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Hill-Mail 1-24-13

Jan 24, 2013|

Hill-Mail 1-24-13

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now each unit -- to talk. -- the Hill Man Morning Show presents hill made up. Big break. I wondered if after the second but the -- adapt to huddle -- it is of course good shortly. On WAM. Yeah. Right. Hill mail today brought to you by our house and -- -- door if you're looking to reduce IT costs become more efficient. Keep your data protected and available and I got to -- yeah. Have a good time was two million people capsule and you should call -- today 508. 5441313. Or visit them online. -- echo stored dot com that's EC HO OST. So far. Dot com EC HO OST. So far. Dot com here -- the best they'll mail messages of the last 24 hours. Forward and all have. We're coming OK -- it. I'm not putting up -- -- -- never -- our -- our -- you can be -- Definitely. Only give me for a dollar and that they would on your orders them to go back do some dishes or another -- you mop the Florida this damage -- some table. The night -- business of the lord today today goes to -- -- business and those of the year award goes to an Arab man who opened up. Cafe and governments and I think it opened up yesterday and what you do is -- display whatever you want so you go in there and. Now are you guilty actors -- guilt factor there's they've acted as suggested costs eagle is excellent service June ninth I. A couple of bucks to mop. Tonight. That's at -- pets in which that's it was fantastic and I I feel really bad about this but today I can only -- bucks apiece. Thanks a lot coming back to model our -- I'm being more tomorrow if the toilet I. It's great it is great -- dress down some of America don't know that 1% is gonna sneak in there and votes have been at war with one of the week in the market technical paper books for the working and going where you go into your Wall Street job in overalls. I mean that the a. Fourteen -- They -- -- but let me get that very little Italian -- that was seeking damages because the subway delicate. Not quiet for a long. -- that that it is happening in America have a lot didn't. Little different to. Do in New Jersey guys do New Jersey guys are assuming subway at. They want the full of interest. And it appears the subways rip them off for years so I guess -- got the -- receipts -- showing that day. -- -- friendly here and -- they're gonna figure -- -- figure out what one inch of a subway sandwich eating -- settlement though you know they're they're totally different images there you know they've they've announced broad class action be lying and perverts -- -- -- I just think it's a way it works out with the baking in the you know whatever. Shrinkage. I want one more with -- hit a lot of -- -- yeah. -- -- -- What more accurate enough and you know but settling just to make a big difference in my life if that's -- a lot more experience. -- -- -- Our they're gonna pick out everywhere or -- as part of our -- all kept. If you care a great shape and being helped out. -- tea. Bobcat. Dangerous. Vicious bobcats team in the Belmont area. Many times over the last few days. You have been warned -- -- stay away from Belmont home of the wild bobcat if you quarter that and it goes for your drug -- That's what I've been told so -- just don't you know. Don't corner -- authorities call the wildlife police are called I'll be here if you see the navy's idea it yet. This is WA AF WA AF HD one less robust than WK -- -- WK FB HD one Brockton buys them. We are playing your he'll he'll be home that's -- it's. Now and coming up in fifteen minutes and 815 John Norton of the Boston Bruins will talk to us about last night's game LB can I just say. He Hamilton. Superstar in the making and believer in negative if you followed him -- ball off during the world junior tournament to kid him as the best junior hockey just. In the mean he he he intra. The man and his team fantastic. And that there all right so John Orton coming up. He and fifteen minutes a Texas that they believe -- Kelly thought she was calling the Anderson Cooper's show that maybe what she was a tad bit. I -- tad bit dramatic but you know people take things easily but it took -- typical. Relax while the violence to bring some of the serious. 649. And -- Look in the morning show -- could -- the -- -- at all costs go through anything. You don't know if he did eye infection and couldn't do that create the -- so you can't go cargo craft but didn't go home. Help -- -- to lend -- helping create the court the crowd could help. The cheapest thing at least they've been overwhelmed with a couple -- -- that you can't on the go and fortunately now function. And that connection to have pre recorded cries for help that would make you hear him in lipstick and I. Split lips will -- credible guy I have a new rational fear coming up after authority. And it is. -- is paralyzed Asian due to see urgent. Well. And and we can start to dream where I would like every day and figure out how lying until like Indian Ocean park what is it four months probably. And miserably in the summer. We got here I -- party. -- I've got to -- their -- and what are we going to Maine. I think somebody misspoke. Places like -- likely the players -- -- us you know so if you're if you're somebody likes to swim with the notion. Irrational fear and about 8:35 this morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pay good morning that the British and usually Whitman who complain about you look and being small don't take into effect besides the -- I can't. Not when you're right here early doing -- wall. He's drinking. Yeah things and trying to put an instruction methodology but I can't and only got to give you anything that big health and the thinking that she's on the cute really yeah he does and you're right now -- Real tight and one -- paying for -- Entering. And doing the right now as they donor never want you guys ought to make economy and I'm having kids however on. Unpopular Achilles there's movement now he can't Cheney now know what you don't even move a little bit down there -- while not that you concede -- -- doing at eagle right now. -- one right now. I thought oh this is why I -- I found. It's gonna -- my drugs and there was. -- Was like a trustee and then there was like an earthquake in New Hampshire it would have stressed that this time -- was a guy like Joseph Daniels among the seven and 18 AM. -- I think you're being sent it if you ever get cut I have paper that a paper cup coming up. Under -- -- little offense greater and Philadelphia cost out of school -- -- by the paper done in that are grandfathered in order. So he should've known better probably at WW two -- yes that -- about -- right and right exactly probably. And in Bangkok there at the makeup of -- -- done for that she was booted out of school -- -- Bobby. And I would argue as a service. You both -- -- out back. I ask that we have those most favored an honest Google epic out. That's a bad idea Google Earth treatment -- -- idea. Italy to an arrest at about eight point six seconds to look at like 97000. Addresses before you actually sees them -- -- excuse me literally died and I kinda time. I know what's the difference between look at it every girl and you Twitter or you got like 50000 people panic no problem. There's no word. Which is paralyzed patient around this for a Allison. So apparently I season's opener crises some owners I've been corrected it's easier to receive -- paralysis -- you know here's a woman texting do you have do you own key -- weeks. What -- that'll there. It like and wobbles. Little metal things deepening on to those of you put the key eagle -- in. And then you know with the key Eagles and in the -- -- like moving a -- during the war. In -- like tiny little bar bill's passage. -- little envelope to Barbara it's like kind of frustration -- -- hoo -- I think that the and the favorable. -- I heard this before heard about the thing about women who Wear white pants. Code that you wouldn't know I was buying. -- don't push it out the people and a look at well it Aaron lynch and -- and Caitlin from my -- you know. That. Apparently women who Wear white pants. And joy and activity. That is. Did LB always pass the main town girls if they in reality. And I. Noticed a white pants on it's the I think. And if it's described as exit not 99 entry thing. And -- that now apparently it's urban dictionary like your view of the reality if a woman wears a white means. -- it's easier to see you like Karl. I don't know if there any other light clothes that would mean where they indicate others' sexual things that they mean you know anything you can certainly call on the Allison but it taxes not contact. That's that day shift here is that that is the don't learn that voice I got so good is that eight years thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- a -- after. This might mean now they'll while you were originally sued. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- have a way that's when in the head at me now. You've ever heard about that you could excuse me I'm gonna go -- -- -- enough for -- at all I'm here you are. I am here you'll -- guys Wear white pants. I don't know what that means I don't wanna know how he's been out here yeah or it means I. There there in them they're starring in Saturday night fever that means. And LB is -- paper airplane -- over the has that been loaded up with a bomb as it lives Bryant caught up. And I won't -- -- -- -- any hand. The Cold War and bring back out of memory could well be indignant. -- a it now. It's done by Saturday right it's going to be allegedly get and so by the kinds. By the -- and by the time we're driving there -- I'm driving to 97 sports that yes you may not need to -- all -- -- -- chief. -- chief sports driver this weekend 'cause mrs. Steele is off to Florida and -- -- for opportunities as -- on the weather and a -- itself is joy knowing I don't know of -- is anyone elected -- population in Florida and I don't think you and I but at the you know well it must be nice guys how hard it is that it played tennis -- -- Soria manager exhausted they want you get back in shape by getting your -- -- -- -- -- with -- -- -- -- -- they're -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- cannot -- Rob Jack -- bikinis and of them five year old women in the white fat slob. 703. AM. Police say that we had with the prospect and Ernie Boch junior into the Panera Bread and government center and they say that they can't pick their food. And yeah. I'll read I'm really I want help -- the -- and the camera and get like twelve items and then throw buck on the table of security. What they hipster is that the that -- -- Panera Bread and what you want to do I mean I really like I mean are you if you work there to tell somebody hey that's not enough. Well you know you can't there can't stop anyone -- Guilt a lot of people the financial that's what's it to be you know it. I know because here's -- reason -- I think that because a lot of people will go in because they just won't go into -- and -- that while I don't want people to think that I can't pay for the solemnly -- None and get telling it -- how I -- -- a lot of people do care about butter jelly out of the corner and only one item but I'm sure you can't -- -- or fifty line when -- -- -- out. 0151. Of the items but I can't pay for them like that take advantage you have to give that to me. They've been successful they have to give me a free sandwich short. -- entitlement. It has been a successful company they owe me a free sandwich witnesses you sound like right now -- That's -- here is. This man goes by the name of firemen bill. -- Actually it's my job but -- I looked like guys appreciated there you go the more Arabic -- injection after requests. -- sort of no problem firemen and bill. That you're. When he won that. I'd start off record conduct AF. Wondered if you don't get used to market a maneuver meant -- bit frozen so it is the ball out -- what everyone about. At that time not. That go by. I joined the -- waves -- pretty -- right now fashion colors. And with the retrieval court come on that witness makes people yeah. -- That I didn't. The immediate super -- awaits you don't know -- -- -- you know. Many pregnant no -- got stuck number and. People are walking behind whacked in the head with a legal weight -- -- as much confidence and pull only Iowa the -- the heat. And I went to the. Morning -- dated an -- thing two or three years ago they tried it another -- country and it worked well and amid. Everything -- with a lot. Ultimately people face to turn out to eat you know where they -- to see. Probably at this door and yet. They paid more you know it was a wash for the people that didn't say anything at all worked out to be about even. Boston and that's not -- you know you're running you know it's -- -- an incident -- for. It by. There -- -- There's only 1%. And 24 AM. It was OK okay Obama got -- and the gold pocket. It. And it. What's he doing -- them spy equipment -- that's what I heard -- And augur an inaugural ball isn't that he's excellent at -- -- really. I'm an oddity is rather inconvenience you -- -- and I can't you can't always in my eyes of course -- average -- getting a manual white pants yeah. -- -- Akron 22 AM. Greg what is public -- are you really -- syndicate -- -- -- When you a -- and a double zero no chin strap on -- could pick your Q are you double check this that they -- -- of one. And then let the guys you pretty you don't have this. -- -- got pushed around anymore I'm crank it on the post Christmas diet. Don't -- that another two weeks four weeks so yeah so Alex I can just address in your face it's puzzling that time what's the weight loss well I don't know I don't regional outweigh our five or like six. Very true and for our benefit banana from the -- -- -- like look -- healthy I am I meeting of finance and you might wanna take the next step in the Yankee that's an appropriate at a very little about that program. 8 AM. It took note little spot that it would. Little catnip -- over what you can't get -- look down our current. Yeah it's. -- -- but that is completely. Over the edge. And seventeen -- then. OK you. Don't you would -- And now -- partner.