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Former NFL Coach Tony Dungy

Jan 23, 2013|

Former NFL Coach Tony Dungy: Tony Previews the Super Bowl

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. -- is always a pleasure to have our next guest on the show Tony Dungy. Joins us here in a very somber. Title town Tony we're not very happy here still a few days after Sunday's result. I know I can't even. Bring it to myself to call Rodney Erickson I know it is still -- And it's -- really -- below the prize committee I thought knowingly plant at home in the specimen with a halftime lead. You feel like they're going to be in the Super Bowl but they have to get all more credit they've fought and and persevere. When you you know you mentioned deleted. At halftime you mentioned. Playing at Gillette is. What you you know as you watch that game and as you think about it what did the -- what would you say it happened second half why's that just killed our. Our vaunted New England Patriots. Well thought Baltimore did a good job of change in their offense they came out this spread the ball around -- -- shotgun and through quite a bit in the second half but they were able put more points. And made an adjustment there but I frankly -- surprised that have been doing on offense. Not been able scored the second -- Not been able parts to them when they got down there close. That that was a surprise and maybe you don't see that happen very often to that patriots off. I mean Tom Brady made them you know mental error may be in -- and and -- calling that timeout quick enough play. I mean is is that just something that happens I mean you you know. You you of course had the pleasure. We'll let that everybody that that the quarterback you know he's sliding and try not to hit and try to figure out where they are. Coaches on the sideline you know that's work -- politics of the moment is that -- management. And there that it does it dismiss an opportune to those who don't know with a couple more -- and the end zone. Have they scored possibly it would have been a little bit. Does this affect the the legacy of those two. Brady telecheck. Now I really doubt that when you look at it you know three's Super Bowl wins they've spent a couple more than it is seven -- -- gangs. That is the greatest coach quarterback combination. Ever to play and you know they'll they'll go to view more unsure. Now let us know what what do you think about Tom Brady that you should be fine for kicking Ed Reed. -- -- -- You know I'm not a big fine person I don't think that a lot the defense players should be fine for the that hit they've so -- and not really I don't think you find people unless it's really something blatant and intentional. Well it does you know I kind of agree with -- -- -- it is odd. To you know differences to watch that Ridley hit and there's no fine there's there's no there's no flag thrown at something like that. But you've got a guy colliding with a receiver in the natural -- order of things and and immediately the the flag is there -- Yeah and that there there's some bank bank played that I -- that are different finances so hard for me so mad have employed in the in the seventies and eighties and I know we have to move forward not know how big and as you say it is. I think guys are trying to be safe for the most part and it's just. You seek penalties on bang bang plays worked out really don't have any opportunity to do anything else. That bothers me a little bit but I know that it is important. So do you prefer. Car bowl or super bomb I think if you had them. -- You know I know how those guys feel and I'm sure they wish the focus would be on the 49ers in the ravens and on their -- and we're gonna talk about. These two coaches for the next two weeks I'm -- this phenomenal book for two guests from the same family. To leave their into the things Super Bowl but they did a great -- -- a lot of great storyline that I hope we don't miss. Missed out on that you know the Colin cabernet and Joseph Flacco and Ray Rice and Frank Gore insists what's going on with these players. There's -- some great stories there as well. Tony did you intentionally leave one storyline out. Well we look at what that I just one. I want to know what you think about the hullabaloo over Ray Lewis I mean violently what do you think -- that that. Well you know that make mistakes and they grow and mature and everybody go look in the rate the whole life as. In the next two weeks and that's probably good thing because that would give him a chance to say yeah here's some things that happen in my life. That I can look back on now and and I'm I'm glad out. -- move on on the unthinkable differently. From everything that I understand you know ray lewis'. Have adopted Christian -- -- that and I think he has the same person so hopefully that comes out in the next two weeks. So who are you picking and you may hear every major -- get Tony Dungy. You know I picked against San Francisco law all the way through and I at this stage they're playing great -- I think they have the better pain but something just felt that this could be so like Pittsburgh in Jerome -- you know feminists are out with a win in the last game. But the ravens they're gonna win not because they have a better name but but the ride that emotional and it's. Now there because your guy Jim Caldwell. That's -- well. And that -- Close to -- -- -- in the second half. Really did you attacked New England in the week that they had a couple of injuries in the secondary should -- -- pick them apart the second half. Please give me stop flashing back packing company it if it people are cringing here could depend on where we're not used her -- you know as we don't like it. Now Tony Dungy who's our -- Has written children's book and it it's it's called patent in Eli is that it's. That -- my wife and would list -- top boxes children's book for Simon and Schuster. The latest on out of called substance in the bullies that we've written fixes seven we go into elementary schools read to kids and one we ought to. Young people say the next book we write what's it'd be about overwhelmingly. Elementary school is that it's talk about -- And you know we did know it was such a big thing that is but the wrote a story about a kid -- loved. Fokker goes out does play it gets bullied in the that the big kids don't want to come back and in the code has to talk to them. About being a good teammate and so we felt like that's some good lessons in the -- and it's been wonderful to do these kind of things -- not only Wright stores for kids think -- -- to read. But also talk about some flight problems that we all provinces. Share that Rodney Harrison -- noble ideas on Sunday well. Maybe that's -- I got the idea of the republic rock and in the all the. I yeah. And I just want the real because you you you attractive football ex football players football players and on foot for football atmosphere. What is it true perception in New England Patriots is there is there a territorial -- hate is -- the doors there is there -- respect. I think there's a lot of respect. But but you have to look at that. You know. How what happens anytime you win and when you win and you win consistently everybody -- gunning for you -- you have that -- you know where we -- take down the King of the Hill com I do think that despite -- situation. Also some some ill will from a lot of people. But overall I think this system respect for others do things in the respect that they have one over over the years. But me I mean spy -- I mean and be honest I mean -- you know among players among coaches like yourself. Do you do you really do -- players believe do you really believe that that was an advantage. Oh yeah yeah no question and there are rules that that you don't crawl you know and everybody's kind of disappointed with what happened with. New Orleans in the the bounty gate thing but you know I think you feel like there are. You do everything you can to win every advantage everything within the rules absolutely. When you when you crossed the line. There's there's resentment. And I I would hate the -- that. You know someone one. That this didn't play within the rules so there there is the -- and and does it take its savage says no but but there's. You know I think there was some resentment there. Last question Tony did it bother you that Belichick didn't do the interview after the games on that. No I didn't because they I've been in that situation and and he did everything that the rule prescribes which you have to do you have to do post game press conference he did that. One on one interviews sit down interviews -- -- certain discretion and it's so not to vote for me it is bit what was. Within the limits of of the ladies and it it would be all -- it's been instructive. At all. By the book is called Johnston and the bully and Tony and his wife are continuing to do good -- great job and wool wool watches the Super Bowl the super bug gets closer to -- I thought all right thank you soon.