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Danielle Says Something In Spanish That Sounds Dirty But Isn't

Jan 23, 2013|

Danielle Says Something In Spanish That Sounds Dirty But Isn't

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now -- able to make sure your child can speak Spanish -- and dad -- yeah. It says something in Spanish what do you say title in Mexican food sounds security. Point 79311. AAF excellent 79311. AAF. Spasm -- never plays the bilingual. Card. He has not even able to accomplish you know ruling against -- American doubts but. Quick game here Daniel just an excuse to get deal to let doctors group she is about to say something in Spanish that's on Thursday but is it and you tell us what she's saying and fuel will yourself a pair of passes for the premiere of sound city. Documentary from -- goal at the -- theater in Cambridge coming up on January 30 years. May I may say gay he leaned on T any you know pro -- any amount of parents who. And kind of -- and. Of course I -- -- Of course -- -- -- the mile an idea could be about your eyelids are your head so I think I am ready I know that again. Maybe that they say he leaned on any owner -- -- And so got a gun back at the due with cleaning a ducks -- Know that aspect Apollo Barack. Good morning Tom -- -- village. What did what did what -- -- say in Spanish that -- dirty but wasn't. I woke up this morning what -- sticky substance in my here. Well -- president and I believe that but thank you. And sound anything like god in my what you do it and I'm definitely hello I've done it. -- Yet again did you walk error or they waited -- -- in bulk up where it. -- I. Does that mean he's on the delay is mentally and again I'm talking with the fellas in the car and I think it's just obvious -- it was time trying to time can -- -- ordering something at the drive through it dunks and. Hello Brian very good -- what's happening. Deserve they get there bloody thing else that. IE I think she says from the way that she's beautiful but it up with their feet. No sir now I'll pick I have nobody does from the vine Santa Anita -- -- -- -- -- and the only. -- -- I believe she's -- -- root. She got somebody's stuff caught up there for a. Move now and a death just to bring it to have been a creativity. Just to the kind of the what's what you're bringing -- here you can blow it hello Manuel. If you're going to win -- I think she says. Lending got something always -- that's all pro. Yes but I think that matches on -- -- that Lyndon that the problem with his throat yeah. -- actually earlier today. Yeah yeah I got. This throat yeah I can't just throw -- against the don't grandma and another England.