morning it's from terra. -- -- Most athletes consider themselves to be superstitious do you have any pregame rituals that you are always do shark -- Not they're persistent bad but I -- we've seen that I -- for the lead after fifty years ago that the the out of our what were able I've felt. I know of the decision I am very. Read it and said well I -- bit I guess. Please these state to sell like evil like stick to the schedule you -- But if that is what it's cumulative it. Definitely. Ashley force excellent. I mean you -- diva abstain from. From -- like game day thing or. Yeah if -- -- Are. There are public I'm not a -- visitors got again that I don't -- Like to go shopping and you come back after the game the pregame -- right. Yeah. -- through. To abstain from sex. During the game you know. To me that my my average was three pregame -- and after that -- always had to make -- it before 1 o'clock really I was in Iraq -- -- -- I would rather operates 1 o'clock start. In the morning. Object generate or 7 o'clock. I think 1015 game I united -- before one and I happened in the wrapper by two at work one -- -- -- -- well. If there aren't -- yeah the speed with the party of tension between. The all. It's easier if we get. Well just and the goatee lasts. Normally I think he's knowing that you -- -- -- knowing. -- -- -- -- Not -- -- -- -- was back where it is that the others that are obviously open to evaluate the but on on the same level and that is it well. And I respect it. But I had to operate or I don't played almost thereby build a -- for the Obama and. Yeah Iowa listen thanks again up this morning you know -- I was a late night and well and score some goals and get some money for the very -- foundation -- What will be issued -- but the fight about magnetic bit -- covered by political audience -- Well -- I used in this big -- authority to start his own foundation I think you ought to get them to pay for fights that's what I think you you work and that will. -- that there are now also in. -- money. As your security. Just filed yesterday at the early result like bill that would on thought about it. Iran -- -- on the island of nobody says well you know I don't know it's Wendy's and when you -- -- on that. Music you know he's sort of a great -- foundation that's pretty you know you know that the radio. Cuts that sort you know that he played for the -- -- Marty -- you online -- and don't. Well I yeah I. It is Obama about what I'd thanks but I will we'll talk to you next week.