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Hill-Mail 1-23-13

Jan 23, 2013|

Hill-Mail 1-23-13

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If they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now each -- returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show resistance hill made up. I regret I guess but he got I don't lose them both good and I diluted created advocate David vetted. -- On WAN. Well today struck nearby Alco stores looking to reduce IT costs become more efficient and keep your data protected and available. Call at those stores today. 508. 544131. Theory or visit them online at echo -- dot com that's ECH. Poll asked he. OR. While -- asked the age. -- TOR. Yeah Obama -- this with Elena one man with them I didn't know. About it. -- -- Like -- If you don't it's. Not -- -- -- you know. Go to our audience about. Knew what it. -- country country get back get back. If they did things Bode Miller. Has it check. Who's having a baby. And she is having a massive Twitter brawl. Would that bode Miller's new lovely wives usually FaceBook photo sure both of the women can't. Just so span skills himself I think it's an out shows us or a little aggressive about it. And now I'm not immune to this record that this. -- Wednesday -- -- his ex wife -- he's got a girlfriend have seven of the AB yeah. And he's got a current -- getting married since the girl. Was all -- iron there. To -- five all over the twitters -- -- -- So pathetic that's what it. When -- at the news when -- many children are mentioned earlier that is what that -- college thing. Now I'm here are the best -- we all messages so far this morning. On that he signed me. When -- in my more work only with me across the lip but more than that only he. But -- so that could go like do you think you ought to. All of the -- in the. Well on track them. -- -- that is that he had never used any other scenario -- the zone and they help us there they put blocks on the truck they put a box on a truck Obama marks and interrupt. Cold day to be put boxes on trucks today and not -- -- inside the warehouse no big deal I'll try usually try it goes all the way out there doesn't seem to tighten -- has got to drop which is right box and box. -- twenty global land. It was I think your job and zero room for error that might wanna get a serious consideration. To. Now. Let's head for. Is -- the end of the world that beyoncé was lip syncing now. But but again. It's our National Anthem and most people I think are watching and and go wow that's under reform and -- moving news. They don't think it's. The marine band is playing along there I don't see it yet -- that there's a man to figure I mean I mean. I mean here you mean he really think you can get inspired and I've seen you know it wouldn't you want to sing it -- that is if you make an anthem mistake. It never goes away amber rose yeah. That's that's it that but that's what they want this every professional struck these stars or maybe she's like me she's thinking of mediocrity and I hope she is happy -- -- billion us early on apple Whitney Houston would -- is that what you wanna do you know you would want to try to the single greatest. Live and them performance of all time this that maybe immigration. Mission -- and maybe -- -- like couldn't couldn't focus as Clinton was creep Bolivar once it is done it -- the entry of well. Girls -- three point. Needs about it that we can tell Bill Clinton is around yeah it is. 649. Indian. And then they look at the end up or don't and that they thought into his. Off that's my Treo I guess maybe it is and and now. -- what they lost borrow the Celtics lose to Cleveland politically have like four wins and -- and and apparently -- and wind. I watched a little bit of the game with what appears could not hit. The side your head and -- -- -- real -- this is they made a deal doubles zero wasn't the truth last night. Think forty cool and -- -- director -- -- -- part it always ability to oracle. And the message. I get this -- the inning guy gain easier and always every time after the cold that your record your -- in the spirit assuming atmosphere did you -- to capitalize. You know. It's this guy you know those words that really like yeah that the gross you know we mean business guy get a -- -- your nickname as a kid wants yeah again when -- convinced. -- -- The -- -- used to -- and I think. It's. -- and analyst aside I don't dies because of the group it's better now it's just like it hurt -- -- literally could not touch it. But man I'm feeling better now why you saw. AM. I saw that I trick. Don't imagine you -- another bat girl. And that -- stroke I don't know stroke. I don't know maybe that some kind of a parasite that got lodged in my eyes on our god I mean I start to think about Augusta might it can be dust mites. Somebody said earlier could be monkey -- mean god can you imagine it -- -- and maybe it was hit by a -- I think you'd notice may be -- -- it's in my guy I was outside the campus of legal fight they're so cute lemurs. That was funny the -- and here is in Madagascar. And I would encourage history and circuses at -- at the. I mean who was the guy who had only New Zealand org. Grinder. Man. Enjoy having this pandemic -- in the backyard so that somebody domestic demand in the wires on the key and 7078. Yeah they can ultimately what I -- out but I already got a dual life. -- The browns LB it was not the browns that the Celtics played last night. Now is not the Indians you know that. Is that cavaliers. You know we we on the room -- -- -- -- -- says shingles is the world's worst disease word. Have you if you wanna give you thinking nevermind side. This person says when you hear shingles. In immediately sends that terrifying chills through you obscure references a girl I tried taking candidate did you know because she -- -- -- steps. -- objects. Like wanted to or I ask only that but it's the only case of shingles on someone under fifty reports unbelievable I have seen in the United States. -- Others I was a good excuse pull away and -- hello what's up in -- Well I had a society recently and I -- armed -- they U Massachusetts I can't afford health insurance and so and it takes care of myself glued like in I'd say that was my Eileen I don't. We did it was like melted marshmallows. You're right but he did you do it yourself. This. People like me and warts off and things like that there. And the -- I didn't factor may help you broke and people that own musical talents didn't legal. He announced -- area it is the grosses matter Cortez Hankton. Not always happen you know skip. The -- And -- Is on Athens below lotion on -- way. What about. CPB's. Oh that's another a disease that sounds disturbing when you hear it. As is scared me. Yeah aren't. Currently. Her pain. 7:12. AM. What sort -- -- the debate that I do expect you to read but a lot of -- -- -- and that brought by Ed Gallagher I don't -- down that day and then if you check called color problems because they got married and. And -- may not sure what to expect something at the big day for the ladies I think I might thing is. I think dinner is a scam on accountant I appreciate presents and flowers a -- that might be recognized expert camera mounted Wednesday however. Dinner on Valentine's Day to me is like New Year's Eve. Because usually get some prefix menu that they Jack the price that puts stuff on the menu that has very high profit -- the restaurant for the restaurant tour. But bad for the you know I'd rather go -- like a regular Tuesday that -- have a great dinner someplace -- and haven't done up like they normally would. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah absolutely. Worthwhile the one thing ethnic. On -- it would you rather have like a meal for you elect a romantic meal number dinner and other. He doesn't -- the fourteenth. To. -- -- -- and I -- you. Do at the ponderosa and on things they -- -- -- any part of it is one of them. That's the first was that the team unity with ponderous. And going to nickel back and here's excuse as -- up. Freaks me out I had known suspects that he get from the dirty locker room -- our idea that -- and hospitals. Poor drummers -- and miscues flesh eating disease and does. Is it this infection and yeah it's definitely caucus. -- It's terrifying one minute you're okay. Next minute your arm is the new play him the next few years ago was the moment check. -- -- -- It was murders that going around the Penn State locker room view Leo I don't know. -- I was in London showers down there. 7:25. AM. -- -- I'm wondering if after having sex in the corner kick after cuddle or do you just quote shortly. And one. I get -- -- -- outskirts slow movement involved there's a man a male nurse in California. Who was apprehended by his co workers at the hospital. Having sex with a corpse. We talked about them earlier it's obviously still affecting some but he can imagine you're an inner city land jobs and that you lock into that. -- a bit like one of the operating on senate guys pumping a court. I don't quite see just how close and I believe we like me he really literally every day and he's a little while let me get some of them yeah. When we wouldn't put it out after me and I go next time there is a -- skew on a spill tomorrow. Like what is the best position with a dead body if rigor mortis is I don't amendments that. -- and not in the bathroom and adequate stock picker and a man who. 60. Thanks -- There are over it or lose that I built brick built a little bit but I thought for a lot form -- -- and let it Lance Armstrong yes. Lance pulled in one of the depositions. He told the one of his teammates that he always had the cancer card to use if he ever got caught. It close unless you shoot a -- -- -- used on the Oprah Odyssey and the other day. I had to lose that aren't so our Aleman can work that I had cancer I can't say twenty years ago he's or did he knew he can always throw that out there. At any moment I never got caught polite alignment they -- -- -- let's update -- you're absolutely right about those that menu prices. But you know you go your back up there and go to that of many of. Honey plead out I love you jump in here and -- -- I am I don't read hello my hand I think it is. Yeah. -- I'm not fat man -- answer -- that we have our tour. League if you're just joining us re playing or playing I guess you're. Hill mail messages -- can we want anytime of the day. On this number 6177795463617779. Fifty fours 63. At taxpayer on the slide says technically macro Ceglia is not rape rate. Well I don't know. I don't know about ready yankees. Yeah zone and -- willing I wasn't enough rain for two this is. Is is there a bipolar card and have your -- -- images and mental issues. -- That's what the girl who had Mercer. Through fact that Texans this problem is probably like your brother something genetic and then I'm Michael -- -- Paid my -- my sister hadn't timers Mercer and that's -- -- you know as -- WA AF partner. Gonorrhea. Blow job. -- -- -- It's valued program bipolar dyslexic -- out -- -- chance you get -- -- learn what I do on the long you -- I can't reduce I'm dyslexic and have found my boss IV is going to want to do that kind of just a bad -- I'm Paula load it on -- McCain gets any certain properties like on Saturday you know I know you're OK with pop back up both speakers psychiatrists think it. Tweeting -- an. Old I don't get an indefinite. Now one active you know an -- -- -- to punch line. -- somebody says that the that bug in the I think that retreated earlier is that gross is that. There is. One analyst. -- -- I don't have that -- eyes out of the bug them. It really is disgusting. If you if you want if you like that kind of thing. Follow me on Twitter gonna yield W and take a look at the thing -- -- earlier this morning think 0:4. AM. I don't bitten off I. Usually draft out of pocket to -- Okay. And let down I do. Do occasionally unfortunately when I'm on the Internet come across it tonight innately. Go to a different website yes immediately ran a Republican and units that. Stinks Cleveland's old. It is about who's reading it and it. -- is -- pre recorded recorded video now I think I'm gonna sleep in my code instead -- call back at my eyes lit. -- -- -- -- -- --