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Can-Man Karaoke: Mike "The Can-Man" sings the hits

Jan 23, 2013|

Can-Man Karaoke: Mike "The Can-Man" sings the hits

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAA asp dot com. Now get. The Hill Man Morning Show -- -- you know. -- -- Okay. Now. Call. Can manned karaoke. Favorite part of that favorite part of Asia but partly Wednesday came and karaoke at the -- and as Michael on. I'd be treated Michael pima hones count on how many shows I have done on this stage in -- -- at some retreated back it's at what is that number. That he -- the Rain Man like him -- him. He's keeping track comedy shows that we have done and he's got incredible singing voice. And he is the State's most prolific and collectors so if you call 617. 9311. AA -- right now. Excellent 79311223. Man you can play in -- karaoke this morning and maybe win. A pair of passes. For the premiere of sound city it's documentary from Dave Grohl and it's at Kimball theater in Cambridge. On January. 30 fours and it is jam. Who is up first this morning hello Jim Laurie Greg how are now -- longer where where you from Jim. New Hampshire got the heater on full blast this morning Jim I don't I don't was it that was a colder in New Hampshire is like 9 degrees here this morning that it hasn't risen much. Was -- the colder up there are what was it about nine. Well you ready for camping karaoke. I am all right please listen to this. And man classic. -- -- -- -- That's offensive to me and another fans of that particular artists at my gym that can happen to identify the song in the artist in that can man karaoke selection. Yes -- edit bombarding USA -- books and I think that's record as the mob guy and -- have acted like it could be just the first one he's -- -- when he when he meaning you know that was great -- raised -- -- -- and that is absolutely correct them. -- usually do that. Words. -- -- And do you let go ahead -- -- -- Again. And again on the billboard and -- -- partly. In the US and pewter. Bob here's a mean text which says that sounds better than -- father and outside a battle line. That's me -- -- man crush on bruised up Peter or anywhere you rob. From what. Ozzie. Ozzie and what do you do either. -- financial advisor all right here comes you are to him and karaoke selections morning. Well I've plugged into good -- and -- did not elaborate on this note. We know black holed about a diplomat. And by divine and done -- not a cut and everybody. Getting doubted it is now the anchor good to be meat -- day. God not doubt my line. My buddy you can CNN. By the -- they -- he got to do they've collected many. -- It isn't too much on the words and my speech here at the top one thing. He knows. It's a bit of a tough line this is David alone David. While -- are all my. Love god really all right here we go. Well I've -- YouTube. The path not a hundred no I think we know black hole -- my diplomat. And I don't mind and don't know not a cut and everybody. -- god is found. Any good to beat me that's. God cut down by line. -- body into the CNN. By the -- they could he got to do they've collected many. -- these guys are ready for them to play so much better with some problems David. I really area up there. -- Non our high calorie I'm sorry -- it is today and it is a big and rich classic and here during to -- in karaoke. -- -- -- down -- -- let's go to stuff. You love they've had to go. -- Thank -- they don't look. -- we don't -- all -- give a guy. -- honest and open. Yeah but it of course and I man can he -- yeah -- and what happened there and I am definitely not again be related -- any -- honest. We'll go to that I don't know and I you know I got that I would say that's why beyoncé lip sync the and I you're. -- -- the that's relevant and I was hello Bob -- -- what's happening Bob. Oh with a victory where where you from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Side or we're doing here in men carry out here this morning one more way we get a bonus actually a bonus election. But before that year's election this morning please try to identify the song and the artist. Don't blog called I got bigger point here is blocked by the end of the document yet you didn't -- right now. It's definitely good power off the government. Activity can I. My goal of the content you -- dead and let him nothing compared to maximize the right and I think he probably did the pain of war. Hey. Yeah. The yeah. Any idea of sorrow -- To be more. And our sport. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't just gonna make that gap Cutler Genoa this match. Any of my dogs I just didn't have a -- Mohamed Ali big public -- there. What I want -- -- data regarding product and I know I have the -- -- level definitely maybe act at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah hey look look -- into the -- aren't you know the answer. At a local -- could not allowed. And -- Thanks a lot for play. Good the -- Powell or solid enough you can all three dollars and to do. How old. What did enough you can Powell I'm not gonna knock you Powell -- -- -- -- -- -- how will get a -- -- good. I'll look at it. -- -- -- -- How good comeback but I don't you. All we're here. I mean I'm happy he gets into the crowd there he gets he gets and you really does get into it that's great. I'll -- -- comeback but I don't you. Home here. And Boykin and avoid here I am at the largest and yeah it's unbelievable.